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Written by Melanie   

 Exciting News... Lots happening here at Suchi HQ.   



Customers Please Note: We don't have any kittens available for sale right now. If you are interested in getting a kittten from a future litter please go to the FAQ tab and click on BUYING A SUCHI BURMESE from the drop down menu options to find out more. Alternatively click here: Waiting List Info Page. to take you directly to that page. 





24th December 2016 

Christmas eve ...ALREADY! I feel like I have a million and one things to do and with the boarding cats here I feel like I have 101 Burmese! Hopefully I don't turn into Cruella De Vil.

It has been a busy but wonderful year. Thank you to all our customers that have supported us by boarding their Suchi Burmese here with us and purchasing their cat products through us. It is very appreciated and we continue to grow and improve our services because of your support. A special thanks you to Sandy H, the Jeffress Families, Eldershaw family,  Beckett family, Leona V, Robyn R, Sian G, Erin M, Deb L, Philip and Audrey M, Marcelle Martin and Family, McAllan Family, Elisa B, Tony C, David and Carolyn T, Veronica, Cathy W and all our other wonderful customers that make my job such a joy. 

We have received wonderful feedback, photos, stories and updates from all our customers and it means a lot. Many of our customers are through referal and in a recent case we have had the slibling of another previous customer welcome 2 kittens into her family. It has been fun looking at the genetic connections between the 3 cats owned by the 2 families. We also received a lovely update and a couple of fantastic photos from a customer that purchased a mischievous Burmese from us 4 years ago...

  "Dear Melanie, Our beautiful kitty turns 4 on the 18/12! He is a wonderful bundle of cuddles.....Wishing you a merry Xmas and lovely summer days with your family. Suzanne, David and Jasper "  

I am really looking forward to meeting new owners for kittens ready to go in the New Year and with another pregnancy in progress I am sure it will be a busy start to the year.

I would like to wish all our readers and customers a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. May you all be truely blessed with wonderful memories and a relaxing break spent with friends and family.

Looking forward to being back in 2017!



30th November 2016

Just a super quick update today...

I recently had the privelege of sending one of my furr babies to the home of a recently retired Burmese Breeder. Janine was a brilliant breeder, mentor and has the most amazing knowledge of bloodlines of any breeder I know. Her prifix is in the pedigrees of some of the breeding cats I am currently working with. Janine recenlty took home a lovely little Chocolate Tortie girl that she will likley put on the show bench next year. For those of you that are or wish to "Friend" us on Facebook (Suchi Burmese) you will be able to see a photo of the little girl that Janine collected. 

I was rather chuffed to receive this message from Janine today... "I think you've done a fantastic job in raising the kittens....She's outgoing, happy & healthy a real testament to you as a breeder. "  

Means so much to hear this from another breeder that I have admired so much for over 10 years.

Received another lovely email and some photos from Nikla about how well her baby Brown burmese kitten form us has settled in to their home..

"Hi Melanie, 

Just a quick update on Milo, who is fitting beautifully into our family. She is such a snugglepuss! I've attached some pics here. She even has a nap with Evie (their daughter) every afternoon, purring like a tractor. 
Thanks, Nikla"

How lovely to see! Thanks for the update Nikla. So wonderful to see that Milo is getting along with your existing burmese so beautifully!


Also a shout out to anyone that is interested in looking after a Burmese female cat that we bred for a few months from March 2017 as the owner is going away and would like the cat cared for by someone familiar with the burmese breed and happy to have a visitor for a few months.  Sydney Metro preferred. Please contact me if you what further infomation and contact details ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

We also have recenlty welcomed some new arrivals so we are full steam ahead at the moment. I have updated the waiting times on our website and I am looking forward to offering peope kittens in the coming weeks and months.

We are still yet to confirm a home for the lovely 2 1/2 year old Chocolate burmese we have here that is in need of a new home so if you or anyone you know is interested please contact me for further information.


21st November2016

Can't beleive that time has just flown by so quickly since my last post and there is so much to share. We have recently sent home some gorgeous kittens and the new owners have been just thrilled which is lovely. The babies have settled in straight away and just taken over the couch, bed and any lap in sight.  Some of the new owners are already back on our waiting list for a second kitten ASAP which is just lovely. Yep they are addictive. 

We have received some lovely photos, emails and text messages from the new owners regarding the kittens settling into their new homes. Unfortunately I can't share some of the most beautiful photos for privacy reasons (with peoples faces and children appearing in the photos that I would need to get permission to share) but I thought I would share a handful of photos that I can along with the heartwarming messages that accompanied the photos....


"Hi Melanie. Banjo has settled in so well. We're all totally smitten with him.... Regards, Michelle" 



"Hi Melanie, Wow.... the most beautiful kitten. She is so smoochy and hasn't stopped purring! Ruben (our son) slept in our bed last night and Lulu snuggled into him all night..... She's using her litter tray and eating well. Thank you"  - Diana S. 


and.... "He's Settled in as if he's the owner, hes had a big explore, has eaten mince... and now sleeping....seems v. content indeed and is a big hit with all, Thanks Melanie" and from the same owner again "Hi Melanie, Aung Sang Eating v. well, using litter tray fine, slept well and v companionable to all, he loves the attention! A real cutie...my daughter Elizabeth wants to catnap him...!" Sandy T


Totally makes my day to see how much my babies are loved and how much joy they bring to others. It can be hard to see them leave at times but when I receive messages and photos like this it gives me so much joy. A special thank you to all the new owners that have been keeping in touch and sharing these lovely photos and messages. 

We have another litter here on the ground at the moment and I am looking forward to contacting the potential new owners in the coming weeks once vet checks have occured.  

We also have a lovely little 2 year old Chocolate Rescue Burmese looking for a home. There is more information on this lovely little girl on our  Burmese Needing a Home Page

It is late and past my bed time so I will leave it at that and be back again with more news before the end of the year.


24th September 2016 

Well we are BUSY! We have some stunning little babies here and we are enjoying them. We seem to have produced a nice range of colours and sexes and we are looking forward to meeting thier new owners when that time comes.

Some of our waiting times have come down dramatically as a result with some now the SHORTEST they have been in about 4 years.  For example, the waiting time for a CHOCOLATE BOY usually sitting at 7 - 9 months is now down to about 2 - 4 months.  

For anyone intersted in joining our waiting list in the hope of getting a kitten around Christmas or within the first two weeks of January -  our waiting list for this period will close on the 10th of of October. We will not be offering kittens for sale to impulse buyers at Christmas. Kittens available at the time will only go to previous customers or people on our waiting list prior to the 10th of October.

We also have some NEW items on Sale as Part of the SEPTEMBER SALES -  

LAWN VERSION: Usually $220 - NOW ONLY $160





10th September 2016  

The Carnival is on sale for 10 days only!!!! (10th - 20th of September) or UNTIL SOLD OUT! 

Usually: $595.00 NOW ONLY $495 SAVE $100!!!! 


 The Gazebo - usually $450 NOW ONLY $360! Available until SOLD OUT! 


2nd September 2016  

SEPTEMBER SALES are NOW on with a different product as a SPECIAL FEATURE each week of this month.

We are kicking off with the Modern Litter Hide Box. Can be used to store your unsightly litter tray or as a bed for your pampered kitty.

 15% off thier usual price ($320) and now only $272 till SOLD OUT! 


We also have a special on the Kittywalk COZY climbers that conveniently hang on your door to give you kitty a place to climb and be up high, hide and sleep the day away. Usually $320 but now 20% off and only $256 until sold out! With removable, cosy shelf inserts and 6 levels to choose from your kitty can have their own palace to make orders from. 

We have welcomed a lovely litter of babies and I am so excited to see what colours they will develop into over the coming weeks. They are feeding well and progressing nicely and mum is being very attentive and doing a wonderful job.

We also have another girl pregnant so it is going to be very busy times ahead and I look forward to posting news and photos in the coming weeks. 


28th July 2016  

Such stunning weather - seems a shame to be sitting inside on my computer but given I am overdue to post an update...here I am.

We have a number of lovely RESCUE Burmese/Tonkinese looking for new, forever home. If you are interested in taking in an older cat please check out our  Burmese Needing a Home Page

I was frantic over the school holiday period with all our beautiful Suchi Burmese returning to us for boarding. It was lovely to cuddle and spend time with these babies whilst their owners were away. It is fasinating to see how they have grown and developed since they left us as kittens and how much they are loved by the owners that purchased them. Very blessed! :)

We sadly had one of our breeding girls suffer a misscarrage so she is now on bedrest and a course of Antibiotics. We will give her another shot when she is ready down the track. We are happy to know that we do have another pregnancy in progress and another mating occuring at the moment so we are looking forward to the pitter-patter of more little paws in the coming few weeks.

Well given it is a good washing day I should get my washing hung out and I will be back again soon with more news as I have it.


QUICK PRODUCT SPECIALS UPDATE:We have some Awesome Bundle specials available for a short time only. Check them out here  SUPER BUNDLE SPECIALS 

11th June 2016 

For all of you that are closely watching our waiting list I have now updated the waiting times as found here...  Waiting List Info Page

The first Column is obviously the COLOUR AND SEX combinations we produce. The 2nd Column indicates who we are currently offering kittens to based on the month/year that they joined our waiting list. The 3rd column indicates the APROXIMATE WAITING TIME base on who we are offering kittens to and when they joined our waiting list. The 4th column shows when this was LAST UPDATED. I usually try to update this waiting list every month or two.

The headings of the columns are up the top of this chart. As an example to clarify… We are CURRENTLY OFFERING Brown Male kittens to people that joined our waiting list in November 2015. This equates to a 7-9 month wait and it was updated in June 2016.  
These waiting times are as accurate as I can be based on our current waiting list.  For those of you that are interested in how those times have moved since the last update if you scroll further down the page I have put a secondary table in to show the latest update verses the current times that indicates if the time has gone up, down or remained the same.  
It has been exciting touching base with new potential owners over the past few weeks and I am looking foward to contacting more potential owners in the near future.  

I also thought I would share a couple of photos of Zinnia's litter there are 3 kittens in this litter - a Blue girl and a brown boy and a brown girl. It took a few weeks before their colours were obvious as when they were first born they all looked very similar but the browns have continued to darken with age and the blue girl got the silvery grey through her coat just over the past couple of weeks. They are just beautiful and coming along so nicely. 


We also have another litter at around this same age. I usually deliberately space out our litters weeks apart if possible but on this occasion as I decided to mate an experienced mum at the same time as an inexperienced mum in the event the inexperienced mum didn't take to motherhood as planned. It is nice to be able to have a foster mum step in and take care of babies if there is the need. Thankfully both the mums have looked after their babies very nicely indeed and given they are both small litters we aren't overrun so all have worked out beautifully. These babies still have their blue eyes and fluffy kitten coats but they will change and develop a lot over the next few weeks and their golden eye colour will become more evident. 

Hopefully that gives you all a kitten fix and an update on everything her at Suchi HQ.  We will have some more exciting news to share in the coming weeks so keep your eyes posted here. 


4th May 2016

Well I am back with some very exciting News...for the first time in a very long time we have a lovely little boy available for sale. 

He is just a baby and will be with us for a number of weeks yet but he is just adorable and progressing nicely. This darling little man comes from respected and awarded lines and he has just the most adorable temperament. He already enjoys his belly rubs and is starting to show his mischevious nature. I have more photos available to anyone interested in offering him a home (our standard package pricing will apply). 


We have some more babies coming through over the next couple of months with one of our beautiful girls developing a lovely round tummy. We are expecting a nice range of colours and look forward to posting an update once we have some news to share.

We have found just a wonderful home for the rescue girl we advertised on the 21st of April in the post below. It really brings a smile to my face that people are happy to welcome a cat into their home and love him or her like they have had the cat since kittenhood. Sometimes these cats can come with quirks, behaviour/temperament issues and from histories of abuse and neglect and I am truly thankful for people that take them on and love them for and despite of these charasterists. You are good people! :) Check out the AWESOME home Lola has landed in!!! 


Feel free to send a friend requiest to us at SUCHI BURMESE to have access to more photos and updates. 

Well I think that brings me up to date and my cats all think they are hungry and are acting as though they haven't been fed in weeks so I better go and deal with them.  


21st April 2016

We have taken in a lovley lilac tortie female and she is looking for an indoor home. She is only 2 years old. We have put additional information on our Burmese Needing a Home Page


If you or anyone you know can offer this lovely girl a home please contact me for further information on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

6th April 2016

Another update is well overdue. We have just welcomed a lovely litter of babies into the world. They are a little too young to confirm their colours but it appears we have a mix of boys and girls which is very exciting.

We also have another girl that is looking very round and she is expecting in the not too distant future herself so it is going to be a busy few months ahead. 

The Burmese Show last month was a HUGE success and we cat 2 of of beautiful Suchi Burmese in the TOP 5 Cats in the show which is MASSIVE! We were also thrilled to receive BEST PURRSONALITY awards and BEST LITTER IN SHOW. BEST DESEXED CAT IN SHOW and many other really wonderful awards. Some of our gorgous clients that entered their Suchi Burmese took home a huge range of prizes including food, litter trays, litter and toys. It was so nice to see all the beautiful cats in attendance. The turnout was fantastic. We also had some of our wonderful clients get behind the facepainting and glitter tattoos so we all got a good laugh at that.

In more news... I HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! Yep I couldn't let a lovely little girl leave me and given her mum is about to be desexed I don't want to loose the line so I ave kept a lovely little girl to breed with when she is old enough. 


She is a lovely natured girl with wonderful show quality characteristics at this stage so we will see how she develops and I am hopeful she will bring us some lovely babies down the track.

I will be in touch again soon with more news and hopefully some lovely kitten photos to share.



2nd January 2016

Well Here we are 2016...ALREADY! 
I would like to wish all our customers and readers all the the very best for the coming year. We have lots happening here throughout the year and I look forward to keeping you all up to date.
Our 2 lovely Rescue Burmese have found a fantastic experienced cat home and I am hoping they settle in well. The man that came to meet them took and instant liking to them and has taken them home as a suprise for his wife. She is expected to return from a break away this evening so I am sure she will be amazed to come home to her 2 new furry family members.
We have been crazy busy with all the boarding cats that have been staying with us over the Holiday Season and with school holidays continuing for a few more weeks to come there will be plenty to keep me out of Mischief. I am also expecting the arrival of some tiny paws in the coming weeks and I plan to send one of the girls off on a naughty holiday to a handsome boy that lives interstate.
I am also helping to organise some family entertainment that we have planned for the upcoming Burmese show at Forrestville in March and we would love to see you all there. This will be the First time that the Burmese Show will have other breeds of cat included so there will be plenty of cats to see and breeders to meet. It is a great way to listen to the judging and learn about the cats and the various breeds represented. I will post additional information on this page over the coming weeks. 
I will post again in the coming weeks with more kitten news and Burmese show information.
In the mean time....Give your cat some love from me. 
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