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Written by Melanie   

Below we list any Burmese Friends that have either been FOUND or that have managed to lose their way from their loving homes in Australia. If you have any information that may assist us in getting these cats back home please contact us or the relevant owner details listed below. Rewards will be offer to anyone that has information that leads to a happy reunion.

If you are missing a cat yourself we have some helpful information at the bottom of this page that may help you. 



TOBEE - Went missing the evening of the 9th of July and a REWARD was offered for her safe Return. Tobee is microchipped.  Please contact us if you have any information. 



LOST IN FEB 2013: CHOCOLATE 1 year old Burmese: Perry  - TERRIGAL AREA, NSW.


Perry is a 1-year-old male chocolate-coloured Burmese cat. He is desexed, microchipped, and registered but does not wear a collar.

Perry lives in Terrigal with his sister, Lola, his owners and their two children. He was last seen on the morning of Friday 22nd February 2013 but was nowhere to be found when the family returned that night. Everyone is very worried about Perry as he is an indoor cat and has never been out of the house before.

Perry is very friendly and affectionate but also quite scared of things he is not familiar with. He often gets himself into silly predicaments. Despite his mishaps, Perry is not adventurous and it is very uncharacteristic for him to be away from his safe and warm home.

Given the big winds and rain since Perry went missing he might be hiding in someone’s garage, house, or garden. It is also possible something unfortunate has happened and he is injured or deceased. If you see or hear anything that might help us locate him it would be greatly appreciated if you can contact us. If you find Perry, please keep him safe and let us know.

We would appreciate any news, good or bad. Please call us on 0466 663 263 or 0431 057 810 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We desperately want to bring Perry home, or at least know what has happened to him. 


LOST SINCE NOVEMBER 2011: BROWN 4 year old Burmese:


Merlin is missing from the Northern Suburbs of Sydney (Killara area) NSW, Australia. He has been missing since October/November 2011. Merlin has a furry housemate and a family that miss him very much. This gorgeous boy is Microchipped and there is a reward for his safe return. He may have lost his BLUE collar. His colar didn't have a tag on it but the Microchip details are current.




Please contact us on 0411 311 311 or via email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I can put you in touch with the owners.  


LOST SINCE MAY 2009: BROWN 9 year old Burmese


LOST: My name is Jim and I am a 5 yr old dark brown Burmese (in the foreground of this photo). I have a green reflective collar with a blue nametag on it. Last seen on 20th May 2009 in my home suburb of LANE COVE NSW 2066 (Australia). My microchip number is  982009101587292.

PH: 9418 8045/0403 232 587 anytime


Found Cats: 

We have no Found cats at this time. If you have found a burmese please contact us so that we can help reunite the cat with its rightful owners.



January 2012 - Teeko has been located and is now home safe! Thanks for all your effort!

October 2013 - Amy is now back home in St Ives Chase. Thanks to those that emailed their concern and  kept their eyes out for her.

August 2013:  CHOCOLATE FEMALE Burmese: 4 and 1/2 years old NORTH AVOCA BEACH AREA, NSW.

TOBEE - Went missing the evening of the 9th of July and a REWARD was offered for her safe Return.  



Have you FOUND a Burmese cat in Australia???

Please contact us so that we can assist in getting this cat back to its rightful owner if possible. 

The cat may have a mirochip and any vet clinic will be able to scan the cat for you at NO CHARGE and the owner may be able to be contacted that way.

If the microchip details are out of date and the owner is not contactable by the details listed in the microchip/Animal identification database we would love to list relevant information and a photo of the cat on this page.  Hopefully the owner will see the information we post and can contact us that way. We specifically withhold some information so that we can be sure theat only the correct owners can claim the cat.


Do you have a Burmese cat that has gone missing???

If you can supply a photo and some basic information we would be happy to help you by putting the information up on this web page.

I would also recommend you do the following in order of how they are listed below...


Phone all the vets in your surrounding area. If a cat has been found or if someone accidently hit your cat on the road they are likely to take it to the closest vet or to a vet on their way to work or wherever they were headed at the time.

This may mean that your cat may not necessarily be at your closest vet so start with the local ones and continue out by phoning any vet within a 10km radius of your home. Leave your name, number and any information with the vet that you can supply. Phone them daily to check in - Sometimes vets get busy and forget to check their records on phone calls from people missing pets.


Especially if your cat went missing on a weekend ask your neighbours to check their garden sheds and garages as the cat may have crawled in to explore while they were getting out their lawn mower or working in their sheds.


Letter box drop your local area and put up plenty of posters with "Missing Cat" in big bold writing on the top that can even be read by passing cars. Underneath put a current photo of your cat and as much information about your cat as possible including coat colour of cat, eye colour of cat, identifing collars and markings your contact numbers and when he/she was last seen. Put on as many telegraph poles in your local area as possible.



I would register your details with Pet Search and Lost and Found Pets Australia

You can also advertise for free on the following LOST PET websites....


There are plenty more websites that we would be happy to pass on to you but these will be a really good start.


1. If your cat is Microchipped - Call your Local council and ensure that all microchip details are up to date. 

2. The pounds in your area 

3. Cat protection Society - 9519 7201 - http://www.catprotection.org.au/

4. The Animal Welfare League  - 1800 880 190 - http://www.animalwelfareleague.com.au/

5. The Burmese Association.  - Ms S Wyman - 02 9644 6626

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