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Written by Melanie   

1. Exciting NEW celebrity coming soon.

2. Kitty Flanagan - Comedian/Writer/TV Personality 

3. John Stanley - Radio/TV Personality and Journalist, and his wife Elissa Milne - Musician and Author. 

4. Dr William Mayo - Pride of Australia Award Winner, Author and responsible for introducing Australian Tee Tree oil to the world.



1. Exciting NEW celebrity coming soon.




Check back here soon  - our newest Celebrity Burmese owner.


2.  Kitty Flanagan - Comedian/Writer/TV Personality 


Kitty's Thoughts on her Suchi Burmese:

Via Sms 23/1/2011: (Sarge - Chocolate Male) "is home and having a lovely time. Doesn't seem traumatised (by car trip home) at all! And He's sooo affectionate! Thanks so much for going above and beyond with Kitten delivery and Roadside assistance! Will keep you up to date. Thanks again, He's gorgeous!" - Andrew Holland & Kitty Flanagan 

 Via Email: 28th January 2011 - "He's so absolutely adorable, I just love him to pieces!"  - Kitty Flanagan

Via email on the 7/2/11: "Hi Melanie, Sarge seems really well. Couple of nice firm deposits each day in the litterbox.  And he coped with the heat like a trooper. He's eating well which is great. His confidence is insane, he'll jump up onto and OFF anything and he loves everyone. Never runs off to hide, always willing to "perform". He's just lovely." - Kitty Flanagan 


Via email on the 15th Feb 2011: Hi Melanie, Just to let you know that Sarge is doing extremely well. I've booked him in over at Seaforth (vet) to have his second vaccination on thursday and everything's been going really well. He has an enormous appetite and has pretty much doubled in size since we took him home. 

We also thought you might like to see this photo...to show you that whatever you're doing over there in St Ives, you're certainly  producing what we call proper little "EWAK"s. (Extremely Well Adjusted Kittens) This is Sarge "reclining" on Andrew's teenage daughter...after knowing her for - ooh I'd say - about half an hour! Not exactly a shrinking violet our Sarge.

Cheers, Kitty

Here's Sarge on one of his many "human banana lounges




3. John Stanley - Radio/TV Personality and Journalist and his wife Elissa Milne - Musician and Author.


Listen in to John Stanley on 2UE and check out his pages on the 2UE website here John Stanley on 2UE 

Elissa's entertaining blog can be viewed Here- a must for anyone with musical interests.

 4. Dr William Mayo


Dr William Mayo is the owner of Polly a beautiful lilac Suchi Burmese girl!

I was privileged to meet Dr Mayo and be invited into his lovely home on Sydney's nothern beaches. Dr Mayo recently won the Pride of Australia Award and introduced Australian Tee Tree oil to the world. He has published many books and has been affiliated with United Nations, UNESCO and other wonderful orginations and environmental causes so it was a real honor to meet such a wonderful man that has done so much for the world and Australia.
Polly seemed to settle right in and after a bit of exploring she had a bite to eat and used her litter tray all within the first hour. Dr Mayo is clearly an animal lover and was very excited abut Polly's arrival which was just lovely. I think Polly and Dr Mayo will become quite a pair and will enjoy each others company. 






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