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Written by Melanie   

If you have purchased a SUCHI BURMESE kitten or have paid the waiting list fee and are currently on our waiting list you are NOT required to pay any consultation fees for phone or email consultations. We will happily go through with you in detail any questions you have regarding the health and welfare of your Suchi Burmese.

If you are a member of the general public and you have questions about a cat or a kitten you have purchased elsewhere or are considering purchasing from another facility we would be happy to discuss and send through any relevant information on the topic in question and there is a charge of $15 for an email fee or $35 per half hour for a phone consultation. Phone consult clients will also be sent through relevant information and links via email at no additional charge. 

We have access to professionals including vets, other behaviour specialists and breeders and between us all we can usually answer any behaviour and welfare questions you may have. If you are concerned about the health of your cat or kitten please seek immediate vet attention.

For Sydney based clients we can also offer an in-home consultation and can work with you on an ongoing basis to work through behaviour and personality issues you may be having with your cat. 

Please EMAIL us your question and inculde a contact name and number and we will respond the following business day after your consultation fee has cleared.


MESSAGE FROM A HAPPY PHONE CONSULT CLIENT -  1 hour Phone consult and additional information was emailed through.

Problems regarding 2 NON SUCHI BURMESE CATS:


Hi Melanie,

Thank you so VERY MUCH for talking to me last night. I feel so much more assured that we're on the right track with Tashi (8) and Zorba (5.5 months).

I am very grateful to you for your advice on their behaviour and diet. I'm less stressed because of it and I'm sure they sense that. 

Thanks for your time last night. You have no idea how much it means to get some support. 

Thanks again and have a lovely day. 

Warm regards,



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