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Written by Melanie   

Exciting News... Lots happening here at Suchi HQ.   

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: We don't have any kittens available for sale right now. If you are interested in getting a kitten from a future litter please go to the FAQ's Tab and select BUYING A SUCHI BURMESE from the drop down options to find out more. 


21st December 2013- Final post for 2013,

Here we are at the end of another year.. can you believe it? 

A quick reminder about the importance of pet safety over the silly season, I posted about this in my last post but there are other dangers aside from Christmas Trees to be mindful of.. Skewers of meat lying around and poisonous foods left out on tables and benches can all be dangerous to your pet. Flowers such as the beautiful lilly can also be harmful so be mindful and deal with these dangers before a vet has to deal with the results.

We have certainly had some ups and downs this year but I wanted to take the opportunity to say Thanks to all my wonderful Customers. As far a "business" goes I think I have the best customers around  - I am blessed to have my furr babies in your home. Many of you have become friends and I really appreciate those that continue to support us by purchasing their pets needs through us and boarding here with us when they go away. We loving seeing our babies when they come to visit and your support is appreciated - it makes a huge difference to us. 

I can't possibly list all of my special customers as there is just so many of you ...all around the world now... but I wanted to say a special thanks to those that have sent emails, shared stories and photos, made us smile and supported us thoughout the year....

Sian and Rob, Lorna and Gary, Sandy Halpin, Andrea M, Kitty Flanagan, Josephine, Eldershaw family, Talia and Hamish, Zharine and Asher, Brigette, Elissa Milne/John Stanley, Deb Lynch, Reeve family, Sharee B, Bernard family, Jenny Jeffress and all of those wonderful people I have missed (sorry) - Thanks for making our year that little bit brighter. 

We have lots to look forward to in 2014 with a couple of pregnancies in progress and new bloodlines we will be working with. I can't wait to see what babies are born and how the show year pans out. 

All the best to you, your family and your furr babies. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and a fabulous 2014. 

Love from everyone here at Suchi HQ and see you back here Next year.  

13th December 2013 

If you don't think Christmas is here yet then you obviously haven't been near a shopping centre! I gave up after I couldn't even get a carpark! Ha -  I think I will stick to online shopping this year.  

Remember to keep your pets safe this Silly Season..expecially when it comes to your Christmas tree. If you are thinking about putting up your tree, or if you just put it up make sure it is Pet Safe. Thousands of Christmas tree related pet injuries are treated every year. Everything from Cats eating tinsel and pine needles to chewing on cords to trees fallin over on them. Chewing on the cords for the lights and metal decoration hooks lodged in the mouth or the digestive system...Pet just seem to seek out trouble!  

I have all the cats Christmas presents sorted...yep..even before I organised anything for my human babies... :) spoilt lot the cats are!

Just in time for Christmas we have released our new WHITE hammock stands... aren't they great! They have been in the pipline for some months now so it is lovely to see a finished product.


 We have been receiving some beautiful emails and Christmas cards from customers and they just make my day. One came through from Suzanne today with a beautiful photo...

"......Turffles has grown into a gorgeous cat, we so adore him and he continues to enrich our lives!" 

I also received a beautiful card From my darling Tilly and her new owner...


My beautiful girl is doing well in her new home and I think both cat and owner are going to have a wonderful Christmas together... Bless! 

We have also got some lovely kitten news.... We have some new bundles here and it is so lovely to see them progessing nicely despite it only being very early days.

I don't even know what colours we have yet but I expect Brown and/or Blue will be there.

We are sending 2 girls off to QLD for a dirty week away next week so I won't get to spend Christmas with them sadly but I know they will be spoilt in Qld and I will be calling to check in on them when I can.

I have a special Christmas post coming up to finish of the year and therefore this page as I will spart a new page for 2014. Can't believe we are nearly through 2013!

4th December 2013   

Christmas Madness has arrived early. I am chasing my tail already...My phobia of Shopping centres at Christmas time is back! :) Bring on the Online shopping!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the lovely customers that sent me emails and SMS messages in response to my post on the 16th of November. You are all so wonderful and I am so happy to have my furry babies in your homes. You lifted my spirits and made me smile with your comments, compliments, stories and photos. I am so glad that my babies have become such a special part of your life. I am so very sorry I didn't repsond to all of you individually. I was overwhelmed with beautiful messages and phone calls and have struggled to respond to many of you but Thank you.

17th November 2013 

After my big RANT in yesterdays post I have just received a beautiful email this morning and it brought tears to my eyes...Just made my day and makes me realise how many of my customers are just good hearted, down to earth people.... 

Thanks so much Jenny. You have warmed my heart and made my day! 

Hi Melanie :-)

Just read your latest blog and wanted to tell you that 'I THINK YOU'RE AMAZING AND ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB'

So very sorry that someone wants to blame you for their unwell kitty.... this is soooooo unfair and unrealistic !!!!!!

All animals get sick, its life. I'm sure its lucky for the kitty that it happened when the kitty was with you - sounds like the kitty received the very best of care. 

Hang in their Melanie, I deal with the public on a daily basis and some people do have very unrealistic expectations and some will even take advantage of a situation in hope of getting stuff for free.

As for me and my kitties..... we couldn't be happier, we love, love, love each other and well... life has been sooooooo much better since I bought home my two little Suchi kittens ( even the vet and vet nurses said they were gorgeous and just never stop purring, I could see one of the vet nurses walking around out the back holding our little Polly and kissing her head ) I'm sure most people who are lucky enough to have an encounter with a Suchi burmese appreciates just how special they are..... :-) Suchi burmese make the world a better place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

Thanks for my very special little ones

Lots of love from 

Jenny, Chester, Polly and Norman  :-)  

16th November 2013  

Well I am sooo far behind I am never going to get through all my news in this post but there is some lovely news I must share.. and I am going to have a big RANT too... Totally understand that most of you don't care to hear me whinge and whine so I will leave this till after I post a photo of the kittens.

Valentino is going to stay with his owner! YAY!!! His owner just couldn't part with the lovely boy and she is now finding ways to manage. Valentino seemed to know what was going on and now seems to keep his distance from her feet so I really hope that this works out for both parties.

We are now meeting the NEW owners of our current litter of kittens which is just fabulous...It is so lovely to have such wonderful home for our babies. We are also hoping to confirm a pregnancy soon. We have certainly been busy and I am hoping with all that is going on we will have plenty of babies ready to go early in the new year.

Here is a photo taken recently of Two little LILAC kittens...they are just too cute for words. 


We are now gearing up for the SILLY SEASON... obviously we have had a number of people wanting kittens for CHRISTMAS and some of these people have waited 8 months or more for their babies so it is an exciting time for them. We also have the influx of boarding cats coming to stay as their slaves head off on holidays over this period. It is so lovely to have the babies we have bred come back to visit. It is just so cool to see how they have developed and grown...all with their own PURRsonality traits and Burmie charastics.  

Speaking of boarding.... I shared a story back on the 1st of October about a MATURE adult boarding cat that became ill with Pancreatitis while here in my care. I took the cat to the vet the day prior to the owners returning from their O.S holiday after doing everything in my power to get the little darling to eat and bring some of her usual sparkle back. Sadly, out of this situation I seem to have developed an unhappy customer which is so disappointing.

Pancreatitis is obviously something that can just occur in a cat, dog, person etc etc, Some say there are triggers that can bring it on but there is very little conclusive scientific proof as to what causes it and why. I spoke to the vet at lenght to see if there was anything I could have done differently or if there was anyway that this was my fault and I was assured that it wasn't...kind of like cancer...it just happens and we don't know why. The cat RECOVERD just beautifully and is now just required to be on a special low fat diet.

Given the circumstances I felt terrible so I discounted the boarding invoice considerably, didn't charge for the medication I gave the cat under vet advice and also didn't charge to take the cat to the vet. Unfortunately the owner of the cat is not only refusing to pay anything toward the boarding and was "surprised and disappointed"  that I sent though an invoice at all but was also expecting me to cover the VET BILL. 

I wanted to share this with you because it is situations like this that make me want to give away the breeding and boarding side of things inparticular. I am sadened by the fact that people are prepared to pass the blame for things that are just unlucky situations. If it was in anyway my fault then sure ...totally my responsibility to cover the bills and I have done this in the past...the only other time I have EVER had to take a boarding cat to the vet was a couple of years back and we found a tick. The cat hadn't even been outside at all and it was suspected that it could have come to me with the tick but as it was UNKNOWN and some doubt as to where the tick came from I sucked it up and there was no boarding bill issued for either of their cats that stayed with me at that time! I know of so many breeders that have people threaten to sue them or report them for just silly things that are unlucky. I implore people to consider the full circumstances of their situation before they 'have a go', get nasty or become accusing. Just like a child born with Cerebral Palsy or a young person dying from cancer...IT IS THE SAD PART OF LIFE and life is rarely fair.  Owning a pet is risky fullstop! Yes, it can be expensive, yes it is usually heartbreaking at some point but these animals should give you so much joy that will hopefully outweigh the sad times. 

I feel that it this is a huge part of the reason why breeders are giving their passion, livelyhood and hobbies away. People's expectations are becoming so unrealistic. It is now at a point where breeders are being forced to take out nemerous insurance policies... Public Liability, Business and specific policies to cover the kittens they sell and other peoples pets in their care that could become unwell and yes... I guess even die... and then they could be sued! Where does it stop? Does this then influence the cost of the kittens these breeders sell? 

The more breeders that give away breeding, the smaller the gene pool will be. This will lead to an increase of genetic related health problems and the price of buying a kitten will go up because there will be less breeders and more demand. Obviously on the flip side there are a number of breeders that don't do the right thing and should be reported and face the consequences of being irresponsible but that is a small minority. 

It is sad to that it has come to this but I just don't feel that I am responsible for the vet bills in this situation and I don't see why issuing a discounted invoice is unreasonable. I still supplied a service, I incurred considerable costs and sacrificed a lot of time to care for this gorgeous animal yet I receive no reimbursement for this ... through no fault of my own. 

Well enough ranting from me..time to move onwards and upwards.

I hate to finish on this note but I think it is important to share all the elements of what goes on here and be open and honest. It isn't always sunshine and lollypops but I love my Furr babies and hope that they bring my customers as much joy as my cats have brought me over the years.

27th October 2013 

So much news to share...some happy, some a little sad but here goes....

Firstly for the lovely news on Amy's safe return. She turned up about a week after she went missing, a little thinner but at least she is home. Both the owners and I were prepared that she may never return after that time but I think they are one of the very lucky ones as all to often the ending isn't happy. If people could please learn from this experience and keep the cats indoors or use secure cat enclosures such as the Modular, portable, collapsible ones here: Kittywalk Enclosures it would save a lot of time, money and heartache.

Now for a bit of sad news... Back in July I posted the story of Valentino, an 8 year old rescue Burmese that I had taken in and found a new home for. Unfortunately things haven't quite worked out as planned.  I received the below email just recently... 

Valentino has become very special to me, so it is with deep regret that I find myself writing this email..  I recently (6 weeks ago) underwent a full hip replacement, and I find it difficult in trying not to trip over him, have come far too close more than a few times, since returning home 3 weeks ago. Facing the fact I'll be living 'cat free', is not an enjoyable idea though.. a necessary one. 

He is such a lovely boy, and wants to follow my every move.  He is a total lap cat, and adores his toy, which is a mouse on a long piece of elastic, held by a 'long stick'... I mention this for his 'new owner', whom I hope you can find one easy enough.  .......going on a bit about it, but he now feels like my child! lol 

Also, if he's not on my lap, he likes his tall cat scratching post which has a perch on the top.. he loves the height (about a metre and a half). 
I have enjoyed his company, beyond description Melanie, and am deeply sad on this decision... but I do worry on the topic of falling over him.
Valentino will be flying back to me soon and we are keen to find a new home that can keep him FOREVER! He has taken the flight and move up north so well and I know he will settle in just fine to another new home but really want anyone interested in him to be sure that they are in a position to have him for the rest of his life!!!

He will be listed on the Burmese Assoc website this coming week so hopefully a loving, permanent home will be found soon.  If you or anyone you know is interested in him please let me know.

In more news, I have been updating our waiting list times and some of the times have come down considerably based on the colour and sex combinations we have recently produced. If people are open to ANY colour and SEX COMBINATION I should be able to help them with a kitten from a cat that is currently pregnant. 

We have a couple of pregnancies in progress and we are expecting lots of Brown kittens as well as some Blue and Chocolate kittens. We may produce some other colours as well depending on the genetics as play. It is al very exciting indeed so we will just have to wait and see what we get.

8th October 2013   

Just a quick little post today... 

Our beautiful Tilly has settled into her new home. I have had some photos and progress reports already from her new owner and all seems to be going very smoothly and I know that Tilly will be very spoilt. It was heartbreaking to see her off but I know she isn't far away and I have been promised regular updates and photos which makes it a bit easier. Tilly is certainly a special little lady. 

To all our customers that have cats and kittens already... please note that TICK SEASON has hit! Obviously keeping your cat 100% indoors will dramatically reduce the chance of ticks but if you do let your cat/kitten outside PLEASE check them for ticks on a DAILY BASIS!!! Ticks can get juat about anywhere..between the toes, gums, in the ears and under their armpits and groin area are all places ticks can hide. Obviously ticks can be in a move obviousy place on the body or head. Use Frontline spray every 2 weeks and regular checks will help keep your cat safe.

A call out to our local customer base: I sold a lovely little Chocolate Burmese girl just over a year ago to a family that lives within walking distance from my home. Unfortunately their little cat by the name of Amy has gone missing and has now been missing for about a week. If anyone happens to see this little Burmese in the area please contact me.

Once again I really stress the importance of keeping Burmese INDOORS. They are not a good "Outside" breed...they don't get roads, they are a petite breed that struggle against bigger breeds in cat fights and being affectionate and friendly even to strangers means they get stolen on a regular basis. Just check out our "Lost/Found Burmese" page under the MISC MENU and you will see how often Burmese go missing....and these are only from people that have stumbled upon my website or are my customers. Looking on the PETFINDERS website there are currently at least 3 Burmese cats missing in St Ives alone at the moment - More than any other breed!!! The life expectancy of a cat that goes outside is dramatically reduced. 

Well I have a million and 1 things to do and kittens that are demanding their afternoon tea so I had better run.

1st October 2013  

Too much to say and not enough time to get through it all I suspect.... I will see how I go.

First and foremost... WE HAVE KITTENS!!! Yep, very exciting. I don't really know exactly what colours we have as yet. It appears that the majority of the kittens born will be either LILAC and/or CHOCOLATE which look the same when they are new babies and it is just impossible to tell them apart so young unless genetic testing is done... It isn't until the kittens are about 4 or 5 weeks old that you can distinguish between the two colours. I haven't time to upload photos to this post as we are mid school holidays and I am just kept running with the boarding cats we have here for the S.H period.

Thanks to all the lovely people that have made contact wanting to offer my adorable and much loved Tilly a permanent home. I have been amazed at how many people have enquired and have only just gotten off the phone now with another interested person. Tilly has actully got a loving home locked in now and I expect will move house this weekend. It will be a bit of a sad day for me but I know she will get much more love and attention there than I would be able to offer here with the family, the kittens and other cats all competing for attention. Tilly will be much happier and I think she will adjust very easily to the pampered life that she will lead. Her new owner is a retired homebody with family in the local area. A previous cat owner that clearly dotes on her animals and is so excited to welcome this little lady into her life.

To make life more interesting for me recently the kids came down with the never ending flu and then typically they kindly shared it around... joy! As luck would have it my darling husband got the much more "life threatning" Man flu version of it! Poor poppet was so sickly..obviously he had it so much worse that I did :) Men.. the're so soft! Sorry guys but its true! Luckly I don't think Nath reads my blog...Hee heee! 

I also wanted to share a recent experience I had just so other people can be aware of how important it is to keep an eye on your cats litter tray, food consumption and hydration. It is only the second time I have unfortunately had to take a boarding cat to the vet and I am hopeful I don't have to do it again in a hurry. It is stressful when one of the babies I am trusted to care for needs vet attention - No nice way to tell the owner that bit of news unfortunately. Well this happened to me a week or so back. The cat had been boarding with me for close on 2 weeks when I really became aware that she wasn't producing much in the way of solids in the litter tray. I also noticed that she was going off her food. After 24 hours of close monitoring and taking some notes down of what she was doing when, I took her temp and discovered it was higher than it should have been ( a normal body temp for a cat is between 37.7 - 39.1°C). Paired with other concerning symptoms of Lythargy and Dehydration I felt it was time we contact the vet. After a brief discussion it was decided that I would attend the clinic for a consultation. A drip was organised along with a few tests and it was determined that the little darling had Pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is the acute or chronic inflammation of the pancreas as a result of inappropriate activation of the digestive enzymes which begin to break down and digest in the pancreas, leading to inflammation.  The symptoms  I had recorded all fit the diagnosis but they can apply to a handfull of various conditions. Thankfully the patient is now back home with the owners and recovering well.  It just goes to prove that keeping a close eye on litter tray use and food consumption can make you aware of what could be an underlying problem before it is serious enough to be life threatening. 

Well I think I have prattled on enough so I had better finsh off for now but I will be back with more news to share in the next few weeks. 


24th Sept 2013 

I am heartbroken today... We are so sad to be announcing the retirement of our stunning TILLY TERRAH (AURORA RAINBOW MASQUERADE) -Lilac Tortie Female.

This highly awarded girl is only 5 years old and is a SV DB GD CH (Silver Double Grand Champion). We have mated her without success and her body has decided that she has done enough "work" and it is time for her to live a life as a much loved indoor pet.

Tilly is a total smooch but adamant that she is TOP CAT at Suchi HQ!  She ensures that all our other cats are kept in line. Tilly loves human company and will take her spot on the couch at any given opportunity. Tilly produced some highly awarded offspring in her breading life including Sati a lovely lilac girl that is also part of our breeding family and she is the grandmother of Onti another Lilac girl that is proving herself on the show bench already.
Tilly received BEST IN SHOW at the Burmese Show in 2010 and and Reserve Best in Show in 2011. 
We are extremely fond of this lovley girl and want a very special home for her. She would be fine with gentle children (preferably 5 years plus) and would also suit an older person. She is very easy going and adaptable to just about anything.
She isn't a fuss eater but her weight needs to be maintained as she has a tendancy to over indulge at meal times :) 


She is fully vaccinated, Desexed, Microchipped and recently been vet checked. She has been blood tested regularly throughout her bredding life to ensure he full health and the health of her offsrping. 

We will be very reluctantly letting her go to a loving indoor home with a range of supplies to get the new owner started including food, a scratching pole, Litter and litter tray, bed and carry box. She will come with a full 4 month health guarantee and her award certificates including her full pedigree bloodline history with recognised titles.

18th Sept 2013  

I cant believe we are in late September already. I have noticed some of the shopping centers putting up their Christmas displays... Seems crazy! 

I just want to thank those lovely faithful customers that continue to support our little business by purchasing their food and pet needs through us. Obviously we try, and are usually very competitive and we do our best to offer good customer service. Small Businesses are struggling and it certainly is a tough time so I do really appreicate the support we receive from our faithful clients and to show our appreciation anyone who places a product order over $100 in October and mentions "OCTOBER THANKYOU PROMOTION" will receive some Freebies with their order (Toys/Food/Treats etc)

We are excited to tell you all that it is a busy time in the way of kittens and litters. We are expecting a range of colours and sexes to be produced in September, October and November which is great. We will have Chocolate and Brown kittens as well as the potential for Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream and torties so we should be able to share some photos of some rainbow litters in the coming weeks. 

We have recently sent home some kittens and the new owners seem thrilled. I have received some really lovely emails from clients that recently picked up kittens from us...

Janelle and Peter said...

"They're making our house their home very nicely! Thank you again. They're more beautiful in looks & temperament than I could have imagined!

We are in love!

Well Basil is a real character! He's a very cheeky kitten & very affectionate. He loves to be held & cuddled. Bonnie spent all night on my lap snuggled up last night. She's just beautiful. They're eating heaps! I now have more pictures of our kittens on my phone than our children, so it's safe to say we are in love with our fury babies!"
Megan Said....

"Hi Melanie, just wanted to let you know that Molly has settled in perfectly. She has had a huge first week, as we have had multiple family birthdays and lots of people about. She has been absolutely perfect, she has the most beautiful personality, I have already had 2 families contact me to find our where I got her.



and Jenny who purchased 2 kittens shared..

Today couldn't have gone better.... the kittens meowed a bit in the car but by the time we got home they were sleeping :-)

Once home they hit the ground running.... playtime in a BIG WAY :-) :-) :-) They have only just gone to sleep, they played and played stopped for some brief rests, cuddles and scratches then back to playing..... such happy little kittens. 

They have both eaten heaps :-)  They seem really, really happy.... :-) 

They both love a cuddle and purr a lot, especially that Norman... he is a purr machine :-) 

Thanks for making such great kittens Melanie,  They are very special. 
.... they are amazing... I'm completely besotted :-) 
Will update again soon :-) 

I will be back again soon with more to share but must run for now.

17th August 2013  

This is going to possibly the biggest post of the year with all sorts of news both sad and happy.....although not much of this post is todo with cats... Strange I know.... but I am sure those of you that visit the site regularly and have read earlier posts will all appreaciate why once you have read the below.....

For those of you that have been following our posts regarding Lachlan Robertson: Sadly Lach passed away finally loosing his fight against Oesophageal cancer. The funeral was both heart breaking and beautiful. Lach planned the entire funeral from the music to a slide show of photos. There were a few Beautiful photos in the slide show of Lach with his two Suchi Burmese, Duke and Kona. It was lovely to see that the cats brought him some joy during such a tough period in his short life. 


A beautiful letter was read out that Lachlan wrote thanking his lovely wife, daughter, family and friends for their support throughout the past 14 or so months. He also especially thanked eveyone that had contributed to the Brother for Brother game last year which brings me to my next important point and I am a little upset that I didn't get this up sooner.....

If you are free this afternoon and want to support a good cause please come to Knox Grammer in Wahroonga for another Tribute Football match raising money for The Chris O'Brien Lifehousr foundation. Here is a lovely Promo clip for the event featuring Lach.


If you would like to donate....  


Kick off is 1pm - We would love to see you there this afternoon if you can make it.

Lach, you will be sadly missed but not forgotten. Sally and Eloise.. you are a special part of our Suchi family and we look forward to watching lovely little Ellie grow. 

One of our lovely girls is expecting and we are looking foward to the arrival of her litter in the coming few weeks... We are expecting Chocolate and Brown kittens primarily but other colours may also be produced. We will certainly post some photos and updates when we can.

We have also welcomed a human baby into our family in this past week... A little girl we have named Olivia. Big brother Ethan is very proud and thinks she is "very cute"....


A special thanks to our Suchi family that have sent beautiful text messages and emails wishing us well and a special thanks to Sian (owner of Max and Millie) for the amazing food she dropped around for us.. totally above and beyond... we are feeling very fat and well fed! :) We really feel blessed to find that so many of our Suchi Customers actually become friends. Knowing our kittens go to such amazing and loving homes honestly means so much.

Well I had better run for now as I have to get some food and litter trays sorted.

As usual I do have more to share but it will just have to wait for next time. 

29th July 2013  

I sincerely apologise for not finishing my last post as promised. Sometime my website updates get rather neglected. Obviously kittens, adult cats and family are the priority. I try to promptly reply to all the email correspondance as well which means my website posts get left till last.

There is still so much to share but before I get into the kitten news and photos I thought I would share a couple of emails from clients.

The first is from a customer that has just taken home a little kitten from us about a week ago....

Hi Melanie,

Ninja had a great first night with us. Much exploring at first of course, but settling very quickly. He is so affectionate- the whole family has had lots of purring and cuddles. 
Three small meals eaten and many trips to the litter, one normal poo this morning hurray! ............

We are all delighted with him, he is so lovely and so well trained already. Will keep you posted as he further settles,

Liz P 

I get such as buzz hearing from our new kitten owners. It is lovely to see the kittens go to such loving homes and settle in so quickly. It is nice to know that everything is going smoothly and the new owners are thrilled with their new family members. Hopefully it means the kitten was worth the wait. Some people have waited patiently for many months to obtain a kitten so it is fantastic to hear these reports once they finally have their kitten home with them.

I have also had another email from Valentino's new owner. For those of you visiting our website for the first time Valentino was a rescue Adult burmese boy that we found a home for just recently (you can read more from earlier posts below). Valentino's new owner is from Coffs Harbour way and sent this...

"Valentino is settling in nicely and we are working each other out.  He spends hours on my lap, sleeps on my armchair of a night still likes to be under the sofa occasionally. Follows me around a lot.. He now has a couple favorite toys! a 'squeaky mouse'  and a 'mouse' on elastic with feathers and he's been springing about from the sofa and running to chase it about, he's adorable.  Both toys just discovered tonight."

Another lovely outcome for  a rescue cat in need. 

Now for some kitten news. I know I have been slack in getting some photos up of our older litter and I still haven't gotten around to getting some photos up of our new arrivals yet but they will have to wait for another post. Here are a couple of photos of the older litter taken just on my iphone so sorry they aren't the best quality. 


Finally, we can announce that Radio personality John Stanleyhis lovely wife musician/composer Elissa Milne, and son Tom are now the proud owners of a Suchi Burmese Lilac boy. John and Elisa went on our waiting list a very long time ago and are excited about owning one of our beautiful little bundles. John has owned Burmese in the past and I am sure he will end up with lots of "material" to share with his  Weekend Breakfast Program  listeners with the arrival of this little guy. I will certainly bring you any "reports" from John and Elissa and also want to wish Elissa a very happy birthday for this week.  

Well I think that brings me up to date for now. I will certainly be back again soon and I will hopefully have some confirmed pregnancy news to share also.



24th July 2013  

I hope you have a coffee and a good few minutes to spare are this is going to be quite a post... Both sad and happy news to share.

I will start with the sad news... Last year a number of our wonderful customers assisted in supporting and raising money for the LIGHT HOUSE FOUNDATION through the BROTHERS for BROTHERS Game at Knox Grammer School. As I often have people ask about Suchi Owners Lachlan and Sally and Lach's condition I thought I would an update in today's post.

I caught up with Lachlan and Sally yesterday at the hospital and Lachlan's time with us is tragically very limited after a battle with Oesophageal cancer. Poor Lach is only in his mid 30's and is now very unwell and it is now at a stage of just managing his pain and keeping him as comfortable as possible. Their little (nearly) 2 year old girl comes for visits and Sally is being amazingly strong and supportive. They have both had the most amazing attitude thoughout this journey and have just gotten on with life as best as they could. Our thoughts are with them and their family at this time.

Now for some happy news...

Valentino's new owner sent me this email the afternoon of his arrival. I spoke to the new owner who collected Valentino from the airport on Monday afternoon. Soon after Valentino arrived at his new home he was hiding underneath a Lounge chair...quite a normal reaction for an adult cat in a strange environment.

Hi Melanie,
Well, shortly after speaking with you I coaxed him out with a bit of mince (which he enjoyed) and he's been purring ever since!

We had a very long cuddle, and he's now purring in the wardrobe.. he's a purr machine lol... Just wanted to let you know that we 'get along' and that he's a happy catty.


Valentino's new owner.

so it is lovely to hear Valentino is happy and setting in to his new life and home. I have a feeling that he is going to be one very spoilt little cat. :)

I have to race and get some jobs done but will try to get back later today with some photos for you all.

12th July 2013  

Thanks to all of those that have expressed interest in Valentino. The darling boy has now found a lovely home up Coffs Harbour way and I think he will be very spoilt there.

I will be back soon with photos of the babies and more news to share. 

2nd July 2013  

Well a quick post before I have a million things to do. There are 6 or 7 people who have been emailing every few days BUSTING AT THE SEAMS for updates on our pregnant girl... WELL BUST NO MORE PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE HERE!!!!

We have a lovely, very fat, healthy litter of babies and they are all doing well. Our adorable experienced Mother popped them out without any trouble and she had them sorted out and cleaned up without much assistance from me at all.

It looks like quite a mixed bag of colour and sex combinations which is just lovely but it is a little hard to tell exactly what some of the colours are at this point. Lilac tortie and Cream look quite similar at first but we definitely have at least 1 or 2 tortie girls in there of darker colour so they are a little more obvious.

I will take some photos and get them up for you all to see soon. 



Well we can now post a little update on Valentino he is 8 years old and aside from a missing tooth the vet said he is in fantastic health and condition. We had him checked from nose to tail and he has been given the all clear.

We have had a couple of nibbles from people expressing interest but no home has been locked in yet so please consider if you know anyone that would be able to offer this lovely boy a home. I have posted further information on him under the MISC MENU here.

He will be listed on the Burmese Assoc website today so hopefully a loving, permanent home will be found soon. 

15th June 2013   

Plenty to share in todays post ....

Our May babies are coming along so nicely and as promised in my last post here are some photos so you can get your kitten fix...



Our Favourite Comedian, Kitty Flanagan, and her now well known Suchi Burmese Sarge were on the ADAM HILL'S TONIGHT show this past week. Sarge looks somewhat unimpressed with his diguise...


You can watch the full episode here 

One of our lovely girls has decided that she isn't going to fall pregnant despite producing lovely litters for us in the past so we are now investigating with the vet as to why. It isn't a cheap process with ultrasounds, blood tests, hormone level checks and consultation fees adding up by second. I figure this is the equavilent of doing IVF for cats... :)  Hopefully it is an easy fix and something simple. So far all her blood test results have come back negative so it is great in that she is healthy and disease free. She is heading towards retirement age so maybe it is just a sign that she has done well and it is time for her to live a relaxing pet life free of pesky kittens to bite her ears and pounce on her tail.

I do have some more news to share but promise I will be back again really soon with that. 

19th May 2013  

Thanks to everyone for the Huge response in finiding the 2 year old Brown rescue girl a home.  Thanksfully a wonderful home on the Northern Beaches has been found and she will be living a life of luxury with her retired owners who will be around to give her lots of love and attention.

In more Suchi HQ news... WE HAVE KITTENS! Finally! After a nice break from kittens and a couple of unsuccessful matings we are so excited to have more babies on the ground. It isn't a huge litter but they are fat, healthy bundles and mum is doing a wonderful job of caring for them. I am unable to conclusively say what combinations we have but I suspect there is at least one kitten of each sex and it appears we may have Blue and Brown in there and possibly either Chocolate or Lilac. I will get the camera out and share some photos soon so you can all have a kitten fix.

I believe we do have another pregnancy underway and if all goes to plan we should produce mainly Choclate and Brown kittens from that litter.

I will post more again soon.

9th May 2013 

A super quick update just to reach out to anyone that may be considering taking in a cat in need of a home.

I have an adorable 2 year old petite Brown Burmese girl who is in this situation as her owner is going into an aged care facility. I have started putting up info on the BURMESE IN NEED OF A HOME page under the MISC MENU and I will be adding a photo of her within the next day or so.

If you or anyone you know is interested in helping this little lady out I am sure she has lots of love to bring to the right home.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. 

I do have more news to share and will be back again to post a proper update really soon - Keep your eye peeled!

20th April 2013 

A quick post today to bring you up to date...

Before I get started on the Suchi News if anyone is interested in KITTYWALK items we have 3 items on EBAY that end THIS WEEKEND that haven't yet sold. You can pick up a bargain but you will have to get in quick. We are clearing some stock so we can renovate our shop so these prices won't be repeated anytime soon.  

We had a phantom pregnancy recently - I know a number of other breeders that have experienced this with their queens but I never have myself until now. The girls show all the signs of pregnancy including sleeping and eating more and swollen belly but nothing happens and then suddenly they come back onto call and go back to their playful selves. 

I am so disappointed as being an interstate mating there are considerable costs involves as you can imagine and I was particularly looking forward to seeing what was produced.  Thankfully we have confirmed another pregnancy and have also mated another girl so there will be pleny happening in the very near future and I will keep you posted with more news as it comes to light.

I receved a lovely email from a client who recently picked up a little female kitten to keep their existing Suchi Burmese Company....

Hi Melanie,

Just thought I'd give you an update on how things are going. Bailey and Bella are best of friends. They sleep and play together and even clean each other. We followed the web site guide (in the User Menu) to the tee.

Bailey was not happy at first but by the 3rd day he was fine.

Getting a 2nd cat has been great for Bailey. We have noticed he is calmer, more patient and happier. We believe this is because he now has a play mate to keep him company while Bron and I are at work. Bella also appears very content and settled in immediately to her new home.
We are very happy on how things have gone. We wish we had got a second cat sooner. I think people who own 1 burmese, who work during the day and keep their cat indoors should really consider getting a 2nd. I think bailey has even lost weight from playing chasing games around the house with bella! 

I have attached some photos for you. Enjoy!


Rob n Bron

I love getting updates and hearing these stories. Thanks so much for sharing! 

19th March 2013 

Well I have a HUGE post today and it is all very exciting.... I don't even know where to start....

Firstly I should probably mention that we have been very lucky be offered and have now received a Stunning little Blue girl from a very experienced breeder interstate. Peta has highly sort after lines and her cats have proven themselves time and time again on the Bench. This little girl has joined our family and will hopefully be a future breeding queen for us. Little Heaven is only a baby at under 4 months so still has some developing to do but she is showing exceptional promise.

As most of you would know we had the Annual Burmese Specialist show last Sunday. The quality of cats at the show was outstanding! Burmese breeders from interstate (including Tasmania) and Overseas (incl N.Z) were there and had their absolutely stunning cats on display.

We entered a few cats and kittens but to be PURRfectly honest I didn't think it was going to be any thing special for us this year... our kittens are still only babies and therefor eye colour is still developing and coats are still a little Kitten Fluffy. Some are still a little long and gangly in the body...etc etc etc... Our best chances fell with Sativa who was BEST IN SHOW in 2012 but Sati was with a fellow breeder and very dear friend of ours for a dirty week away with her stud boy. Unfortunately this friend (who had also entered the show and was going to bring Sati with her) was unable to attend last minute as her husband sadly has advanced cancer and is unable to care for himself. Consequently Sati wasn't at the show. Disappointing but totally understandable.... 

Anyway we had a couple of our lovely customers enter their Beautiful Suchi Burmese which was just fantastic.  Jessica Bourke entered Suchi Hugo (A desexed Adult Blue Male) and Suchi Koko (A desexed adult lilac female) and James entered his lovely Red desexed adiult boy that was also entered last year. 

As the day went a long I had some really lovely and totally unexpected surprises. 

We received BEST LITTER IN SHOW for our Babies from ZINNIA which was just wonderful. We haven't focused on entering/Showing litters in the past so as we are somewhat inexperienced in the Litter Kitten area so this was just a thrill! Then.... we are humbled and very appreciative (and probably plain lucky too) of the awards that kept coming our way...

Suchi Hugo received an Overall 2nd in the Speciality BLUE BURMESE colour class and Suchi Koko did us so proud placing 1st in ALL 3 rings for Spay cats. This was just amazing for a cat that has NEVER been shown before and shows are very stressful especially for the adult cats. On top of this Suchi Koko then receved an overall 1st for ALL the desexed cats in the show (Male and Female) Meaning we had the Best Desexed Female and the Best Desexed Overall!! HUGE! Obviously having done so well this little stunner was then pulled out as part of the Judges TOP 5 BEST in the ENTIRE SHOW selection. This is where each of the 3 judges select their top 5 cats from ALL categories Entire Adult Male and Entire Adult Female, Desexed Adult in both sexes, ALL the kittens and the Older cats.

I was absolutely thrilled and rather surprised to find that Suchi Burmese were featured in ALL 3 judges TOP 5's - Just a wonderful result.

SUCHI KOKO took out 2nd/RESERVE BEST IN SHOW under Kim Cutter (South Africa) and also 5th place BEST IN SHOW under Wayne Trevathan from the USA. 


James lovely Red boy also did us proud receiving a 2nd place in the Top 5 and two 1st places in Ring 1. Louis also received a 4th in the Top 5 in Ring 2. Consequently James took home some lovely prizes including a Burmese Coffee Mug, toys and homewares.  

A lovely little girl from our litter of kittens took out 2nd place out of 8 in the specialist Chocolate class judged by Rhondda Watson which was a huge compliment for a girl just coming up to 12 weeks old.

Rhondda also awared out Lilac kitten ONTOYA 4th in Coat Colour and Condition.  

Our new Blue Girl Heaven took out 3rd place out of 9 in the specialist Blue Burmese class (meaning we had 2nd with Hugo and 3rd wih Heaven) again judged by Rhondda Watson and she received 1st/BEST IN SECTION, 1st in the TOP 5 and 1st/BEST BABY KITTEN and 1st UNDER 4 MONTHS with Wayne Trevathan.

I must say a congratulations to Peta for breeding such a stunning little kitten. Wayne selected this little girl as part of his TOP 5 OVERALL BEST IN SHOW and at UNDER 4 months old she took out RESERVE/2nd BEST IN THE ENTIRE SHOW! WOW!!!  This meant that we had both a 2nd and a 5th BEST IN SHOW in Ring 2!

Finally Deborah selected her BEST IN SHOW TOP 5 and SUCHI ONTOYA our lovely little Lilac kitten from 2 previous generations of BURMESE SPECIALIST SHOW BEST IN SHOW WINNERS was selected as part of that and this adorable little girl took out 1st PLACE BEST IN SHOW RING 3....YAY. I have had goose bumps for 3 days straight now.

Suchi Ontoya also took out 1st place in BEST HEAD TYPE out of 15 cats entered and the Stewards Choice Award which is where the Stewards that assist the judges and handle the cats select their favourite and easiest cat to handle on the day.

I have attached a couple of photos of Ontoya and Heaven below with SOME of the ribbons and awards we won on Sunday including...BEST FEMALE KITTEN RIBBON, 2 x First Place Ribbons for Best Kitten Under 4 months and Best Kitten under 6 months as well as the GOLD Best Exhibit (2013) in Show and BEST LITTER IN SHOW engraved Trophy which we will hold for the next year.



A special THANK YOU....

This was all so very exciting but I certianly can't take all the credit. There are some wonderful cats and lots of work put in by other breeders behind these lines and I am privileged to have been allowed access to them to produce and obtain the cats we are now working with and will be working with in the future. In regards to this years show I have to especially thank Peta, Marinka, Don, Sally, Dianne, Val and Zaw and all the breeders behind their lines who have contributed to the cats entered by us this year. This really is a collaborative effort so thanks to everyone involved.

24th February 2013 

Time for another update while I have a spare 5 minutes...

It looks like our chocolate boys from our current litter all have wonderful home to go to which is brilliant. They have now been vet checked and we are in the process of arranging for the new owners to come and visit them.

The lilac kitten I have retained, Ontoya, is developing nicely and I am looking forward to seeing how she goes at her first show in March 2013. At this early stage I am just thrilled with how she is coming along and expect that she will make a lovely breeding girl for us down the track. Her mother is Suchi Sativa and Grandmother is Tilly (ARM) so she comes from spectacular lines. The father is from interstate as we needed to bring in some outcross blood so it is nice to see some of the studs out there producing some nice kittens. Hopefully she doesn't loose any of her nice qualities as she develops over the coming months.

Well I think that brings you up to date with most of our news but I promise to be back again in March with further update.


5th February 2013

I am overdue for an update and some pickies...

Firstly I thought I would share a little story with you all. As some of you may know we have a Lost/Found page under the MISC menu on the website. For quite sometime I have had the story of Merlin up there. Merlin was a cat I bred that went missing back in 2011 and is sorley missed by his family. Late last week I had a call in response to this page from a lady located in Forrestville that is missing a Burmese Boy of her own but had noticed a second Brown burmese hanging around her home and she wondered if it could be Merlin.

I rang Merlin's family and passed on the information and they got in touch with the lady in Forrestville. After hiring a trap they managed to trap the cat in question. Unfortunately it wasn't Merlin BUT it turned out to be a cat by the name of Orlando that had gone missing from Breakfast Point 4 years ago. Apparently Orlando instantly recognised his owner when his owner came to collect him and he has settled back into his home beautifully. His owner is understandably thrilled to have Orlando back safely so it is a wonderful outcome for them.

It is fantastic that Microchip technology is able to assist pets and their owners in this way but I would like to also stress that keeping you cat 100% indoors or confined to a cat enclosure or run would save a lot of stress and heartache!  It is nice to know that there are people out there that are aware of possible lost animals hanging around and that they are going to the trouble of searching the internet to possibly find worried owners.

If you do happen to think there is a lost cat in your area and you are able to catch it please take the cat to your local vet. If the cat is microchipped it can hopefully be reunited with its owner. 

Well I promised that I would get some photos up so I will do that now...

The first baby photos are of our current litter. At this stage it looks like the litter has produced mainly chocolate kittens and for the first time in many years we may not have a waiting list for Chocolate Males due to the number of chocolate males produced in this litter. 


This next photo is of a little Lilac girl that I have retained at this stage. I may breed with her down the track if she continues to show the characterestics we require in a top quality breeding queen. He father is from interstate so it is nice that we may be able to diversify our lines and expand the gene pool we are working with. 


Well I had better run but I will be back again soon with more news.


1st January 2013

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ! 

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and N.Y's and hopefully you are still enjoying a break.

It is bedlam around here... Crazy times! We have enjoyed having our babies come back for boarding over the Christmas/School holiday break and we have a big year planned. 

We are especially looking forward to the Burmese Show in March at Forrestville as it is just lovely to see all the beautiful Burmese on the bench. I think it will be a reasonably quiet show for us this year as most of our cats can't be shown due to the fact they are either pregnant, have kittens or have had a litter in the past month or two which means they are not in Top show condition which is a bit of a shame but I will see if I can rustle up at least someone to enter... we will see. It looks like a couple of our customers a keen to enter their kittens in this local show and I am excited to see what happens there. 

Just prior to Chrismas we had a lovely litter arrive to a Beautiful boy from QLD. Our lovely girl was privilidged to have a dirty week away with this very handsome boy who is usually a closed stud. I am so excited to see how the develop and will get some photos up of these babies soon. 

Unfortunately a recent mating that we did has turned out to be unsuccessful so we will have to try again in the coming weeks. 

Well I will keep this post short and sweet and will be back again soon with photos and more news.

Looking forward to keeping you posted with our Suchi News throughout 2013. 

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