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How 2 make Ouside cat be Inside PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melanie   

Have you ever wondered if your indoor cat would rather be outdoors?

Many cat owners keep their cat indoors their whole life - and on average, these cats live twice as long. Others allow their cat to move around freely, spending some of their time inside and some outdoors.

How you can make your cat happy to live indoors?

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to enrich your cat's environment. Here are my top 5 ways to make an indoor cat happy.

1. Refuges - Many cats love to rest in places they feel safe. It can be as simple as hiding in a cardboard box or underneath a low-hanging bed. It makes the cat feel safe and secure to be able to curl up comfortably and easily scan the surrounding area for potential predators or prey at the same time.

2. Perches - Cats love perches. It can be a cat tree or a spot in your house that is high off the ground. Experts say cats need at least 500 square feet to themselves to overcome behavior issues and they can gain a lot of room by simply going vertical. From a high place, cats feel secure because they can watch everything that is going on.

3. Scratching stimulation - Whether or not your cat is declawed, cats still have a scratching instinct. Scratching not only sharpens their claws (if they have them), but it also helps them stretch and leave their scent on objects they believe are in their 'territory'. A scratching post is a much better place to scratch than your furniture.

4. Play - Cats are natural hunters.  And to them, playtime is a practice session for hunting. Picking the right toys to exercise their natural hunting instincts will greatly increase their love for their indoor environment, especially if the toys remind them of stalking prey they would naturally hunt in the wild.

5.  Visual stimulation - Give your cat a nice comfy spot where he can watch the outside world through a big window or glass door with a great view. A nice window bed will help your cat reconnect with the outside world and feel more satisfied in with his indoor life.

Making your cat's indoor environment more comfortable will make your house much more enjoyable for both you and your kitty.

One of my favorite ways to enrich your home is with a Sunny Seat Cat Bed. This is probably the coolest thing I've seen in quite a while. 

Sunny seat 2

Sunny Seat attaches right to your glass door or window with four super-large industrial suction cups that will securely hold up to 50 lbs. Your cat can soak up some sun, enjoy a great outdoor view, and stay up high where he will feel safe and happy. A good cat bed like this one can really improve your cat's mental health and quality of life. 

My friend bought a Sunny Seat for her cat. For the longest time her cat just totally ignored it. Then one day she jumped up into the bed and she absolutely fell in love with it. Now it's her favorite spot in the house.

I hope these tips will bring your indoor cat plenty of enjoyment and makes them much safer.

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