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Written by Melanie   

Angie's Story


Angie was born in Late February 2016. As an only child her mother came back on call (in to season) when she was still just tiny. This is reasonably common with queens that produce small litters. Her lovely mum, Ciella, was distracted and clearly had other things on her mind. Ciella was focused on getting herself a man (stud cat) and having a naughty few days away and she paced endlessly and tried to get to the boys with darling little Angie being carted around all over the place. During this process Angie sustained some flesh wounds to the back of her neck and injury to her back left foot. She was also not gaining weight at the rate she should have been so as a result I was forced to seperate little Angie from her mum. It was certainly in Angie's best interest and Ciella was so distracted that she didn't seem to care.  I started to care for Angie myself.

I then thought that fostering her with another mother might work and this would give Angie the opportunity to have a normal upbringing and be trained by another cat which is obviously desirable. Thankfully this was successful. Our lovely Heaven took Angie in as her own. Heaven has raised Angie and cared for her and Angie is a socially well developed and typically active little kitten.

The hair on her neck has grown back beautifully and she is very active and mischievous. Despite her missing the tips of 3 of her toes (including 2 pads and 3 claws) Angie can run, jump, pounce and play like any other kitten. She is still a little small for her age but she has a very healthy appetite and is gaining weight very quickly. I have full faith that she will be a normal sized cat once she reaches adulthood. She has been microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked. 

We have become quite attached to Angie and as a result we would love to see her go to a local home that will keep her 100% indoors and will totally spoil her. There will be no ongoing complications or requirements with her neck, foot or health as a result of her start but just to reassure any potential buyer we will be offering an extended health guarantee. 

We have put up a few videos of Angie here: Angie Playing in the courtyard pathway and Angie and her loud purr  Plus a couple more here....

Angie Playing in a Playpen and Angie Playing in the tunnel. I hope you Enjoy these and I look forward to meeting her new owner once the PURRfect home has been found. 





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