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Written by Melanie   

This special little boy is a Lilac boy that I have named Kody.


Kody is the sweetest most adorable kitten and has a loud Purr that starts up as soon as you pick him up.

Kody was born with FCK (Flat Chested Kitten) syndrome. A condition reasonably common in Burmese - Many kittens grow out of it entirely, which is the case with Kody.

Some kittens don't grow out of it, but most will usually live a perfectly normal and healthly life. Some kittens struggle to feed and can develope breathing issues and other complications as a result but Kody has thrived from day one - he isn't even the runt of his litter. 

In some more noticable cases kittens with FCK syndrome can also develop Kyphosis (where there is a curve in the spine at the point of the chest area). The best way to describe this is to compare it to people that get Scoliosis. Where Scoliosis is a sideways curve (like looking down on a snake), Kyphosis means their is a dip in the spine - in this case towards the chest - think of a ditch. Despite his condition Kody seems to be totally unaware and unstoppable - He plays and intereacts normally and is up to the typical Burmese mischief as demponstrated in the videos below.

Kody, is affectionate, Playful, curious and smart just like any typical burmese kitten. He has been wormed/flea treated, vet checked, vaccinated and Microchipped. His heart and lungs appear to function normally. He will be desexed when he is a little bit older.  Our vet is happy to talk to anyone interested in taking Kody on. We believe he will live a normal life and bring lots of joy to his new owner. Some breeders would have likely put Kody down rather than risk their reputation but providing they can live a normal pain free life I believe in giving every kitten a chance and if necessary holding onto the kittens a little longer till I am comfortable that they are ready to leave me. As a result of this, there is a possibility Kody will be with us a little longer but I will make that decision alongside our vet once Kody has had his 3rd vet check in a few weeks time.

Due to his condition we are looking for a 100% indoor home for Kody as we firmly believe that this is in Kody's best interest. We are also going to include some free extras with Kody to get the new owners started and to spoil this special and much loved little boy when he leaves us. In addition, we will also be including 2 free Boarding vouchers and an extended Health guarantee to reassure his new owner/s. 

To view some short videos of Kody please click on these links....

This video was taken in February 2017 - 

Kody Playing

Kody with scary toy in February 2017 



and Here are some older videos from back in January...







If you are intersted in offering Kody a home please contact me via email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  





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