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Written by Melanie   

Can't own a cat? Maybe you live in an appartment or someone in your family is allergic. You can still play an important role in helping cats in need. 

In 2008 I had the privilege of touring a wonderful cat sanctuary in Rome for homeless and sick cats. Some of the cats have very special needs and others were perfectly fine but just hadn't found a home yet. The sanctuary is run entirely by volunteers and I was so impressed by the cleanliness and facilities provided for the cats. The facilities were immaculate and the volunteer carers were constantly on the move looking after and tending to the needs of all the cats in their care.

The sanctuary relies on people sponsoring the cats in their care to continue functioning and there are so many beautiful cats needing a sponsor. I saw how the money is spent and it is so needed and vital to the survival of the sanctuary.

Some of the cats in need of a sponsor are below and can also be found on: http://www.romancats.com

Bruce's Story: 

There is a cat in the nursery would love to become your new long distance adoption cat. Bruce, a light ginger male, is an excellent candidate for an adoption at a distance because he is FIV positive and that will make it difficult to find him a home, FIV positive cats are just not very much in demand but he is handsome, about 2 years old and miracles do happen in our shelter. He has also been unfortunate however, because he has been confined to a cage ever since he arrived in Torre Argentina on July 31st because he needs special care and special food.

He was found with a terrible, maggot-infested abscess in his neck by one of our catladies; she brought him to the municipal shelter. There they were not able to take care of him; that shelter is in financial trouble because funding has been stopped and there are not enough people to look after animals with problems. They asked Torre Argentina to take Bruce in and of course we did, we take in all homeless cats that need care. Bruce was neutered and then found to be FIV positive.  

We will not give up trying to find him a home, he is very good looking and very good, perhaps he will be lucky. 

If you are willing to support Bruce you will receive a photo of him and can be updated on his activities in the shelter.

 - For information on adopting bruce please email us and I will put you in contact with the Adoption at a Distance staff members or you can contact: 

Silvia Viviani 

Via Marco Papio 15 
00175 Roma, Italy 
Phone/Fax: +39 06 4542540 

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Any donation helps but if you are in a position to sponsor a beautiful little cat in need even for just a couple of months the shelter requests €15 or equivalent per month and they can make it easy for you by automatically charging your credit card at your request..

For more information on this wonderful shelter please check out:



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