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Written by Melanie   
We are happy to send our babies interstate and overseas to the right homes. As it is unlikely that we will actually get to meet potential new interstate or overseas owners we do require some additional information and may have a few questions to ask you. We like to have at least one phone conversation with interstate and overseas buyers before the sale is finalised.
I use a reputable pet transport company to send our kittens interstate.
Below is a Special Price costing to send a kitten from Sydney to Perth....
$150 Flight Cost
Carry box - $59
Delivery to airport - $70
Total Cost = $279
In the past we have sent interstate kittens via Australian Air Express and information on their Pet transport service can be found here: http://www.aae.com.au/services/express_your_pet
You may also choose to contact Qantas or Virgin yourself:
Traveling with Qantas: 
Australian Air Express  www.aae.com.au    Sydney Airport
Cnr Shiers Ave & Fifth Street Mascot NSW 2020 
Office  Tel: 02 9582 1500   Fax: 02 9582 1588 
Customer Service: Tel: 13 12 13

Traveling with Virgin Blue:

Virgin Blue Freight:: www.virginblue.com.au

Sydney Office: (02) 9770 9478 . Eleventh Street, Mascot Airport 
An example of AAE's costs is as follows:
1 kitten (1kg) + a 3kg carry box from Sydney to Mackay - $143. The cost of transport is partially based on the dimensions of the carrybox.
You will also need to purchase or hire a crate/carry box. We have a huge range of suitable carry boxes available from about $36. 
If you decided to use a pet transport service to pick the kitten up from us and deliver to the airport there are a number of companies that offer this service such as:
Porters for Pets - Pet Taxi Service -   0417 374 848. http://www.porters4pets.com.au/ 
The cost of pickup and delivery with this sevice would be approximately $135
Alternatively we may be able to deliver to the AAE ourselves and we charge $70 for this service and have selected days and times that this can be arranged for. 
You will need to arrange pickup from the arrival destination.
Example of total costs:
Sydney to Mackay flight - $143
Carry box - $59
Delivery to airport - $70
Minimum Total Interstate Transport Costs to Mackay - $272
In May 2011 I sent 2 kittens in the one carry box to Melbourne and the costs were as follows:
Sydney to Melbourne flight - $120
Carry box - $59
Delivery to airport - $70 
Minimum Total Transport Costs to Melbourne.- $249
Due to having 2 unfortunate experiences with Overseas clients we will now be requiring a AU $500 upfront deposit to join our waiting list.
In both these recent experiences (2 kittens going together to the same homes) there had been hours of communications, photos sent and vet checks done specifically around quarantine requirements with travel plans underway to only have the client have a change in circumstances at the final hour. While I appreciate cirmstances change (people get notice they might have to move and family members can become unwell etc like in these two circumstances) I need to be conscious of my time investment and expenses which in both these cases left me considerably out of pocket and holding onto kittens after they were ready to go as I then had to find new homes and give those people enough time to rearrange their schedules and have a couple of days off with the kittens, put together the funds and prepare the basic items required to welcome new kittens into their home.
I sent 2 Kitten to Hong Kong in 2018 and including the cost of the TWO Kittens, the AQUIS/Quarantine requirements and Rabies Vaccinations, Transport, Airline aproved carry box the cost totalled about AU$4000.
Q: How well do the kittens travel by air and do they arrive stressed out?
A: We have sent many kittens interstate and overseas and have never had any problems in doing so.
I use a vet that is about half and hour from my house and the kittens usually go to the vet at least twice before going to their new homes so are familiar with travelling in a carry box by the time they leave us. We also leave carry boxes in our kitten room so that the kittens are familir with them anyway.
Obviously leaving mum and litter mates is always a little stressful but in our experience the kittens settle into new interstate/O.S homes in about the same timeframe as those kittens that go to local homes. 
In cases where two kittens are going together the kittens travel so well together as they have a little buddy to go through the experience with.  
We ensure that the kittens are made as comfortable as possible for their flight and spend the least amount of time possible in transit. 
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