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Written by Melanie   

I decided to create this page to honour the memory of some of the cats we have owned and bred over the years that for one reason or another passed away.

We have had some of our wonderful customers, open their hearts, share their stories and photos about their beautiful Suchi burmese that are no longer with us and I hope that some of their stories can benefit other people in the hope that it may save another cats life....



Allow your self to feel the emotions as they arise, allow them to overwhelm you and allow them to play themselves out.  Cry.  Be sad. Talk to the photo. Remember the funny times, remember the meaningful times. remember the sad times. But most of all remember the heart and spirit of your beautiful cat and acknowledge him/her as free, not gone.  Say goodbye to the physical shape and say hello to the beautiful memories. These will be with you always. 





Hi Mel
It turned out to be a USB stick that was stuck in Peppa.  And she was too far gone to save. It had been inside her for too long and was infected etc. We are so sad. She was just the most precious little thing. We are doing so much crying. We miss her so much. We do love Prince, but he's not as affectionate. He's very independent, and it was Peppa who was always after the cuddles etc. And because she was so tiny (not big and heavy like Prince) we were always carrying her everywhere and she'd sleep snuggled into our neck. We are just SO sad.


NOTE: Pica is a common condition that cats suffer from. Pica means eating non-food items. The behaviour ranges from sucking, chewing and biting through to swallowing bites of items. Pica (from the Latin for "magpie"). It should not be confused with the suckling/nursing behaviour that some cats retain into adulthood. Commonly consumed target items include wool, string, elastic bands, electrical cords, tissues, tinsel and houseplants. Other objects have included cassette tape and the rubber "teat" section of a child's dummy (pacifier). Eating a little grass or herbs is normal cat behaviour; indoor cats may eat houseplants if there is no grass accessible.

Like many obsessive or abnormal behaviours, the cat persists in doing it because the it is comforting or rewarding. The reward might be a nice taste, a full stomach or simply getting attention from the owner. The challenge is to make the behaviour unrewarding and redirect the behaviour into something rewarding for the cat and acceptable to the owner. Sometimes it is a displacement activity where an abnormal activity is substituted for normal behaviour because the cat can't express the more normal behaviour i.e. the normal behaviour is being thwarted.

For further reading on treating PICA: http://www.bestfriends.org/theanimals/pdfs/cats/catpica.pdf 


IN LOVING MEMORY OF Brownie (2 years old)

Hello Melanie

We have some very sad news, our sweet little Brownie was hit by a car on Tuesday morning and died.   We found out when Bruce came back from his morning walk and there was a message on our phone.  A kind person had seen him and rang us up.  In appearance he was hardly damaged but sadly dead.

He was the most dramatically different cat Bruce and I had ever, ever had, an independent spirit, extremely affectionate, knew exactly what he wanted at any time and was friends with the whole neighbourhood.  
I think we told you Brownie had made a friend of a neighbour's cat, Pascall, we were going to leave Brownie with you last Christmas, however Pascall's parents wanted him to stay otherwise Pascall became depressed and would keep looking for him.  We are a bit like Pascall, missing him desperately. 
Bruce and Magritte 

NOTE: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE understand the importance of keeping your cat INDOORS at ALL times. There are SO many reasons and advantages for keeping  them inside and so few reasons to ever let them out. Please check out the "Inside v's Outside cat" tab under the FAQ's menu for further reading.



Hi Melanie


It is with an extremely heavy heart and a huge amount of sadness that I bring you the news that Princess passed away yesterday (Saturday). She was run over by me in our car – I did not even know she was anywhere near. We have had a spare car in our garage under the house for about three months that has not been driven and she used to get up underneath and literally sit within the undercarriage of the car somewhere. Yesterday I took it out for a drive as we are about to sell it but not before I took a note of where she was prior to me going down to the car. Somehow while I was walking down to the garage, without me seeing her and within about 30 seconds she had jumped up inside that spot. For some inexplicable reason when I started the engine, it did not scare into moving which is strange as she normally scurries off when another car is started. She fell out of that spot as I was driving up the road near home and unfortunately I ran her over. I saw it all happen and believe me it has been replayed in my mind thousands of times as to what I could have done differently. She died instantly which is a small blessing.


As you can imagine the whole family are absolutely distraught that our best friend has gone forever. I debated whether to tell you this news as I am sure you hate hearing these things, especially one so young but I feel that you should know as she spent almost as much time with you as she did with us.


I am leaving for a two week holiday walking the Kokoda Track on Monday so I am lucky that I won’t be walking through the house being reminded constantly of her and the joy she brought to our lives. The kids took the news pretty badly as you can imagine and are so sad that she is not coming back. I am beside myself with guilt as I was the one who caused it all and have brought so much sadness to the family.


I am truly sorry that one of your kittens is no longer with us and I thank you for all the help you have given us with the bundle of joy we had.






NOTE: This situation is just so tragic and accidents like this happen all to often and yes... I even lost a cat like this myself many years ago and still shed a tear when I think of it! PLEASE be SUPER aware of your cats whereabouts at ALL times when using cars. It can easily happen when you are in a rush, distracted and flustered! It is just heart breaking to go though this situation and my heart goes out to Chris and his beautiful family!




Dear Melanie and Nathan,

Some very sad news I'm afraid. A dog has just killed Gus! We don't know who the the dog belonged to, the next door neighbour came to get us, we just let them out as usual before we were going to bed. Just thought that you would won't to know! As you can Imagine we are all very upset at the moment, I know I have been through this before, but it doesn't get any easier!

Regards Chris, Brian and family.

NOTE: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE understand the importance of keeping your cat INDOORS at ALL times. There are SO many reasons and advantages for keeping  them inside and so few reasons to ever let the out. Please check out the "Inside v's Outside cat" tab under the FAQ's menu for further reading.  






Dear Melanie,


Some bad news on Merlin, he ran away from our house and has not returned.  It has been 3 months now and we have lost all hope of him coming back.  All we can do is hope that he is OK.


 NOTE: PLEASE contact us straight away if your cat does go missing. There are a number of tips and some information on what you can do to try and locate you cat under the MISC MENU on the 'Lost/Found Burmese' page.  There are a number of suggestions down the bottom of that page which you can work your way through! Once again I reiterate the importance of keeping your cat INDOORS at ALL times. There are SO many reasons and advantages for keeping  them inside and so few reasons to ever let the out. Please check out the "Inside v's Outside cat" tab under the FAQ's menu for further reading.  






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