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Written by Melanie   


Exciting News... Lots happening here at Suchi HQ.   

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT have any kittens available for sale. Our current litters are SOLD to people on our waiting list. If you are interested in purchasing a kitten from a future litter please go to the FAQ's Tab and select BUYING A SUCHI BURMESE from the drop down options to find out more. 



27th November 2012 

Honestly I just can't keep up... I have so much to say and I seem to be getting further and further behind....

I just realised that I have had so much to tell you in my last few posts I havent even told you about our NEW ARRIVALS! How terrible it that? I don't know that they are even that "NEW" anymore!

I had better share a photo of them so you can all get your fix.... 


I have been also meaning to thank a Very Special person on here for quite sometime and it is very rare that I actually recommend another business or product but I am going to do so now.... Dr Matt McLennan from  Normanhurst Vet Practice has been one of the most professional and genuinely caring vets I have come across..and trust me I have dealt with Many, Many vets over the years!  Dr Matt recently came to the rescue with my 3 year olds pet cat LOLLY when we were away on a brief holiday.  Lolly became extremely unwell while staying with friends of ours with what was believed to be an unusual allergic reaction and Dr Matt went totally above and beyond in ensuring Lolly had the best possible care. Lolly even spent the majority of our time away having a holiday of her own at Dr Matt's family home just so that he could keep an extra special eye on her. She is now 100% and she owes her life to Dr Matt. My 3 year old would have been abvolutely devastated if anything ever happend to His Lolly!

Dr Matt even gave Lolly her 5 minutes of fame when she featured in the Local paper. Here is the online Clip from the paper...  

I can and do Highly recommend Normanhurst Vet Practice  to anyone needing a vet anywhere on the North Shore and surrounding areas. Dr Matt is also a 24 hour EMERGENCY Vet and MOBILE Vet. Dr Matt services a huge area of Sydney's North from Mt Kuring-gai, Berowra, St Ives, Killara, Epping, West Pennant Hills, Rogans Hill, Cherrybrook, Westleigh and Hornsby Heights which will be beneficial for a huge portion of our clients. 

I am now winding down our kitten side of things for the Christmas period as we prepare for the School Holiday Christmas Boarding Maddness. 

My door bell has just rung so I had better run for now but will be back again soon to hopfully actually catch up on all the news prior to the end of year. Hope you are all enjoying the early start to summer.



20th November 2012

Time for another quick update I think :)

We have had some GREAT news this week. We received our results back from the U.S.A and I can now confirm ALL our current breeding cats are negative for the H.K Gene which is fantastic. We have also had ALL our breeding cats routinely blood tested for FLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and all are negative (as expected) for that also which is fantastic.

I received a lovely update from Sharee who now owns Annie (Chocolate) and Prue (Brown Tortie) - two of our retired breeding girls. We have been monitoring Prue's weight as she is now heading towards being a "curvy" Burmese and has a tendancy to over indulge herself at meal times and help her self to Annies bowl as soon as she has finished her own serving often pushing the smaller Annie out of the way. Sharee shared the folling story which made me giggle so I thought I would share it with all of you...

"Prue is being fed in the laundry and not allowed out until Annie finishes eating.  Prue is like a hoover while Annie picks daintily at her biscuits chewing one at a time.  When Annie has finished she goes to the laundry door and sits there so I know that Prue can come out.  Prue races out at top speed (sometimes over the top if Annie!) and skids to a stop in front of Annie's bowl and eats any left overs. This meal-time ritual amuses everyone! Annie is so caring, going over to the laundry door so Prue can come out but nothing gets between Prue and her bikkies.  It is also so funny if Annie has eaten everything - Prue just stands there staring into the bowl not quite understanding that there are no leftovers for her! :)"

I really appreciate that Sharee has kept in touch regularly since taking the girls into her home. We miss our retired breeding cats and it is so lovely to hear updates and progress reports.  Sharee shared this photo of Prue giving Annie a cuddle. Lovely to see the girls looking so well and knowing they are so loved.

We are now contacting potential new owners of our current litter of kittens and we expect that these little guys will be ready just in time for Christmas. It looks like at least one kitten from the litter will be going interstate to a loving home that has waited patiently to be offered one of our precious kittens. 

Well I had better run but more news soon... I promise.


14th November 2012 

Well the cloud cover in Sydney blocked my view of the Solor eclipse this morning which was very disappointing... hopefully some of you that live interstate or outside of Sydney got a glimpse. 

I am struggling to keep up with all the news I have to share....I have a few quick minutes to share a couple of things that I know will bring a smile to your face.

Polly has found a wonderful home with a very special man and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Dr William Mayo has offered Polly a beautiful home and is spoiling her rotten already! I was privileged to meet Dr Mayo and be invited into his lovely home on Sydney's nothern beaches. Dr Mayo recently won the Pride of Australia Award and introduced Australian Tee Tre oil to the world. He has published many books and has been affiliated with United Nations , UNESCO and other wonderful orginations and environmental causes so it was a real honor to meet such a wonderful man that has done so much for the world and Australia.

Polly seemed to settle right in and after a bit of exploring she had a bite to eat and used her litter tray all within the first hour. Dr Mayo is clearly an animal lover and was very excited abut Polly's arrival which was just lovely. I am looking forward to having Polly back for a little holiday in a few weeks time when Dr Mayo has to duck away for the weekend so I will try to remember to give you an update on her then. A wonderful result and is nice to see Polly find such a lovely home and for Dr Mayo to have some company and companionship which I am sure Polly will be willing to offer.

As promised here is a photo of 4 kittens we have here at the moment. This photo is a little out of date now so I will have to get organised to get some more current ones.


In more news... over the past 3 or so weeks I have been taking all our current breeding cats to the vet for the blood tests to ensure all our cats are FIV and FLV negative and the results are all as we wished and hoped for which is wonderful.

We have send the last of our Swabs of to UCLA Davis in the USA for testing for H.K (also known as Familial Episodic Hypokalaemic Polymyopathy)

The testing for H.K is only new so many responsible breeders are now sending off required documentation and samples for testing to ensure that kittens produced will be healthy and to hopefully eleminate the gene altogether in the future. 

For those of you that don't know Hypokalaemia has been a problem in the Burmese and other breeds over the years. In short...

H.K is a recessive genetic defect characterized by episodes of low serum potassium levels and high CPK (creatine phosphate kinase, an enzyme that indicates muscle damage). Clinical signs include episodes of skeletal muscle weakness which can affect the whole animal or may be restricted to certain muscles. This is most obvious in the neck muscles, but sometimes occurs in just the limbs. As a result affected cats may show problems with walking and holding their head correctly. The disease is not typically fatal and affected cats usually can be managed by adding potassium supplements to their diet. For specifics on management of this condition, owners are urged to consult with their veterinarian. 

If a cat is a carrier of H.K that in itself is not problematic. The problems occur when a cat carrying the gene is mated to another cat Carying the gene which will result in kittens that actually are HK positive and therefore will actually have the above metnioned symptoms and potentially have to be on medication for the rest of their lives. Being a recessive gene if a carrier is put to a non carrier the kittens can only be carriers and will not actually be affectied by the condition. Ideally it would be nice to compeletely eliminate the gene altogether and this is achievable by ultimately breeding out the gene.

We have had two cats tested so far - our Stud boy Solor and Tilly (A.R.M) and both these cats have returned a NEGATIVE result which is wonderful. Consequently there is no need for us to test their daughter Sativa as neither parent is a carrier so it is impossible for her to carry the gene. 

We have now sent of the swabs for Indica, Zinnia and Dreamer which is the last of our current breeding cats that need to be tested. As we have never had a case of H.K that I am aware of I am not overly concerned but I do think we need to be sure so that all precautions can be taken in the future to ensure that we do responsible matinging in the future and that all our kittens will be healthy and symptomatically H.K Free.


6th November 2012

I have soooooo much to share so this may be quite a big post... I will see how far I get. Some of my news may just have to wait till next time we will see how I go....

Firstly I have a special call out to make... We have a lovely 3 year old Lilac Burmese girl by the name of Polly who is now ready for a patient and loving new home.


This beautiful desexed girl has a sad history of abuse and used to react to people according to this history.

After a loving break here with us in rehab she is now a different cat. She is now affectionate and loves to be patted and is ready for a new chance in a home that is going to love her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

She is up to date with her vaccinations and vet checks and has been wormed and flea treated.

She would suit an experienced cat home with Empty nesters, a couple or single middle aged person or a home with older High school or Uni students. Young Childen are not suitable because of her history.

Polly loves her food and is not a fussy eater. Polly will come with basics to get the new owner started including Wet and Dry food, Litter, Tray and Carry box. All her vet history will be provided to the new owners.

Please contact us for further information.

In More exciting news...

THE HEPPER POD BEDS HAVE ARRIVED! They are available now and are super cool...Suchi Burmese resident cats approve!



Finally... Our favourite Comedian, Kitty Flanagan, was a hoot last Tuesday night on 'THE PROJECT'. We especially loved that the Halloween segment featured our Famous Mascot Sarge. I do have some concerns about Kitty's mental stability though when I look at her eyes in this photo...She plays the part just a little too well! WEIRDO! 

The short clip and the full segment video can be viewed below.

Short Clip  

Full Segment

Well I had better leave the rest of the Big news till next time as I have some litter trays that need some attention and hungry cats to feed...

I will post again soon. 


20th October 2012 

Went to Kitty Flanagan's live show tonight at Enmore thestre. It was a great show and there were some good belly laughs. The handsome Sarge gets a mentione and he clearly is a special part of Kitty's life which is lovely.

As promised there is some big news.... More Kittens! We had a lovely litter born recently. Genetically the litter can only contain Chocolate and Lilacs but we won't know exactly what we have for a few more weeks. I promise I will post some photos soon. 

15th October 2012 

Well I have lots of news but some of it is just going to have to wait till next time.... I like to keep you all is suspense! Haaa haa.... But I just had to do a super quick post to give you a sneak peal of the photos AUREALI from  Little Toad Photography  took of some of our current babies here at Suchi HQ. Aren't they jusst adorable photos???  

Aurelie offers to email directly 2 or 3 professional photos of the kitten our customer will be recieving for just $10. This is an amazing price and some of the photos she produces are just beautiful and really show off the PURRsonality and features of the kittens beautifully. We had a couple of customers request this to be included in their package and when I saw the shots Aurelie produced I just couldn't resist to share a couple of them with you all.

I have a million and one things on my list of things to do today so I have to run but I hope these have brightened up your day. Thanks Aurelie!


8th October 2012 

Being an overcast Monday I thought I would cheer you all up with a couple of kitten photos. These gorgeous Blue Tortie girls are potentially show quality and although their eye colour hasn't come through yet I am expecting it will be great as both Mum and dad have really strong eye colour.


The awareness and therefor the demand for any of the 4 possible/recognised burmese tortie colours (Brown Tortie, Blue Torite, Chocolate tortie and Lilac tortie) is actually surprisingly low so I thought I would spend a couple of minutes letting you all in on how my thoughts on the tortie colours have changed over the years...

Most people are not aware that there are actually the 4 quite different tortie colours available and that the 4 tortie colours are only available as girls as the tortie colouring comes through on a female gene. There is more info on the tortie colouring at the bottom of this page here: Possible Burmese Colours 

The different Tortie colours are determined by the Base colour. For example the Brown Tortie (also known as the Brown Cream) is a Brown coat with the Cream tones throughout. Similarily the Blue tortie (also sometimes called Blue Cream) is a Blue coat with the Cream tones throughout and so on with the Chocolate Tortie and the Lilac Tortie.

The thing that I have really learned to love about the torties is that they really are VERY UNIQUE! You will never see two torties the same. I can go to a cat show with 5 other Blue torties in it and point MY girl out from across the room without hesitation. I can't do that with the solid colours usually. If you go to a cat show with 6 or more Chocolate Adult female cats all of good type you will find that the breeders are constantly looking at cage numbers before attending to a cat so that don't attend to a cat that isn't theirs. The solid colours do tend to look much more uniform comparatively speaking.

I personally wasn't a fan of the tortie coat at first. I felt that they looked like a moggy cat (not that there is anything wrong with a Moggy. I have owned and raised many over the years) but why pay for a Pedigree to get a cat that looks like a Moggy??? But my husband insisted that if I HAD to get yet "ANOTHER" cat it had to be a tortie... his Law! Well I reluctantly gave in and got myself my first tortie and well I fell in love for a number of reasons... Firstly she had so much spunk to her and the Naughty Torti title was well suited to this ball of mischief. Even though I thought she looked a bit Moggy-like (not necessarily a bad thing) she had the Burmese PURRsonality through and through! She was the most easy going, affectionate burmese and produced stunning natured kittens for us for many years up until her retirement. To this day she is still one of the best natured cats I have ever owned.

I am now a bit of a tortie addict and have owned Brown tortie (Pistache), Blue Tortie (Indica, a current breeding queen) and Lilac tortie (Tilly, a current breeding queen). I expect I may have to keep a Chocolate tortie at some point should the right girl come along.  

Well I had better get some work done. Cats are hungry and litter trays to clean!


1st October 2012 

Got to love a public holiday!  Taking the opportunity to do a quick post and keep you all up dated with the goings on here at Suchi HQ.

Our kittens are coming along in leaps and bounds...literally! They will start to head off to their new homes within the next few weeks which is very exciting for the new owners...a little sad for me! :( I miss them but love receiving up dates from all the people that keep in touch. It is nice to know that often people have waited a very long time for one of our babies which helps reassure me of the kind of home they are going to. "Good things come to those who wait!" and I just know that the new owners of these bundles will make wonderful new families and provide the best care possible.

Another litter is due in October and these will be ready to go around Christmas so we are looking forward to that. I can't wait to see what combinations we produce. I will post some photos of them so you can all get a New Born kitten fix. 

I am also hoping to mate one of our gorgeous mums soon in the hope that we can have some babies that will be able to enter the Burmese Show in March 2013. I hope that some of our customers that have purchase kittens from us in the past few months will consider entering some kittens into the Show next year. Young Burmese often take the show in their stride. Older Burmese (especially if they are from single cat homes) often find the shows a little stressful which is no fun for anyone. If you have a kitten from us that will be somewhere between 4 months and 1 year old and are interested in entering the show please let me know so I can fill you in on what is involved.

Well I have some hungry kittens that need feeding so I had better run for now but I will be back again with another post soon.


18th September 2012 

This post will be short and sweet as I must go and make some dinner for the hungry bellies in our house but I just had to share these photos of one of our current babies... this little cream boy just melts my heart.  Is he not adorable???  And his PURRsonality is to match! I must say I just love the softness of the Cream colouring. If my other half would even consider the option of letting me keep ANOTHER kitten he would be staying but as I wish to remain married for a least a little while longer :) I unfortunately cant keep this little guy! :(


We are now opening up our waiting list to people interested in Cream, Chocolate and Red boys AND/OR Brown Tortie, Chocolate Tortie and Cream Girls. We should be able to assist anyone interested in getting a kitten in one of these colours very quickly with the wait for some of these combinations down to 0 - 4 months. 

Well tummies are growling so I must run for now. 


31st August 2012  

We have just returned from a little break away with some good news and some slightly sad news...

To get the sad news out of the way...our lovely girl that we sent to QLD for a mating is not pregnant. We are going to give her a little break before trying again with a different boy.

In good news we have some beautiful little kittens here. They are a few weeks old now and doing really well.

I will add some photos of them to this post in the next 24 hours. At this stage I would suggest we have Chocolate, Blue, Brown and Blue Tortie kittens.  


In more good news the KNOX CANCER FOOTBALL game was a huge Success last Saturday. It raised a lot of money for this wonderful cause and Sally, Lachie and those involved are so thankfull to all those that took part. 

We don't know how much time Lachie has left with us and we are thankful for each and every day that he is here with his family, friends, gorgeous wife and adorable 9 month old daughter. If you feel you are able to donate something to the CHRIS O'BRIEN LIFEHOUSE at RPA  please do so...every single dollar counts and we really apprecaite your donation. Account details are.. ANZ  Name: Lifehouse at RPA  BSB: 012-055  Account: 835795569 Please quote “FB DON- <Surname>” as the reference. Other donation methods can be seen here: CANCER CAUSE .


6th August 2012 

Just a quick update to let you know that our lovely Cream Boy (see below) now has a loving home. A family on our waiting list has come forward and are excited to welcome him into their family! I am so thrilled to know that this stunning show quality boy has such a loving family to dote over him.

Thanks to all of those people that expressed interest in him. We will indeed have more babies soon so if you are on our waiting list and open to colour and sex I expect to help you in the very near future.

5th August 2012 

I figure it is well and truely time for another post and with some very exciting news there is no time like the present....

For the first time in years we actually have an adorable little kitten available for sale! Unfortunately the the family that was taking him have had some extra things arise and are now hoping to get a little kitten from us in November instead. It means that this adorable little guy is now available to a loving indoor home. His MOTHER IS A SILVER DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION and HIS FATHER IS A BRONZE DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION. If you are interested in him please contact us for further information.

In more exciting news. The famous and gorgeous Sarge was on T.V again with equally gorgeous Kitty on The Project (Tuesday 31st July 2012). The segement called Kitty's eye on Sleep included a short vidoe clip which featured Sarge who seems to take life in the lime light in his stride! 


Here is the short clip featuring Sarge  or to view the Full segement click HERE  

Thanks to Sian who owns Sarge's mum for letting us know about this appearance! We love to see our babies looking so good with such promising careers ahead of them! :) 

Well I don't wish to overlaod you so I will leave other news till next time. I will post again soon and I believe that there will be more photos to share! Yay.


18th July 2012

Once again I would like to say a special thank you to those that have come forward with contributions to our  CANCER CAUSE . 

a pet product wholsaler, has now come forward and offered up some fantastic products towards the Pet Hampers I am putting together. Gillian Adams Salon and Spa at Turramurra have also supplied a wonderful day spa treatment package. Sydney Blinds and Screens have offered up $700 worth of product to the highest bidder so that is a wonderful contribution. Obviously we are still open to offers and I would really love to get a nice restaurant to offer up a dinner for 2, maybe a bottle of wine included. If anyone knows a restaurant owner that may be willing to put their hand up please let me know. Anyway it is all very exciting.....

Well school holidays are over so we are now starting to wind down with all the boarding cats that came to visit us over the past couple of weeks.

We have been busy sending the older kittens to their new homes and I wish to say a special thanks to the owners of this litter that have sent me back the most beautiful emails about how their kittens are going and how happy they are with their new additions. We had a slight hickup with a little girl that suffered an injury from the air tube that goes down the throat during desexing to keep them breathing while under anaesthetic but even she seems to be doing better now and her owners have been keeping me updated and it is all looking wonderful. We still have the younger litter here getting up to mischief and they are just too cute...


Well it is past my bed time and if I keep typing I am scared I won't make any sense at all so I will sign off for now and post again soon. 

3rd July 2012  

Time for another quick post....

Firstly I would like to say a really special thank you to those of you that have come forward with your donations for the  CANCER CAUSE  . We have had some lovely contributions including some dog Products contributed by www.valueplus.net.au , a Comedy DVD pack with Tickets to a stand up gig by one of our favourite Comedians :) and sponsorship offers from Westpac Manly and Sydney Blinds and Screens and others. A fantastic effort and we hope to hear from anyone else that thinks they can contribute anything to this cause.

Things have been busy here on the kitten front and I know you are all busting for more kitten photos so bust no more...

One of our lovely girls is looking very pregnant and I am hoping that we will get some nice Chocolate and Brown babies from her. With our beautiful Solor the father there is a chance we may also get Lilac and Blue kittens as well but being recessive genes we will just have to wait and see on that. 

I am also planning to send one of the girls interstate for a romantic getaway to a very handsome boy that I think will make a lovely Romeo for her! He is quite the charmer I believe and I am loving playing Pimp...Haaa haaa..who would have thought that this would be my future!  

I have more news to share with you all soon but it will have to wait till next time as I have some hungry kittens that need feeding so I had better run. Promise to post again soon.


19th June 2012 

I have so much to share and this will be one of the most important posts ever..... I don't ask for help often but I will do so in todays post and I ask ANYONE that can support or help out in some way to contact me directly but there is more on this in a moment....

Firstly some kitten news, photos and updates...

We have been busy and with one girl pregnant and our current babies getting up to endless mischief -  we have been very busy indeed.

Here are some photos of our current babies taken over the past few weeks. They are growing very fast and doing well. I expect to have their final vet checks done in the not too distant future and will then be contacting new owners to come and meet their new family member.


Now back to my request for help and support....

I have now got permission from "John" and "Jane" to reveal their names as part of this post and because we are asking for support. John and Jane are actually Lachlan and Sally Robertson and they have the most adorable little girl Eloise who is now 8 months old. As most of you will be aware John/Lachlan has been diagnosed with Stomach Cancer with secondaries in his liver.

A football game has been organised at St Ives on the Saturday August 25th and is Kicking off at 11.40am.  

This game will raise money for  "Lifehouse at the RPA" and there is more information on this event on the CANCER CAUSE  page under the "MY FRIENDS" tab above or you can just click on the "Cancer Cause" direct link in this paragraph.

Obviously tax deductable donations to this organisation would be greatly appreciated but I am really here to ask if you can all please promote and attend this event and ask if ANYONE out there has a Product or a Service that they could donate to the Auction that will be held on the day. I will be donating some pet products/food and I would love to find some customers and members of the general public that would be able to donate some time or products from their field of expertise. You may be a gardner and willing to contribute a 2 hour Lawn mow to the auction, You may be a teacher and willing to contribute a 1 hour one on one tuition lesson or a cleaner willing to donate a one hour house clean or maybe you own a shop and could donate a product. ANYTHING will help!

Please contact me if you do have something to offer. We would really love to hear from you.

I will be back with updates on kittens and our Cancer Cause within the next week or so. 


4th June 2012  

As promised I am back with part two... It will just a quick post before I head to bed and before I turn into a pumpkin! Kitty Flanagan and Sarge have made another apperence on Network Ten - The Project..... Thought you all may enjoy a bit of a laugh and a photo or two of the handsome Sarge....

Thanks to our Good customers and Friends Rod and Hannah for telling us about this T.V appearance. 


Kitty has an upcoming Show: "Hello Kitty Flanagan" - in Sydney at the State Theatre on Friday September 14. Tickets through Ticketmaster  - Considering one of the topics coverd is "are all women who own cats mental?" I am looking forward to seeing what she has to say... Although I am probably not going to be one to help the argument for those sane women out there that do own cats...Sorry! ;) Fingers crossed Kitty hasn't based her findings on me! My Father-in-Law is a massive Kitty Flanagan fan and he is really excited about the show so we are looking forward to it!

Well is is past my bed time and with a busy day scheduled tomorrow I will have to leave the rest of my news for next time.


4th June 2012 

Shivers we are into the 2nd week of June already!!! I am so far behind....

I have so much to share but given the time I think I will have to separate the news into two different posts as I am flat out cooking for my son's birthday party and have a batch of food in the oven baking while I type! 

I have had some WONDERFUL news regarding "John" and "Jane" yesterday. After some tests that he had on Thursday "John" received some results yesterday saying that the Leisions on the Liver had reduced in size significantly. We don't have any news on the Stomach cancer yet but this really is positive and "John" and "Jane" are so thankful to the Doctors that are treating him and the friends and family that have been such a wonderful support to them. Their beautiful Suchi Burmese are now back with them and I am sure all their friends and relatives are celebrating this long weekend. Let hope the next lot of results are as positive and his recovery continues. 

In more good news I wish to say a special thanks again to Elena who took such wonderful care of Coco and Simba whos owner was unable to care for them due to health reasons. Coco and Simba are now back home and the Owner has made a significant recovery. Really wonderful to hear and we hope all continues to go well for both Elena, the cats and their owner.

Back to our kitten news... things are progressing well indeed. Although we are still to confirm some of the colour and sex combinations I do know we have beautiful Cream babies and there are certainly some adorably sweet Brown kittens... They are all just too cute. I will take some more photos in the coming days and post them up for you all...

Anyway I think that is my oven alarm going off so I better go for now and will post again soon. 


11th May 2012 

As Promised I am back with kitten news....

We have recently produced some adorable babies and have a great range of color and sex combinations. I suspect we have a couple of lilac or Chocolate boys and girls - should be able to confirm colour in a few weeks. I also think there may be a Blue boy. There appears to be a couple of Browns also.... So that is a nice little selection and I will be contacting potential new owners in the coming weeks.

Anyway I had better run for now and will post again soon.  


5th May 2012

Wow I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. I appologise to all my regulars. We were so busy at Easter and throughout the school holidays with all the boarding cats and everything that was going on over the past month that I had trouble finding the time.

Well this is going to be a somber post but we do have some good news to share also...

I haven't asked permission to mention names so for the sake of this post I will refer to them as John and Jane. John and Jane are beautiful Customers of mine who need our thoughts. This particular young couple are in the early 30's and own two beautiful Suchi Burmese - A boy and a girl (Brown and Chocolate). Late last year in November John and Jane were blessed with the birth of their beautiful daughter who was greatly anticipated and longed for. My husband Nathan went to school with John and living locally to us we have been blessed to see them reasonably regularly over the years.

In the last few weeks John and Jane began packing up their house with the intention of moving in with John's Parents so that they could renovate their house. I had their two cats for boarding briefly around Easter so that they could do this without worrying about the cats escaping etc.

John has felt rather run down, lethargic and has had persistant feelings of indigestion which he put down to the stress of packing, work, moving and having a 5 month old daughter. He finally went to the Doctor to just have a check up and he has now been diganosed with Stomach and Liver cancer. 

It is just heartbreaking to see this young family have their world turned upside down. John being in his early 30's has always been young and fit and it is hard to fathom that with only the mildest of Symtoms such a horific diagnosis is possible. I guess I post this in hope that it may encourage others to get a Doctor to check any niggling symptoms they may have...early intervention is certainly the best. Obviously any donations to Cancer Australia would also be appreciated I am sure. Jane lost her mother to cancer not long ago and to think that this dreaded condition has yet again come to her beautiful family is just devastating. 

I hope that if "John" and "Jane" read this post they know they have lots of love and support and know that the extended Suchi family is thinking of them and hoping that any treatment is successful. 

For those of you that know of Elena's story who kindly adopted two burmese that needed a foster home due to the owner suffering some health problems well here is an update for you....The cats settled in very well indeed and made themselves right and home I believe and what is more I have just had an update about the owners health and it is wonderful news there also. I do believe that after her brian aneurism which was then compounded by a stroke post surgery she has made an amazing recovery and is doing really well. I believe she is now settling in back at home and hope that she continues to recover quickly. I am lead to believe that a time to take the cats back home is not too far off which is wonderful for the children. It will be nice to have a complete family again with Mum back home as well as the beloved family cats. A special thanks to Elena for helping out in this tough situation.

On to the Suchi HQ News... we have lots happening here at the moment and I do indeed have some kitten news to share but I must run and I promise to post again within the near future so that you can get the low down on the baby news.


19th March 2012

It has been a busy couple of weeks with the Siamese and Short Hair show a week back and the BURMESE SPECIALIST SHOW for 2012 yesterday.

We have posted our results on the 'Shows and Awards' page under the 'About Me' tab!

Thrilled to have 3 Suchi Burmese place in the Top 5 in the entire show with our very own Suchi Sativa taking out Best in Show and Her mum Tilly 2nd Best in Show. Just wonderful!

We have some more shows coming up over the next couple of weeks including the State Show which will be very exciting. 


Above is a photo of Sati with Some of the Ribbons won by Suchi Burmese yesterday at the specialist show!


27th February 2012   

This month has just flown by... Where does time go? 

We have been really busy here at Suchi HQ with the kittens and have really enjoyed seeing some of the older babies go home over the past few days.  

I thought I would share a lovely little story from one of our gorgeous clients, Sandy. 

Sandy works long hours and consequently felt rather guilty about leaving her adorable nearly 2 year old Suchi Burmese (a brown tortie girl by the name of Scout) at home on her own. Sandy finally decided that it may be time to take in another Suchi Burmese as company for Scout. She moved up our waiting list and I was finally able to offer her a little Chocolate tortie girl just recently. Scout came for a visit and I arranged to do the introduction here. Scout took to little Piper in no time which was just lovely and I was able to send both the girls home in the same carry box 2 days later.

I received this email from Sandy this morning and it has totally made my day..... 

Hi Mel,
Well the girls seem to have settled in very nicely! Scout is taking the mother role - never lets Piper out of her sight even if it's just tilting her head to see where she's going. 
Piper's used the litter box and scoffed down her breakfast - and proved you right, she moved on to Scout's! Scout then reclaimed her bowl and finished off her own IAMS bfast - meat and gravy (normally it's just the gravy)! Fingers crossed...
Have to say a very big thankyou - I left for work and they were both on my bed, Scout grooming Piper. Couldn't have been less fazed about me going to work. It's better than I could have hoped for. 
So cute!
Sandy x  

Sandy sent me the attached image withe the caption: "Couldn't have cared less when I went to work!" 


So lovely to hear stories like that!

I would also like to thank all of you lovely, kind hearted people that responded to our Foster home situation for Coco and Simba whos owner recently suffered some health problems and has been unable to care for them. It is only early days yet but it looks like we may have found a wonderful home with Elena. Elena is an experienced Burmese owner who has recently had to say goodbye to her lovely burmese after a long and health life. Elena was missing the company of a cat and has put her hand up to help this poor family in their time of need! Thank you Elena...your a good egg! 

I will keep you all posted on the situation and let you know how the cats go settling in at Elena's place! We also thank all the people that have offered well wishes to the family at this time.


9th February 2012   

Having had some requests for some current kitten photos here is a sneak peak so you can get your fix :)

I requested some honest feedback from an International ALL BREEDS judge and she was very positive on the litter as a whole and commented that... "they are a  very even litter .. lovely babies.." 

She complimented some of the kittens individually based on the photos I sent her so it is lovely to hear we are on the right track. 


L-R: Two Blue Tortie Girls, A Brown Girl and a Blue Boy. Butter wouldn't melt I tell you!


L-R: Two Blue Tortie Girls, A Brown Girl and a Blue Boy.  

A Blue Boy - What a darling!  

Yes they look innocent but don't believe a word of it! It's all lies.....Seriously.....!!!! 


8th February 2012  

Must be time for another update! I have just posted our results from the Federal Kitten show up on the "Shows and Awards" page under the ABOUT ME tab. We are just thrilled with the results and very proud of the babies we enterd.

All is plodding along here nicely. I had some lovely feed back from a client that has just recently picked up her 3rd Suchi Burmese.... I think this family is nearly as crazy as i am!!! Nice to see other people that really have a passion for this beautiful breed...

Obviously her existing 2 Suchi Burmese A Blue Boy by the name of Sharka and a Brown Girl by the name of Nala were not fond of the thought of an intruder at first but they are adapting to the concept slowly....  

Hi Melanie,

Nandi has settled in really well and getting on very well with Shaka, and Nala only hisses and growls every now and then.  Thanks for all your excellent advice and for producing such beautiful and good natured cats. 

Bye for now, Cathy. 

I also thought I would share some photos sent to me by a friend who has two Suchi Burmese. This beautiful mother and daughter have become a very special part of their home and are treated like royality with multi level scratching gyms with hammocks and everything cats could wish for....

The little blue girl was the most petite little kitten and the obvious runt of the litter... well she has just thrived and is looking like she will possibly take over mum in size! She has a very healthy appetite indeed and sometimes her little pot belly looks like it is going to expolded after she has just scoffed down all her food! Lovely to see her coming along in leaps and bounds... 



22nd January 2012   

Not long ago a good friend of ours stopped in with a little 8 week old puppy. This little fluff ball of a dog was honestly no bigger than my kittens of a similar age. I had to take some photos to share with you all...


Above: 2 photos - a 4 week old kitten with the 8 week old puppy! 

Above: A 4 week old Chocolate Tortie kitten, A 10 week old Chocolate kitten and the puppy.

Here is a photo of one of our kittens that will go in the upcoming Federal Kitten show.


We are also thrilled that one of our clients has decided to enter a cream female kitten that we bred 1/2 way through last year. This lovely little girl is just the sweetest natured cat and I am looking forward to seeing how she goes on the show bench. 


13th January 2012  

Since my last post was so rushed I had better get another quick post in so I can tell you all my news.

Some of you are bursting at the seams waiting for news of kitten arrivals....

Well Burst No More! WE HAVE KITTENS! It is only early days yet so I am still confirming what we have but I suspect we have a couple of tortie girls Guessing Blue torite/Chocolate Tortie and I think we have a Boy (Red or Cream) and there are some solid colours too...... Chocolate/Brown/Blue??? We will just have to wait and see! Time will tell! I will put some photos up soon of the new arrivals so you can get your kitten fix in the coming days.

We are hoping another litter will arrive in the coming couple of months so it will certainly be busy around these parts for quite some time.

We are looking forward to the Federal Kitten show that is coming up towards the end of the month and I am now ensuring that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure that our older litter of kittens are ready. They have all had their vet checks and vaccinations and I entend to arrange a 2nd vaccination prior to the show to ensure they are protected against any nasties that other peoples cats may have. All cats are vet checked on site prior to entering the show hall but things can get through undetected so it is nice to ensure that we have our bases covered.

I had better stop procrastinating and get back to my work. Will post again soon.


7th January 2012 

Well this is going to be a super speedy update! I literally have 5 minutes so some of my news is just going to have to wait till next time....

I had to share a couple of stories with you all. Over the past few days we have been sending some of our babies home and all seems to have been a wonderfull success. Two kittens went together to the same home and all the others have gone to previous clients which has been so lovely. Yes, Burmese are addictive! 

We sent a gorgeous little girl home to a client yesterday  - their daughter purchased a beautiful Brown girl from us 6 months ago and this mischevious little kitten has clearly converted the entire extended family. Now mum and dad own a burmese ball of fun themselves. I received the most lovely MMS update today.... Attached to the MMS was a gorgeous photo of the kitten snuggled up under the chin of the reclining owner. She certainly seems to have won over the man of the house and seems to have everyone wrapped around her paws....

"Good Morning Melanie, Guess who has made herself very much at home? Bindi has had a great run this morning and a slide across across the tiles lol. Se is eating well and using her litter tray. She slept well last night and was awake and ready to play at 6am. She has the best litter purr that doesn't seem to have an off switch lol. Thanks for our beautiful little Bindi. Celia and Bradford T."  

Another client whos family already has a Beautiful Blue Burmese Male from us has now welcomed home a little female kitten and apparently she has also made herself right at home. She used the litter tray within an hour of arriving home, is eating well and has already found a comfy place to sleep in a Draw full of baseball caps. What a character!!!

We love hearing how all our babies get on in their new homes and these guys certainly seem to be loving the attention.

I also wanted to share some beautiful photos a client sent to me. Stacey is a vet who purchased two beautiful Male burmese from me some time ago. The boys quickly became a special part of her family...so much so that Stacey included them when she had some engagement photos taken. I thought these photos were just so special and I wanted to congratulate Stacey and Scott on both their engagement and wedding. I think the photographer (Alma Photography: http://almaphotography.net/) has really captured the PURRsonalities of the cats and I just love the family photo! Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing! 

Well my five minutes has passed so I have to run but I have more to tell so I will be back again soon.


1st January 2012

Well... I guess I can't start a new page on the first day of 2012 without wishing you all a...

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ! 

Can you believe it...2012! Wow! I was still trying to get my head around the fact that it was 2011...and now it's over! They say "time flies when you are having fun" well...we must be having a whole bunch of fun here at Suchi H.Q!

Well for those of you that are new to our site...Welcome! I hope you enjoy our blog. Hopefully our photos and stories bring a smile to your face. I know I have a bunch on regulars that continue to visit us and we thank them for their loyality. We hope to give you all some fun facts thoughout the year and heaps of photos to Ohhh and Ahhhh over!

We are now starting to send of our Show Entries for the year and we will kick off with the Federal kitten show which is being held out Dural way later this month! At this stage we will enter our current litter. I am interested in the feed back and constructive criticism from the judges. It will be nice to see if I am on the right track with my breeding as the intention is to better the breed in all apsects and I certainly hope that I am doing that. 

Our babies will be about 12 weeks old and entered as a litter (a lilac girl, a chocolate boy and a blue boy) and I am excited to show them off. I will keep you posted on the results.

We would LOVE to see some of our customers enter their cats and kittens in the Burmese show this year being held at Forrestville in Mid March. The show desperatly needs our support as the numbers seem to be decreasing every year and it is so sad to see numbers on the decline. If you own a Suchi Burmese and would like to enter please call or email me and I can discuss the ins and outs with you individually.

The show also needs support in visitors. Even if you don't own a Burmese but would like to come along your support is greatly appreciated. It is a gold coin entry and you may enjoy listening to the judges talk about the cats on show. 

I will post some photos of our current litter so that you can see the adorable little bundles we have here at the moment. Sorry these images are rather average.... Just taken with an old mobile phone so quality is not as one would want I know but these should give you an idea of the bundles keeping us busy at te moment....

1. L - R: Lilac, Blue and Chocolate.


2: Lilac.


3.L - R: Lilac and Blue. 



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