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Written by Melanie   

Here we list PURE BURMESE, Burmese x (and occasionally Moggie/DSH) cats that are in need of a home. Please note that these cats have not neccessarily been bred by us or come from us but occasionally we come across beautiful cats whos owners can no longer care for them - Sometimes the owners have sadly passed on or maybe have to move overseas. These cats may also come from breeders that may be retiring their older breeding cats or they may have decided not to keep a younger burmese for breeding purposes and instead have decided to find him/her a loving pet home. Whatever the situation we love to help these furry friends find good homes. If you are interested in adopting one (or more) of these cats or if you would just like more information please let us know or contact the person listed under their photo.



All the adult cats we sell come up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments. We provide detailed information of when booster vaccinations are due and when flea and worming treatments are due. Where possible we provide details about the cats history including the DOB, Breeder details and relevant medical history. All the cats come with Vet Recommended Wet and Dry food they are familiar with and the brand of cat Litter they have used here with us. In most cases we also provide a couple of additional items such as Bed, Carry Box, Toy, Scratching pole, Bowls, etc. Suchi Burmese have access to our Boarding services.

The Pedigree retiring Breeding/show Queens and Studs including Suchi or Adara/Adora Burmese between 2 years and 10 years old are $500 unless advertised otherwise.  Their NSW CFA Pedigree papeers will be provided and Full Vet Check/Dental and Desexing will be done prior to advertising. 

One Suchi/Adora/Adara Pet quality Burmese rescue cat will be $500 or Two Suchi/Adora/Adara pet quality Burmese rescue cats going together between 2 years and 10 years old are sold at $750 for the pair with the inclusions as per the below.  Two pedigree Suchi/Adora/Adara Burmese cats going together over 10 years are sold at $550 for the pair with the inclusions as per the below. Individual Pedigree/Genetic bloodline History will be provided.   

All rescue cats from 2 years to 10 years old from unknown origins are $550 each or $750  for a pair unless advertised otherwise. Senior Rescues from unknown origins from 11 years plus are $450  unless advertised otherwise. Were there is 1 Suchi Burmese and one cat from another breeder sold together between the ages of 2 years and 10 years they are $7800 for the pair unless adverstised otherwise. Cats under the age of two are Price on Application.  

Unfortunatly we can NOT reserve or put Cats "ON HOLD". If someone chooses to take a Rescue Cat we have offered the cat will only be considered SOLD once we have been emailed or SMS'd a proof of payment receipt. We will hold the cat for 24 hours from confirmation of sale/the time we receive a copy of payment receipt to allow collection. If people wish us to hold on to any rescue cat past that point we charge $11 per calendar day per cat that the cat is with us for boarding which must be paid in cash at collection or via internet banking prior to collection.

Some of the cats have required Extractions, desexing, Flea and Worming Treatments and occasionally even Surgery.  Some of the cats need Rehabilitation as they have been neglected, abused or have behavioural issues when presented to us. There is considerable time and cost involved in doing this. Regardless of what we have spent - all the rescues go for the set prices listed above. I don't know of a single vet in the northern suburbs of Sydney/North shore that will do a dental treatments under anestetic for under $300 and additianal cost may apply if there are dental extractions and scale/polish required if the cat has significant tartar build up that needs to be dealt with.  I also don't know of a north shore vet that does desexing for under $375/$400 dollars. These costs can increase if a female cat is on heat at the time of surgery.

All our resuces come with at least some basic inclusions as we think it is important that our rescues go with items that have their scent on them to make their transition to a new home easier. We also think providing quality food that is life stage appriopriate that the cat is familiar with is also important.  As a result we generally insist any rescue goes with at least some dry food, litter and a bed or blanket. We usually include other items that might be helpful and required.

Aprox Costs of the Inclusions provided : (please confirm what is included with any cat of interest to you)

Vet Checked/Flea treated/Wormed $85 - $105 

Vet Recommended Dry food: $35 - $45

Vet Recommended Wet Food: $10 - $15

Additional Food and Treats: $5 - 15 

If the cat has had a anaesthetic Dental $360 +  

Bed $10 - $25

Carry Box $50 - $80

Food Bowl $10 

Scratching pole $15 - $30

Litter and Litter Tray $10 - $20 

Other Provded incidentals $10 - $30

(eg Blankets, Worming tablets/Nail Clippers/Brush) 

 Value of included extras $150 - $710  

If the cat required Desexing/Rehab/Dental extractions etc the value of this can vary between $120 - $600++ depending on what is required on a case by case basis. Some of the cats be with us for months at a time but we absorb these additional costs to just ensure that these lovely burmese find the best possible loving homes. 


Our Return Policy is on our website under the FAQ menu here:   Refund Policy



We don't have any other Cats in Need of a home at this time but we do get cats on a regular basis. If the cats above don't suit what you are looking for please check back again soon. Thank you for considering an older cat  in need.


Please note that some of the cats listed above are NOT necessarily from Breeders that we know personally or particularly recommend.  As a general rule we DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY other breeders. 

This decision is entirely yours! Some of the cats above will come from breeders we will know and will have and possibly still do work with but every  cat has its own history and individual personality traits.

It is UP TO YOU AS THE BUYER to ensure that you are taking on a cat that is suitable to your lifestyle and circumstances.  Please take the time to read the "Tips for Buying a Kitten" on this website - This can be found in the "RESOURCES"  menu on the left hand side. There is also additional reading below the cats advertised.   


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THE ABOVE CATS PLEASE CONTACT US.                                                         

Keep in mind that you are likely to have a kitten for 14+ years so take your time and don't rush into anything.

1. Don't let any breeder pressure you into putting down a deposit on the spot. There are always more breeders with more cats and you can always come back to that breeder and get a kitten from their next litter. Waiting for the right kitten from the right breeder will be worth it in the long run. Most breeders should give you at least 24 hours to think about the purchase and will hold the cat for you for that period. If you don't contact them by the agreed time don't get cross if they sell the kitten - other people could be waiting on your decision and as a breeder if we don't hear back from you by the agreed time we can only assume you are not interested. 

2.Keep in mind what long term services and care each breeder offers you and what additional items the cats come with. Some breeders will be chatty and friendly and be more than happy to help assist you with any problems or questions you have down the track. You may also find that some breeders will charge a little more up front but will save you big $$$ in the long run on products, boarding, discount vouchers and other additional services they may offer that you will need and use. If you are buing a entire kitten (that hasn't been desexed) Keep in mind that this cost will needed to be added on later and in most cases you would bee looking at $250 - $400 depending on the sex of the cat and the cost of the surgery at the vet you attend. Some breeders are selling entire kittens for the same cost as what other breeders are selling desexed kittens.  If you don't live close to the breeder or rescue organisation and/or are unlikely to make use of any additional services etc then the upfront cost of the kitten may be your deciding factor. 

3.  Don't be afraid to travel a little to check out what you think is a really good breeder with top quality cats/kittens. This is a big decision and not something you will be doing regularly so if you need to travel a bit of a distance maybe make a weekend of it. The breeder may be able to give you some good tips on where you could stay and what to visit in the area. 


Cats we have helped find homes for in the past: 

   TUBBY - a BLUE PEDIGREE BURMESE (3 years old) 


Tubby was bred by us here at Suchi Burmese. He was a special boy and as a kitten everyone that met him fell in love with him. He was snapped up by a staff member that was working for me at the time and has been treated like royalty ever since. He unfortunately came back to us due to a relocation and change in circumstance. 

 Tubby has found a wonderful home and is going to live out his life being loved and spoilt. 


July 2016: 

Benjamin: This lovely boy has found a home and will have a mischevious little Burmese girl to call his friend. Thanks to his lovely new owner for seeing all that Benjamin has to offer and providing such a wonderful home for him.  


SHARLA the TONKINESE - Sharla found a wonderful home with another Burmese to keep her comany and we thank her new owner Olivia for loving this girl and offering her a wonderful home. 



BURMESE LILAC FEMALE - Sparkles 2 years.

Sparkles has found a loving home local to us which is PURRfect. She is settling in at the moment and we wish her and her new owner all the best for the future.



Jazz's owners had to part with him due to family health problems.

This lovely lilac boy found a lovely home up north with Philip and his family up. With a 13y/o daughter I am sure Jazz will be much loved and pampered. Thanks to Philip for taking in this lovely boy. 


Elena responded to the below ad that was posted on the Home page of our website and kindly offered to take these lovely cats in - Thank you Elena!

 Coco (Brown female) Burmese and Simba (Chocolate Male) Burmese - (3 - 5 years old):These two lovely Burmese Cats are in need of a VERY SPECIAL FOSTER Home and must go together.

Their owner has rencently suffered healthwise with a brain aneurism which was then compounded by a stroke post surgery which has meant she had to go into a rehabilitation facility.

Obviously the owner is unable to care for them in the immediate future and possibly even long term. The cats are currently located in the Pymble area and neighbours are currently feeding these animals that desperatly need some love and attention. They are very affectionate and healthy animals and the owner is willing to cover their annual vet checks for vaccinations/worming etc and food bills for the immediate future.

The cats will come with all their supplies including food and litter tray. 

If you can possibly help out and offer these animal a home for at least the immediate future please contact us for further information.



Mimi - went to a lovely home in Sydney with a family with 2 boys. Mimi settled in well and is enjoying the attention...


The owner of this lovely cat recently had a fall and is going into a care facility. Consequiently she is unable to care for this lovely cat. This beautiful girl is a quiet but friendly and loving cat. Once settled she is very social and loves people and children Loves to play games, especially peek a boo. She is Litter trained, microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and vet checked and comes with a heap of stuff to get the new owner started including Toys, Scratching pole, Food etc... She would suit a reasonably quite indoor home with older children or adults where she can be spoilt. She comes with a health guarantee and is ready to go now. If you would like to offer this lovely girl a home please contact us on 0411 311 311 or via email.



Coco - 5 year old chocolate girl: Coco has found a lovely home locally and we couldn't be happier for both parties. We believe Coco will be lovely company for Julianne when she comes home from a busy day at work. 

Prue and Annie - have a lovely experienced home in QLD together which is just wonderful. Their new owner is so happy to have beautiful Burmese part of the home again. We couldn't be happier with this lovely outcome.

Fudge - 7 year old Brown Boy: Found a lovely home with Gina, a retiree in need of some company. Gina has just recently said goodbye to her cat due to old age and is so happy to have found Fudge. Fudge will be very spoilt with Gina and he even has his ver own room. Lucky boy! 


Oscar - The "big" brown boy with special dietary needs has found a beautiful home in Tasmania with the Todd family and we couldn't be happier. We wish them all the very best .... and Oscar... stay warm buddy.. Tassie might be a bit of a Temp shock! :) 


Bosely/Buster and Tish - have now found a wonderful home in Queensland and we thank Sandy for her regular updates.

Milla - 3 year old Chocolate Burmese: HAS NOW FOUND A WONDERFUL HOME. THANKS.

Page 1yr and Jali 4 years both chocolate girls - HAVE BOTH FOUND WONDERFUL FOREVER HOMES.  



Unfortunately there are some very dishonest people in our world that take advantage of the saddest situations.

Recently we heard of an unthinkable situation where a single father who had lost his wife and his job was forced to surrender the family cat (a lilac burmese male) due to the fact that he was unsure of his accommodation situation.

A woman from the Brisbane area (who's name we won't mention) took this cat on for FREE and the old owner offered to pay to transport the cat up to her believing she was going to offer the cat a wonderful permanent home.

Unfortunately this was not the case and today I was informed that the woman on-sold the cat for a considerable sum without informing anyone that this was her intention. This is not only dishonest but for anyone that is a genuine animal lover with half a heart for people in a rough situation this is just unthinkable. She not only took advantage of a man in a rough situation but she then took advantage of the new owners that paid money for a cat that she had received for FREE. I also believe the cat was put through unnecessary distress being transported and rehomed 3 times within matter of days.

Please be aware that people like this do exist and for this reason I don't believe animals should be rehomed for free without some really serious consideration and maybe a duty of care/purchase contract put in place and signed for by both parties. You may also choose to speak to referees or the potential new owners vet to ensure that your animal is indeed going to a loving permanent home.

Animals are a big responsibility and taking on any pet needs to be carefully considered. 

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