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Written by Melanie   

September 2013: Janelle and Peter said...

"They're making our house their home very nicely! Thank you again. They're more beautiful in looks & temperament than I could have imagined!

We are in love!

Well Basil is a real character! He's a very cheeky kitten & very affectionate. He loves to be held & cuddled. Bonnie spent all night on my lap snuggled up last night. She's just beautiful. They're eating heaps! I now have more pictures of our kittens on my phone than our children, so it's safe to say we are in love with our fury babies!"
September 2013: Megan Said....

"Hi Melanie, just wanted to let you know that Molly has settled in perfectly. She has had a huge first week, as we have had multiple family birthdays and lots of people about. She has been absolutely perfect, she has the most beautiful personality, I have already had 2 families contact me to find our where I got her.



September 2013: Jenny Jeffress who purchased 2 kittens (Brown Tortie Girl and Red Boy) shared..

Today couldn't have gone better.... the kittens meowed a bit in the car but by the time we got home they were sleeping :-)

Once home they hit the ground running.... playtime in a BIG WAY :-) :-) :-) They have only just gone to sleep, they played and played stopped for some brief rests, cuddles and scratches then back to playing..... such happy little kittens. 

They have both eaten heaps :-)  They seem really, really happy.... :-) 

They both love a cuddle and purr a lot, especially that Norman... he is a purr machine :-) 

Thanks for making such great kittens Melanie,  They are very special. 
.... they are amazing... I'm completely besotted :-) 

Will update again soon :-)



Hi Melanie,

Ninja had a great first night with us. Much exploring at first of course, but settling very quickly. He is so affectionate- the whole family has had lots of purring and cuddles. 
Three small meals eaten and many trips to the litter, one normal poo this morning hurray! 
Couldn't contain him too well last night- we tried the downstairs bathroom but oh the howls of dismay! So the litter got moved to our ensuite and Ninja slept on our bed- he knows how to get what he needs!!!
We are all delighted with him, he is so lovely and so well trained already. Will keep you posted as he further settles,

Liz P

Picked up a Blue Boy in JULY 2013 


HI Melanie,

Just a quick email to let you know that Oscar has settled in very well and an absolute delight.  Oscar hasn’t stopped purring, since he arrived which must mean that he’s enjoying his new home and surroundings.


He has a healthy appetite and  is going to the toilet properly.   Oscar loves his scratching pole which has serves several purposes, ie, sleeping, playing and scratching.


Have logged in with the username and password.   I was contemplating buying a book on Burmese cats but your website, really is a one stop, site jammed packed with useful information and interesting articles.


Thanks again, and if get more time next weekend, I’ll email some photos.





Picked up Oscar  - Male Kitten -  April 2012 


Sandy purchased Scout (brown from us back in Mid 2010 and then returned for another little bundle of Suchi Burmese Joy in early 2011 -


Hi Mel,

Well the girls seem to have settled in very nicely! Scout is taking the mother role - never lets Piper out of her sight even if it's just tilting her head to see where she's going. 
Piper's used the litter box and scoffed down her breakfast - and proved you right, she moved on to Scout's! Scout then reclaimed her bowl and finished off her own IAMS bfast - meat and gravy (normally it's just the gravy)! Fingers crossed...
Have to say a very big thankyou - I left for work and they were both on my bed, Scout grooming Piper. Couldn't have been less fazed about me going to work. It's better than I could have hoped for. 
So cute!
Sandy x  

Sandy sent me the attached image withe the caption: "Couldn't have cared less when I went to work!" 



Received via email in November 2011 

Cosmo is well and truly settled into the family. He has worked out how to
open the bathroom door, and sleeps with Mitch in his bed.  He is wonderful
and has become king of the house!

As you can see by the pic...he always finds the sun and the most
comfortable spot.

Thanks Trish


Received via email after purchasing 2nd Suchi Burmese: 

Hi Mel,

Honey had  a good  night  last night  and seems  to  have  settled very  nicely.

Yesterday  she decided to hide  on us see if you can find her in the photo…… oh  she likes to  climb on Jo  as  well.







Via email 8.1.12:


Hi Melanie, 

It is amazing how fast the kittens have settled into our home. They are providing much entertainment with their exploration and antics. They especially love chasing the laser light around the room. This morning I found Mima, Chooch and Rob enjoying cuddles and rubs together. 

They didn't need much help finding the litter box and kept going in periodically through the night. This morning I found two small solid masses.  I cleaned out the tray so they could start all over again. 

Mima and Chooch are also eating very well.

Regards Mark and Rob.




Received by sms on the 7th Jan 2012 - 


"Good Morning Melanie, Guess who has made herself very much at home? Bindi has had a great run this morning and a slide across across the tiles lol. She is eating well and using her litter tray. She slept well last night and was awake and ready to play at 6am. She has the best litter purr that doesn't seem to have an off switch lol. Thanks for our beautiful little Bindi. Celia and Bradford T."





Via email January 2012-


Hi Melanie,

Just thought I'd drop you a quick email and let you know my little man is doing wonderfully! He is just so perfect and has completely taken over my life. He has such a beautiful nature and I can't thank you enough for raising such an adorable kitten. We've had no dramas and the vet was very happy with his progress after his final vaccination start of last month. He's also half way through the litter kwitter training and seems to be doing fine with some added Greenies encouragement. Sorry I haven't updated you sooner but the time has just flown!

Thank you again :)

Justine A 




Hello Melanie ,
I wanted to let you know how great Kimba is going , it hasn't even been 24 hours since getting him to his new home , and he is eating well , he has done firm pooies, he is so friendly and affectionate, and talk about confident with 1/2 hour of settling him in his new room, he had mastered his 5 tier play gym, romped all over his queen size bed playing in and out of the pillows ...he has boundless energy and that little purr mechanism to hear that is very satisfying, please don't worry about him, he is in good hands and we love him very much, you deserve to be so proud of him, he is quite the ambassador for Suchi Burmese .
I will post some photos of him soon ,
Thankyou Kay and Kimba and Tony.




Received in November 2012.

I love this update as Monty was (and clearly still is) a very special little cat... He was born with a broken leg (Birth trauma) and I was going to keep him due to the fact that I didn't know if this was going to cause problems later on down the track. One front leg just pointed slightly off to one side...it looked quite Posh actually! He wasn't for sale when Louise and Rob came to meet my cats and kittens back in 2005 but they fell in love with him and persisted in (nicely) pestering me about taking him  :) ... obviously it worked as I finally gave in knowing they would offer Monty a lovely home and deal with any issue that did arrise with his little leg. As you can read from the below Monty is in a wonderful home and his leg is going stong without complication at this stage which is wonderful news! Thanks for the update and for being such good "Parents".


Hi Melanie

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to update you on Monte, the little cherub with the broken leg we "adopted" in 2005.

Well Monte has been the light of our lives now for 7 years (hard to believe!) and is still as PURRfect as ever. He greets us at the front door as we get home, "talks" all the time, and still licks like a puppy when happy.

We are now moving interstate so Little Monte (or as we often fondly call him - Mo) will be a country (indoor) cat! He remains the mutual love of our life and we recall fondly our first meeting in your lounge room when the independent little guy promptly trotted away, his little leg flying out the side! We knew in that instant that he was for us! 

Monte is our joy, he is still so much fun & playful as ever. Super playful with Rob and a real cuddle-cat for me. He is my "guard-cat" when I am home alone. I must say he has the shiniest coat I have ever seen and has a very discerning palate - which matches his "parents"!

Hope all is well with you, the kitties and your family,

Kind Regards,

Louise R 

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