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Eye colour: Blue or Gold? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melanie   

In short: Pure Burmese DON'T have blue eyes as adults!  

Burmese as ADULTS should have more goldy eye colour. Some coat colours (eg lilac) are notoriously hard to get really rich eye colour in but on the show bench the deeper gold the eye colour the better. 

All kittens are born with blue eyes but a pure burmese will start to develop the traditional golden eye colour often as young as 4 or 5 weeks. Blue eyes on a pure burmese would tend to indicate that the kitten is very young (eg. under 6 weeks) or if in an older cat would indicate that it is NOT a pure Burmese. 
By the time a kitten is 10 - 12 weeks old the eye colour would be quite well developed and should be developing quite a striking golden colour.
As mentioend above some coat colours (such as lilac) often struggle a little to get the ideal depth of eye colour that other colours (such as Red and Brown) usually produce with ease. Eye colour is largely genetic. I myself own a stunning Chocolate girl with fantastic characteristics (coat, nose break, chin, temerament etc) but she inherited her fathers weak eye colour. Her other characteristics still mean she is show quality and she does do well on the show bench but her weak eye colour is certainly a disadvantage.
If you are specifically after a cat with blue eyes you may like to look at Siamese or even a Tonkanese (Burmese x Siamese).

Below is an example of some Burmese with fantastic eye colour:  
Here are some examples of young kittens that have thier blue baby eye colour ...
Transitioning eye colour: 
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