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Written by Melanie   




Additional Reading and suggestions.


Here we answer all these questions so that you can make the best decisions for your family and your circumstances. 


Can you work full time and own a Burmese Cat?

A: This is a very personal situation and my answer varies from person to person and family to family depending on individual circumstances such as the size of the family and the time spent at home.
If you are a single person or a couple who work long hours and spend a lot of time away from home most days of the week you will need to condsider if one Burmese on its own is right for you. In this situation I would strongly suggest you consider getting two kittens or a puppy and a kitten especially if you are buying a Burmese or another breed of cat that requires lots of attention and is naturally very affectionate.
Burmese are so people orientated and love companionship that if left alone for long periods they can occasionally develop some naughty little behavior traits. Obviously if there are two kittens to keep each other company this is much less likely to happen. 
You may choose to get one Burmese and one cat of another breed or Two Burmese. Either way both cats will still require lots of pats and cuddles but thats the whole point of owning a beautiful Burmese – you are getting dog in a cats body.
If you or someone in your household is home most of the time or at least for extended periods most days of the week one Burmese/cat should be fine on its own. You may still like to consider getting two kittens in the event that your circumstances change in the future. It is always easier to introduce two young cats than it is to introduce a new kitten to an adult cat that is used to being on its own. (SEE ADDITIONAL READING SECTION BELOW FOR FURTHER INFO)


Q:What will my kitten require while I am at work? 

A: Firstly you will need to read the "How do I keep my cat entertained while I am at work?" section below. In addition to that, initially a kitten will usually require about 3 or 4 small meals a day. This can still be supplied by working people by giving one feed first thing in the morning and then leaving another feed out just before you leave for work. You can then feed again when you return from work and/or before going to bed. Your kitten/cat needs access to Fresh water 24 hours a day without exception. We usually recommend you have 2 or 3 bowls of water in case one is finished and you don't notice or in the event the kitten knocks or spills a bowl while you are out. (SEE ADDITIONAL READING SECTION BELOW FOR FURTHER INFO)


Q: How do I keep my cat entertained while I am at work?

A: Being a small but relatively active breed it is important that you provide plenty of entertainment. Spend time playing with your cat/s every day especially if you are away from home for extended periods. Provide toys that you rotate regularly. They don't need to be expesive and even cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, paper bags and Coke bottle lids can provide hours of entertainment. Endurance toys such as Treat Balls filled with dried fish, small squares of cheese or dried beef/liver treats are also a great idea to keep your cat/s entertained when you are out.

Ensure you have a multi leveled scratching post. It doesn't have to be huge but two or three levels will not only save your furniture but it will give your cat/s much needed exercise. Something as simple as the below is fine and won't take up too much room. For futher examples please go to "My Store" and click on "Scratching Poles".


Be aware of windows without flyscreens and balconies. Cats can and will explore everything. I have heard horrific stories of people letting their apartment cats out onto balconies only to have the cat chase a bird or butterfly and fall off. We offer Suchi Customers special discounts from the SYDNEY BLINDS & SCREENS range. To arrange a free measure and quote please email us for further information. (SEE ADDITIONAL READING SECTION BELOW FOR FURTHER INFO)


Additional Reading: 



Do you feel bad when you have to leave your cat home alone?  Many people do.  It's only natural.  But life goes on and we must go along with it.

It's a busy world.  And like most of us, you've got places to go, things to do and people to see.  Whether you're off to work, school or shopping, or out for a nice dinner and a movie, chances are you spend a lot of time away from home.  And much of the time, your cat cannot come along.

Cats have very little to occupy their time while you're gone.  (We're their entertainment.) Some cats seem content to nap away their day while you're away.  Other cats have a much harder time coping with the situation when they're home all alone.  These cats can suffer from boredom, stress or separation anxiety.

So how do you know if your cat is unhappy about being left alone?  

With some cats it's obvious.  They may vomit while you're gone.  There may be signs of inappropriate elimination - some will practice urine marking while others urinate or defecate in the house.  Some cats become almost anorexic.  Others groom themselves incessantly to calm their nerves.  Many cats will sulk, hide, slink away from you or appear depressed.  Some cats vocalize their dissatisfaction by crying, moaning or loudly meowing right after you leave the house.  (You might want to set up a tape recorder while you're gone to see if this happens to your cat.)

If your cat is bored, anxious, depressed or destructive while you're away, "environmental enrichment" can help.  When you give your cat plenty of fun things to do and see, his unhappy time alone can be transformed into a very satisfying day.  Here are some suggestions:

• Invest in a good cat tree and position it near a window with a good view
• Leave plenty of fun toys for your cat to enjoy while you're gone (like a good catnip toy) 
• Tire him out with some active play before you go
• Try something that will really hold his interest, like the
Cat Sitter DVD

DVD - Cat 

If you haven't seen the Cat Sitter DVD yet, you really must check it out.  It's been featured on The Ellen Show and in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and (US) Cat Fancy.  Once you see it, you will understand what all of the buzz is about.  This DVD is amazing!  It was made especially for cats, to entertain them for hours on end while you're away.  It features lots of animals (mice, fish, birds, squirrels, butterflies and more) outside in their natural environment.  Your cat will think he's outside with his new friends joining in the fun. 

Cats just love this DVD.  It keeps them actively entertained for hours on end.  And once you find out which tracks are your cat's favorites, you can even personalize his viewing adventure using the continuous loop scene selection feature.

When your cat is stuck inside all alone, the Cat Sitter DVD can bring the outside world in.  Lots of people swear by it, and I can certainly see why.  My staff and I tried it on our own kitties and they were simply GLUED to the TV set!


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