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Written by Melanie   

Burmese are a wonderful choice of breed for apartments as they are a small breed, love company and are best off kept 100% indoors BUT there are a few thing you need to be aware of.

Firstly you will need to ensure your body corporate allows pets. 

Being a small but relatively active breed it is important that you provide plenty of entertainment. Spend time playing with your cat/s every day especially if you are away from home for extended periods. Provide toys that you rotate regularly. They don't need to be expesive and even cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, paper bags and Coke bottle lids can provide hours of entertainment. Endurance toys such as Treat Balls filled with dried fish, small squares of cheese or dried beef/liver treats are also a great idea to keep your cat/s entertained when you are out.

Ensure you have a multi leveled scratching post. It doesn't have to be huge but two or three levels will not only save your furniture but it will give your cat/s much needed exercise. Something as simple as the below is fine and won't take up too much room. For futher examples please go to "My Store" and click on "Scratching Poles".


Be aware of windows without flyscreens and balconies. Cats can and will explore everything. I have heard horrific stories of people letting their apartment cats out onto balconies only to have the cat chase a bird or butterfly and fall off. We offer Suchi Customers special discounts from the SYDNEY BLINDS & SCREENS range. To arrange a free measure and quote please email us for further information.



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