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Written by Melanie   


Hi Melanie,

My little man, which I've decided to call Silas has settled in wonderfully.  He's eating well, going to the toilet properly and being a really cheeky little kitten as you said.  He just takes everything in his stride, he's a little bit wary of the ceiling fans so far and has been great with my friends toddler when he come to visit.  [============88e4 cfv lol he's even trying to type you a message :)

Will keep in touch with his progress and thank you ever so much again, I'm absolutely smitten with him!


Owner of Blue Male from Tilly. 

October 2011 



Hi Melanie


Just to let you know what a delightful little fellow you have bred. He is confident (didn’t hear a peep all night when he was left alone in the bathroom  with his soft toy and bed) and so very relaxed, snugly and affectionate with all of us. He eats heaps and drinks and uses his litter like it was an old habit! (2 poos already) .... Amazing. To add to this he is so much fun J The girls have been playing with him all day except when he catches a nap..


Congratulations, well done!



Received (Chocolate Male kitten) Mya in September 2011 


Update: December 2011 

"Mya has definitely become a part of our family as you can see from the photo attached! He is now desexed and is still a playful little buddy and loves his cuddles...."






"Hey Melanie :) We are all home safe and Phoenix (Brown female) has settled in well, had a meal, checked out the house and is now playing with my mum (I'm not sure who is having more fun lol) Here's a shot of her hiding in the shaggy carpet before jumping out at her toy ;) I can't wait for the kids to meet her. Thank you so much.


Owner of Brown Female Collected in early September 2011. 


Rina says.... (via email 27/9/11) "Phoenix has settled in so well :) She is an absolute joy to have in our family. She has even won over my father who is now seriously considering purchasing a kitten for himself and my mum"




Hi Melanie, 
Just a quick email to let you know our kitten is settling in well. Eating, drinking, sleep and play - all ok. Will introduce her to our cockatiels later today.

Have made an appt. vet check & vacc next Saturday.

Will keep you posted.

Jo & Andrew 

Received (brown feale kitten) in September 2011  


Via email October 2010,

Hi Melanie,
Thought you'd like an update on our gorgeous Coco....she continues to be a ball of fun, so curious and playful. 
A purrfect kitten :)


Via Email 17th September 2011 

Hi Melanie,
Just a quick email to let you know how well our new addition is settling in. She is an absolute joy. So affectionate and fun loving. We adore her. Thanks again for our beautiful kitten.

Jo & Andrew 



Hi Melanie

Both kittens are doing well.... They have both put on roughly the same weight since last month....

They are both a delight and gorgeous, winning over everyone. Here's a picture!

Many thanks Jo and Steve 

(Melbourne, Australia)

Owners Of Shadow (Brown Boy) and Sabala (Chocolate Girl). 

Received kittens in May 2011. 




Hi Melanie,
I've attached a photo of my eldest son and Nala.  She is so cute and loves the boys.  She's always climbing into my youngest son's jacket and going to sleep.
Kind regards,
Owner of Sharka (Blue Boy) and Nala (Brown Girl)
Kittens collected in May 2011 
Hi Melanie,
Another photo of Shaka and Nala.  Such beautiful kittens and beautiful natures.  Shaka loves his food too!


In late January 2012 Cathy and her family picked up their 3rd Suchi Burmese...I think they may be Suchi Burmese Addicts! :) Here is some lovely feedback that I received in early Feb 2012.....

Hi Melanie,

Nandi has settled in really well and getting on very well with Shaka, and Nala only hisses and growls every now and then.  Thanks for all your excellent advice and for producing such beautiful and good natured cats. 

Bye for now, Cathy.


Hi Melanie,


We are so happy with our new baby. He is nearly 4 months old now and is getting better each day. He is the most affectionate, well behaved, loving, relaxed and playful cat I have ever come across and am so proud to be his owner! We have comments all the time in amazement at just how social and relaxed he is. Very dog like.


Thanks for providing us with so much help and support after taking him home too which can sometimes be a little nerve wracking if you haven’t had much experience with cats. Nothing was ever a problem for you.


I found you to be completely dedicated, passionate, helpful and courteous since my very first enquiry about purchasing a new kitten. As opposed the standard response you seem to get from every other breeder which is, “We’ll let you know when a cat becomes available.”


You took me through every step of the way in a non-pushy manner and we found you to be very welcoming when we came to visit to look at all your cats and how you do things. You don't charge the earth either which is refreshing. You get 10 times the service of any other breeder at often less cost. It’s clear you are in it for the love of the animals & making people happy rather than how much money you can make off people.


It was an absolute pleasure the whole experience of purchasing Prince through Burmese Australia and I would not get a Burmese from any other person! I am convinced that Prince is so wonderful largely due to the love and attention he received from you Melanie from his day of birth and this goes for all of them. Not to mention he is the most beautiful looking cat I have ever seen.  


Thank you so much Melanie. Regards Carley - Owner of Prince (born March 07)



Hi Melanie


Prince is growing up beautifully – I think you would be really proud. If he isn’t the most handsome of the litter I’d be very surprised. Perhaps I’m a bias mummy but I cannot imagine a more beautiful cat.

I had the day off work yesterday and stayed home with him and he stayed on my lap the entire day whilst I was studying  etc. He is so affectionate it’s unbelievable and ALWAYS purring. Loudly!! He’s playful and very happy. He has been very very good with his kitty litter and his food.


He gets very spoilt yes. He is my beautiful little baby and he follows me everywhere just like a little puppy dog! Watches me put on my make up in the morning and then follows me down the stairs. He loves our new house – it’s nice and big for him and he loves sprawling out right in front of the heater on the carpet and falling asleep there. So cute.


And yes. He’s the boss. Well and truly. He quite likes checking out his scary shackles in the front of the mirror too. Quite the poser I’ll have you know.


That picture I sent sums it up nicely for you yes. One big happy family.


Carley - Owner of Prince (born March 07)





Hi Melanie!


Thank you for your email.


Little Peppa has made real progress. She is eating a lot and is very happy and purring and her and Prince are getting along like they are in love!!

They lick each other and play with each other and Prince is constantly wanting to be near her at all times. It’s so beautiful.


She’s going really well and we are so glad we got her! Thanks so much!! We are two very, very happy parents - yet again. Having two is even better than having one!


Speak soon


Carley - Owner of Prince (born March 07) and Peppa (born September 07)





 Hi Melanie,


My beautiful little k.d. is going wonderfully. She is eating like a horse (check out the belly!), and is full of beans. She gallops through the house, sounding like a herd of elephants. It’s hard to believe that something so small could make so much noise running! She and Molly are getting on very well. k.d. loves to play with Molly’s, tail and feet, or cuddle up to her for a sleep. She really seems quite taken with her new ‘big sister’.


She really is the most gorgeous kitten. She has so much purrsonality, even at her young age, and is such an affectionate little thing. We are both totally besotted with her. Also, she is such a good little girl! She seems to have learned very quickly what ‘NO’ means, and more often than not, that is all it takes to stop her doing something ‘naughty’. It is very obvious that she has been SO well raised and socialised! Thankyou so much for our precious little girl. In such a short time, she has become such an adored member of our ‘family’


All the best,





August, 2011


Hi Melanie,

I'm sorry it has been such a long time since I gave you an update on the
progress of our little girl. 

She is just gorgeous. She is growing up into the most beautiful cat. Her
coat has darkened to a beautiful rich smoky blue, and the cream bits are a
lovely pumpkin shade. Her eye colour has come in very nicely, and the look
of those lovely honey yellow eyes in the grey face is quite startling - a
bit like looking at a black and white photo with just one part in bright

She has the most beautiful purr-sonality! She is affectionate, and funny.
She just loves to be wherever we are, and will go and get a toy, usually her
favourite mouse, and drop it so she can play with it around our feet. She
'fetches' when she is in the right mood, which we love. She will usually
bring her mouse back to be thrown 5 or 6 times, but the other day she
brought it back to Bob 27 times before she got tired of the game!

k.d also has quite a fan-club, and likes to meet visitors at the door. Our
friends all speak to her first when they come to visit, and we get a hello
only after they have had a cuddle and chat with her!

When she was smaller, we threatened to install a 'Cat-Scan' to stop anyone
from smuggling her out in a handbag! She loves Friday scrapbooking and
cardmaking night, and escorts my friends out to the family room, and shows
them where they should sit (except for one whose trolley she likes to hitch
a ride on!). She then checks all their bags and trolleys to make sure they
have brought everything they need. She also likes to help by pointing out
where she thinks they should stick a flower, or some other item, onto their

I have attached a picture. Not the best one of k.d., and now quite old, but
I thought you might like to see how she gets on with Molly the dog. I will
send some recent ones when I get around to taking them off the camera!

k.d. is very loved. She has us wrapped around her little toe, which is
exactly where she wants us. If she gets shut in a cupboard or somewhere (she
is a dreadful sticky-beak!), she doesn't worry or make a noise. She is quite
confident in the knowledge that she is the centre of the universe, and we
are bound to come looking for her, so she may as well curl up and have a
sleep while she waits for us to tear the house apart.

I often look at k.d. and think to myself, 'how is it possible for you to be
so beautiful?' You must be very proud of these beautiful cats that you are

All the best,


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