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Written by Melanie   

If you are considering taking in a Adult Burmese there are a lot of things to think about...


Firstly, Congratulations on offering a Burmese in need a loving home. Given a bit of TIME you will be rewarded. Burmese are such a loving breed and once he/she has settled in they will love your company and become a special part of the family.

There are a LOT of advantages to taking in an ADULT burmese...

1. COST: you would likely receive a cat that has already been desexed, fully vaccinated, litter trained for substatnially less that what you would pay for a kitten that isn't fully vaccinated or desexed.

2. MATURITY: A mature cat would likely have grown out of what I call "the Naughty" kitten destructo period" :).. Some basic training can be implimented to break any bad habits.

3. TIME: An adult bumese won't require the time and effort to train that a kitten would require.

4. SOCIETY: By taking in an Adult Burmese you are helping to possibly save a life and reducing the impact of yet "another" cat on the Rescue organisations and cat shelters. 



All good things take time and patience. Please understand that the cat you are taking on has likely come from a home that they have been familiar with for many, many years. They aren't just going to walk into your house and make themselves at home. They will likley HIDE and CRY/MEOW for a number of days. This will calm down given time and patience. Lots of gentle talking, encouragement, slow movements towards the cat and when ready pats and cuddles will reassure a stressed feline that you are a loving owner that will offer them a loving home. 

Even kittens will cry (especially at night) and an Adult cat will likely do exactly the same. It may be distressing at first as it is often very loud. THIS IS QUITE NORMAL!  

Just like a kitten will cry for its mother for a few days an adult cat may cry out for his or her owner. If you are not in a position to be able to deal with some meowing/crying or possible signs of stress in the initial adjustment period DON'T OFFER A CAT A HOME. As I said in the paragraph above...most signs of streess and anxiety will calm down over time.

You need to be prepared for a period of unsettled behaviour. The cat may seem scared of you initially and some cats may occassionally even hiss. This doesn NOT necessarily mean that the cat is bad natured or aggressive. They are just terrified and don't understand what is happening. Please have some patience and understanding they don't understand what is going on and why they have been pulled from all they know and dumped into strange and stressful circumstances. 

Where possible try to make things as familiar as possible - If you can offer the cat the same food (wet and dry) that they are familiar with that is a really good start. Even if the cat is on a poor quality diet keep it the same for a few weeks and once he/she has settled in you can slowly introduce a better quality diet.

Hopefully something the cat is familiar with has been provided such as a bed, scratching post, carry box that will all help  - Scent is everything to a cat and will make them feel environmentally secure. 

Sometimes the cats we have taken in have been somewhat neglected of the attention that a Burmese requires. This can be for a variety of reasons including illness, death, change or circumstance or life has gotten busy for the cats origional owners. Therefore attention seeking behaviour can develop in a variety or undesirable forms. If you notice any undesirable behaviour traits please read the Naughty Kitty Tab under the FAQ menu on our website. 

If you are introducing this new cat into a home with another resident cat or cats please take it slowly. Lots of positive introductions will be required. Start with short occasional meetings and extend the frequency and duration over a period of days/weeks. If you need some further advice or assistance with this please just ask us. Some cats that struggle with this process and show signs of anxiety or stress may benefit from some other products such as Feliway or medications that may help to calm their nerves.  I have a lot of experience with this and I am happy to work with you on this to ensure the best possible outcome. 

If the cat has come from a Multi-cat home you may be better off getting 2 cats if possible especially if they are already familiar with one another. This will make settling in much easier and less traumatic as they will have a companion that they are familiar with to be there with them.

If you are taking in a cat that has been an INDOOR CAT (which is certainly the way burmese should be kept) PLEASE ensure you keep the cat indoors also and only let outside if confined to a secure enclosure (eg. Kittywalk or Similar). If the cat you are offering a home to has been allowed outside in the past then I it will probably be necessary to offer a Run/Kittywalk collapsable enclosure to ensure the safety of your new family member and to keep the bills down. Cats should NOT be allowed to roam freely!  

Where possible I would recommend you take some time off work when you first take the cat home. How long it takes for a cat to settle in to a new environment will depend on the environment the cat has come from and their individual PURRsonality/nature. In the event you are taking 2 cats that are familiar with one another you will probably find they settle in very quickly indeed and just spending a day or two at home with them is all that is required. A single cat on its own may take a little longer so please be prepared to be around.

Remember a few days or a week or two of your time is a short period when you consider that you are likely to have the cat/s for many, many years. The more you can be around initally the quicker they are likely to adjust and be confident in their new environment. If you put the time and effort in initially you will be rewarded.

If you have purchased the cat through us we can help and advise you further. 

















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