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Written by Melanie   

Exciting News... Lots happening here at Suchi HQ.   


CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: We don't have any kittens available for sale right now. If you are interested in getting a kitten from a future litter please go to the FAQ's Tab and select BUYING A SUCHI BURMESE from the drop down options to find out more - Alternatively click here: Waiting List Info Page to take you directly to that page.



27th November 2014

I can't believe how fast this year has gone. We are nearly at the pointy end of things now... CRAZY!

Well I have updated our waiting list times and MOST of the colour/Sex combinations have seen a huge reduction in waiting times so now is certainly the time to join our waiting list if you are interested in getting a kitten from us in 2015. Some of the female waiting times are the shortest they have been in many years. It is nice to be finally offering kittens to people that have been patiently waiting on our list for many months.

I have received some really lovely messages from people over the past few weeks saying how special their Burmese are to them. I received a really special SMS from a wonderful customer just yesterday. I had her cats stay with me recently while she was in hospital and then recovering at home.   " Feeling very grateful to Melanie for making such wonderful kitties - they are such great company and the very best Medicine. You do a brillian Job :) x " Gave me goose bumps to read that!  Way to make my head swell. Really lovely to know that the cats go to such loving homes. 

We have welcomed a lovely little litter of kittens and  we have another queen expecting which is wonderful news. I expect we will mainly get Chocolate, Brown and Lilac kittens from these two litters.

Keep your kitty SAFE this holiday season - There are some FANTASTIC discounts on the KITTYWALK range under the MY STORE for anyone interested in any of these PORTABLE, COLLAPSABLE, MODULAR cate enclosure units. In most cases we can have the items to you within 3 business days  for Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide areas. Next day delively usually possible for Sydney Metro. Your cat can safely enjoy the outdoor and you don't have to worry about your guests closing the doors or your cat dashing out as someone comes in!.

I will hopefully be back to do one more post before years end and endevour to post some photos at that time.


20th October 2014  - UPDATED BELOW..  

A short post today to reach out to anyone who thinks they can assist...

A lovely customer of mine who has 2 of our Beautiful Suchi Burmese has found herself in a very difficult situation and as a result we are appealing to anyone who maybe able to take on her 2 Beautiful Burmese for aprox 3 month period. Ideally the home would be in Sydney or the surrounding area. All the costs of the cats care would be covered and they are healthy, Happy and very affectionate. This would be a great opportunity for someone who doesn't own Burmese but is considering purchsing one in the future to "test run" the breed. The cats are totally indoor cats and 100% litter trained. The cats are familiar with Children and are a very much loved part of the family.

If you or anyone you know is in a position to help please contact me ASAP on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

UPDATE on post from 20th October:

I am astounded by the response we received from so many people willing to help out  - THANKYOU! A local Sydney home (Epping) seems to be the best fit for these beautiful cats and I am thrilled to know that a loving home, willing to care for them during this stressful time has been found.   

28th September 2014   

We have welcomed a NEW litter of Furr babies! I can't tell exactly what we have produced in the way of colour and sex combinations just yet but I suspect we have some Chocolate and maybe a couple of lilacs...a couple of the kittens I am still totally undecided on...very exciting times. Mum is as proud as punch and I am rather chuffed myself! It is unusual for us to have two litters so close together but Nature had a bit of a hand in this one and I have found it beneficial to mate a new mum around the same time as an experienced mum in the event that something does go wrong with the new mum the experienced mum can foster the little ones if required but so far our girls are taking to motherhood very well indeed.

We have had a lot of requests from people interested in Smaller versions of the Tyrian Scratching post that I posted about earlier this month. Here is a photo of the Sativa Pole with 3 recessed shelves (Carpet not in place in image). 

The Sativa stands aprox 1400 high and has a 600 x 600 base. It is very sturdy and a lovely medium sized pole. We have a special on this assembled pole for $380 (pickup only) - Only 1 available and first in best dressed!!!! 

We do have a smaller version available also and I hope to have a photo of that up within the next week or so for those interested in a smaller single shelf version of this pole!


17th September 2014    

A tiny snippet post today to let you all in on our SECRET! We have a new and very exciting MODERN range of Cat scratching poles under way. The Ultra Modern handmade poles have recessed replaceable Carpet mats on Each shelf and the units can be sold as a flat pack or as an assembled tower. They are Custom made to suit the needs of the client and thevery spoilt cat that gets to use these awesome new poles. They come in a Range of colours including Black, White and Timber finishes. 

For Photos Pricing and additional info please check out the CATacular range under the MY Store Tab or by clicking this link...  CATacular Furniture

Place your order now to ensure your order is ready for CHRISTMAS!

More photos, Models, Designs and info to come soon. 

10th September 2014   

It is certainly time for another post. Before I get started on our news I just wanted to thank all our wonderful customers who have touched base in ragards to my last post and the news of Indi's passing. It was so lovely to hear that her legacy will live on in the kittens she has produced. Your thoughts, comments and support are greatly appreciated.

Speaking of Indi...her kittens are doing so well which has been the silver lining to a very dark cloud. It has been a long hard road as handrearing Kittens from Newborn is really hard work. Thankfully they are now all eating solids and it is just a matter of them gaining weight and reaching their developmental goals. Given that they have been handraised they are certainly very affectionate and just love human company. They have the cutest little purrs on them when they get going. I am sad that their new owners won't get to meet their mum but I just know these babies will be extra special and make lovely pets.

I also thought I would share our NEW LITTER NEWS...Yep thats right....we have new arrivals...SOOOOOO EXCITING! I can't tell exactly what colour and sex combinations have been produced just yet but we should know more soon. I think we had a good number of girls in there which is great and at least 2 of them appear to be lighter (Chocolate and/or Lilac) and at least 2 appear to be darker (so I am thinking Blue or Brown). I will post more down the track when they are a little bigger and the colours are more obvious. 


We have been very busy setting up our new CAT Courtyard and I was putting in the new Pots and I barely had them planted with CATNIP, CAT THYME, CAT GRASS and CAT MINT and one of our girls was in there chomping away! I didn't even have the pot put in place...she just couldn't wait. It is so exciting to see them loving their new space. 


Well I think that brings you up to date with my latest news and I promise to be back again soon with more photos and additional up dates. 


18th August 2014  

It is well and truly time for another update. I must admit I have delayed doing this post as I have some sad  news to share... 

We have sadly lost the beautiful Indi.

Indica died in my arms due to pregnancy and birthing complications and I have struggled to think about it. Verbalising it and putting it in writing has been hard to get my head around. She was just the typical Burmese... Super Friendly and smoochy affectionate, Playful and Mischevious a textbook Burmese look and nature! She will be sadly missed as she was a very, very special part of the Suchi family. I have never lost a girl this way before and it has been a big wakeup call to the risks involved. I have been so blessed to have the run I have had and it has been a big learning curve. I am just devastated to loose this special little girl. She was my baby! :(

I have really struggled to raise Indi's babies but we are over the worst of it now and the Beautiful Lolly (Chocolate girl) has fostered the babies and taken them under her paw. She is being a great foster mum and the babies will learn from her which is just brilliant. It is quite a rainbow litter with Blue, Cream and Blue torte. I have every intention of keeping one of the kittens to continue on with. I am determined that Inidi's line will continue.

In happier news we can also confirm another pregnancy so we are looking forward to welcoming more kittens in September. It looks like it is going to be a reasonably busy couple of months ahead and I am hoping to see a reduction in the waiting times for Chocolate, Brown, Blue and Lilac kittens predominantly.

I have also just received a new Kittywalk shipment. For those of you that do have or will be getting a kitten/cat in the future these portable, collapsable, modular enclosures are brilliant.  A great way to let your cat enjoy the Sun and Fresh air without the dangers that free roaming cats experience. Check out some of the range in stock here:  Kittywalk Range

Well I think that brings you all up todate but I will be back agian in mid-late September with some more kitten news and hopefully some photos to share with you all.


24th June 2014 

Time for another post and there is lots to share - I am so excited.

The beautiful Aurelie from Little Toad Photography grabbed some stunning photos of our Furr babies today.

These first 2 photos are of a little girl we have here at the moment. She is the Daughter of Suchi Sativa.



 Aurelie's little girl joined her mum for the day and couldn't resist giving one of our newest arrivals a cuddle...if this doesn't melt your heart, you must have a heart of stone!!!


Burmese are generally wonderful pets for children and I have a fantastic page of info in this topic which can also be found under our FAQ menu: Children and Burmese

I have also recently bought in a Blue boy as a potential future stud. His temprement is just amazing and the lines behind him are brilliant so I am hopeful he will produce some wonderful kittens for us and our clients in the future. Here are some photos of him...



In more news, we currently have the SHORTEST WAITING LIST FOR BROWN AND CHOCOLATE BOYS that we have had in many, many years. If any of our readers are interested in a Brown or a Chocolate burmese baby I would suggest you join our waiting list NOW as we may have some news for you within the very near future. Our waiting list joining fee is also going to be increasing to $30 as of the 1st of July so if you are considering joining GET IN QUICK before the price rise.

Well I hope that gives you all your kitten fix and brightens your week. I promise to post again soon with more exciting news.

 6th June 2014

It must be well past time I posted another update although there is not a heap more news to share. 

Our current litter is doing beautifully and we have been arranging for the new owners to come and meet their new bundles. The Boys in the litter are Chocolate with one little Lilac fellow and the girls are lilac Torties. 

A mating we did a little while ago prooved unsuccessful so we are about to try the girl with a different boy and hopfully we will have some results. Things don't always go to plan unfortunately but we just have to go back and try again.

I also thought I would share some Pet insurance info with people that may be intersted in this topic... 

Ella Moss was one of the researchers on articles written about Pet Insurance and she asked if I would pass the links on to our readers... www.money.co.uk/article/1010330-pedigree-cat-insurance-5-simple-steps-to-perfect-cover.htm 

One of the articles Ella helped research was specifically written with the needs of Burmese in mind. Please be aware that Testing for Hypokalemia (HK) is now available. It is NOT problematic if a cat or a kitten is a HK carrier as long as they aren't HK POSITIVE. A HK Carring cat should NOT be mated to another HK carring cat as this will result in HK POSITIVE KITTENS!!! HK Only arises if BOTH parents Carry the HK gene and then there is a 1 in 4 probability that the kittens produced from that mating will be HK Positive.

Please also note that ALL our current breeding cats have been genetically tested (though UCLA Davis University in the USA) for HK and ALL are Negative. Happy to share these results with anyone requiring that information. 

The Article specifically written with Burmese in mind is BURMESE INSURANCE.

You may also wish to note that the Head Defect is not relevant to Australian animals. It is possible to get genetic testing for Head Defect if you have doubts you can request a genetic test be done.

In other news... We have recently received 2 beautiful Boys from a Breeder in QLD and we hope to retain one of them for breeding purposes. We are showing the boys at the Federal Show mid this month and will wait to get the judges decisions before making a decision. I will share some photos of the lovely boy once a decision has been made. 

Well I think that gets me a little more up tp date. There is a little more news but it can wait till next post! Love to keep you all coming back. 

14th April 2014

Oh I am getting in so much trouble! Being told off, scalded and "abused" from numerous people about the lack of kitten photos...SO HERE YOU GO!  

This is our latest litter of arrivals... Yet to determine all the colour and sex combinations. The girls have to be torties as the Dad is Red and genetically that means the girls can ONLY be Torite. Based on the overall toning/shades at this point I am guessing we have either Chocolate tortie or Lilac Tortie there. Blue Tortie and Brown tortie are usually identifiable at birth whereas chocolate/lilac and the tortie variations can be basically impossible to tell apart. The boys appear to be either Chocolate or Lilac also. We should know more in the coming weeks once the colours develop more.

Mum is doing brilliantly and babies are coming along nicely. Check out the Sleeping beauties...


We also have another pregnancy in progress I believe and I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this new mating. I am expecting and hoping that over the next couple of months we will see Chocolate, Brown, Blue, Lilac and Female Tortie options welcomed into the world. We may also get the odd Red and/or Cream Male.

Due to the length of our waiting list I do need to request that those on it be Patient. I am doing my very best to contact people as soon as I have confirmed news to offer! The waiting times as per the Waiting List Info Page is as acurate as I can be. Those waiting for 2 kittens from the same litter will likely wait longer than the times specified. I am hoping to update our waiting times again within the next few weeks as I expect there will be movement in the Lilac and Chocolate Male categories and possibly also in the Chocolate Tortie and Lilac Tortie list because of our NEW arrivals.

Well Easter is here...it feels like I am just getting over the Christmas madness.... But I love Easter...HMMMM CHOCOLATE! YUM! :) Bring it on!  


I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Easter break and look forward to posting again soon. 


16th March 2014  

We have an exciting NEW design of scratching pole available. The SEESAW has a cool hiding box and is a sturdy solid timber structure covered in real carpet. This two toned scratching pole has large scratching areas and allows for excercise, play and sleep. 

As an introductory price this funky new pole is $290 and comes with a toy and food pack. 


Aprox Dimensions : 1130 Tall x 1200 Long x 400 Deep

If you have another design in mind please contact us and we will happily quote you on a deign to suit your requirements. 


16th March 2014 

WOO HOO!! Time for a Big ol' brag!

The Annual Burmese Show today was a great success! I am as proud as punch. I have the best customers in the world I reckon! My head is still spinning and I don't quite know where to start...

Every single one of the cats we entered WON something today - which in itself is an achievement!

As usual there was a level of Objection to the entire process from the Adult Boys... Typical lazy males I say and the handsome Sarge owned by the Beautiful Kitty Flanagan was no exception. I believe his attitude didn't reflect well with the first judge who gave him a 2nd but after that he got a talking to and he pulled his Sox up to take out two x 1st Place awards. He was then placed 4th in the top 5. A wonderful achievement for a boy of his age ...especially considering it was his very first time on the Show Bench! I do somewhat regret not entering Sargie in some of the Side Classes as I think he would have done very well in hindsight but probably best we didn't overwhelm the poor boy on his first day in the spotlight! Here is a photo with some of the Prizes Sargie won! What a boy! 


Our Gorgeous little Onti wasn't in the best Show condition considering the marks on her neck due to some shenanigans with a handsome boy but she still took out 3 x 1st Places in the lilac entire girls and a 5th in the top 5 for all the entire girls entered in todays show. 

Jenny has every right be over the moon with her two adorable kittens Norman and Polly. They did the breed and Jenny Proud. Norman acted like the show was an everyday occurrence rolling around and lapping up the attention. He thought it was just a wonderful event and whats more he took out Three x 1st place under ALL 3 Judges, 2 x 1st in Top 5 Places and a Second in Top 5. 

Norman was also entered in some additional side classes and just to rub it in he took out 1st Place for Coat colour and Condition so that is really something to be proud of. He also took out 2nd Place in Eye Colour and shapeThis year was a speciality Red and Cream show so Norman was automatically entered in this class as he is a Red and he took out 2nd Place Red/Cream Burmese. There were 7 Red/Cream Burmese entered so for a kitten to take out second place against the adult competition is just huge.

Jenny's Lovely little girl Polly also did us proud talking out 3 x 1st places in ALL THREE RINGS as well as a 1st in the top 5 in Ring 1, a 2nd in the TOP 5 in Ring 2 and a 3rd in the Top 5 in ring 3. 

Full Credit to Jenny for having her cats in pristine SHOW QUALITY CONDITION. I also wanted to thank Jenny for her assistance throughout the day with my baby and in cage set up and pack up. It was fabulous to have the extra pair of hands with so much going on. Greatly appreciated! 

Koko Bourke was also an absolute winner today. 3 x 1st places under all three judges. This beautiful girl appeared to take the days events in her stride. She also took out 2 x 1st places in the TOP 5 a 2nd in Top 5 as well as a 3rd Place in Eye colour and Shape .

Hugo Bourke was another show pony today with 3 x 1st place awards in ALL THREE RINGS as well as 2 x 3rd place in the top 5 and a 4th in the top 5. The showoff was also entered in 2 side classes - and he took out 2nd Place in Coat Colour and Condition and a 1st place for Eye colour and Shape. Wooo Hoo!!!


Koko and Hugo went home with a range of prizes and awards including toys, litter, Burmese book and food.  

A Huge thank you to Hugo and Koko's owners for taking care of my 7 month old baby Olivia throughout the day and for getting me some lunch. I usually spend the day running around like a headless chook and don't get a chance to eat so their thoughtfulness was appreciated. They made a huge difference and they stepped in on a number of occasions to help out. A massive day for them travelling up from Canberra so it is an early start and a long day. Full credit to them for their dedication  - a lot has gone into comeing to the show and the ongoing care and presentation of their beautiful Suchi Burmese Babies. 

2UE's Breakfast Radio personality John Stanley and Musical wife Elissa Milne turned up to support their Beautiful Lilac Suchi Burmese TROLLEY. Their adorable son Tom attended his first Cat show and I am hoping that as he is a future Junior Handler in the making. Trolley just smashed it. He ended up being selected by one of the judges as part of the TOP 5 CATS - BEST IN SHOW and this boy that scrapes into the Adult class by 1 day took out 4th place. Considering he is still so young and this was his first show that is just brilliant! The family are thrilled and they took home a bunch of prizes including toys, litter, litter tray, food, Burmese books and other goodies. Congratulations.


Our Little Blue Girl, Kimlai Mi Blue Heaven blitzed it taking out a heap of 1st places throughout the day as well as a 1st in HEAD TYPE and a STEWARDS CHOICE award. Meaning that the steward that assists the judges felt that she was the most appealing to handle and work with! A huge compliment from a steward that takes this very seriously.

This Darling little girl gave me goose bumps when she was also called as part of the TOP 5 CATS - BEST IN SHOW   She is a little girl with OODLES of PURRsonality and good looks to boot and clearly I am not Biased as she was awarded a 1ST PLACE IN THE TOP 5 BEST IN SHOW 

To have yet another Best In Show is just absolutely Magic - that is now 5 years in a row!!!! YAY... but as usual I can take very little credit - so many breeders have worked tirelessly over many years to create the lines I work with today. 

Peta, full credit to you for the adorable Heaven! I am eternally grateful to you for trusting me with your lines and allowing me to carry on the hard work you have done over the years. I am thrilled to have done you proud today.

Dianne thanks for allowing me access to your beautiful Studs which resulted in Onti. I am so appreciative. You have tought me so much and and you have been a great mentor.

Sally Prass, I would be lost without you. Thanks for being a mentor and very dear friend. You have opened your studs up to me entirely and I thank you for your trust and your generosity. You have been so good to me, your an amazing woman and a true inspiration. 

Val, so much credit goes to you. Just about every cat in my home has some of your breeding somewhere behind it. I am working with studs that also reflect heavily on your years of dedication to the Burmese Breed. Your advice has been invaluable and I appreciate you allowing me access to your precious lines and for giving me the contacts to continue to do this beautiful breed proud! 

Zaw, Solor is still doing you proud with a number of the cats in todays show direct decedents. Thanks to you for your contribution to todays achievements.

And to all the other breeders behind the lines represented today. Credit where credit is due - Thank you for your involvement.

The owners of these cats also deserve a huge pat on the back. These animals are clearly loved and well cared for and it is a credit to the owners that they present so nicely on the show bench! Congratulations to each and every one of you. 

I am one very HAPPY CAMPER! :) 


13th March 2014


Yep...That time of year again... The BURMESE SHOW is THIS SUNDAY at Forrestville Memorial Hall. It will be a very quiet year for me showing my personal cats and kittens with the smallest entry I have done in many years BUT my wonderful customers are making up for it and hopefully we can collectively do Suchi Burmese and the breed in general very proud.

We have 2 adorable "older kittens" being entered - owned by the lovely and shomewhat cat crazy Jenny! Jenny's little Boy, Norman will have some tough competition this year as the show has a SPECIALITY competition for Red and Cream Burmese. Her lovely little girl is a tortie will be our only tortie entry this year.

2UE's Breakfast Radio Personality John Stanley with his musically renound wife, Elissa Milne, are entering one of their Lovely Suchi Burmese. Their lovely lilac boy is new to the show bench so we will see how he copes with the pressure of being in the spotlight like his human parents :) John plans to visit on the day and may even conduct some interviews with exihibitors and visitors for his Breakfast program so please listen out for that. John is an entertaining and thought provoking announcer and I look forward to hearing his thoughts on the show and inevitably the Crazy Cat Ladies in attendance.... yes I can't deny I fit into that category! Haa haaa  - at least I downright refuse to wear all the cat print getup I can get my hands on to pair with a cat print scarf, cat broach and printed handbag... Hmmmm not my style! haa haa

The gorgeous Kitty Flanagan is entering her darling Chocolate Boy, Sargie, who is currently holidaying with us at the moment. Sargie is also new to the spotlight of Show Business but I am sure he is going to take after his mum... we look forward to seeing him on the bench strutting his kittycat stuff!

We also have the lovely Jessica B travelling up from interstate to enter her cats in the show. They are now experienced on the show bench having represented us last year and doing Jess and Suchi Burmese extremely proud! We look forward to seeing Koko and Hugo on the bench again this year.

I have a couple of my own cats entered - Onti and Heaven in particular seem to enjoy the process as they have been shown since they were young kittens and they're familiar with cats shows and exhibitions which results in them being relxed and happy entrants. They both lap up the attention and enjoy being held and cuddled.

Obviously showing can on occasion be stressful for the cats, especially for older cats that aren't familiar with being in shows and particularly if they are from a single cat home. Putting them in a room with a heap of other cats and people everywhere can mean that a usually placid relaxed pussycat can show a whole new side. We obviously have the cats and the judges/show stewards best interest at heart so if we feel a kitty isn't cut out for the show on the day we can easily withdraw them.

In more news, we found a lovely home for the resuce Girl and we are thrilled that both the new owners and cat are happy. I think she is a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful and loving home.

Finally, we are looking forward to some furry arrivals this month and I will post some photos as soon as I have some news to share.


28th February 2014

A super quick post to see if we can find a home for a lovely Lilac female adult rescue cat.

This lovely girl is very affectionate and her elderly owners have failing health and can no longer off her the love and attention she requires. 

She would suit an indoor home with preferably no young children! 

She will come with all the bits and pieces required to get her new owners started.

Photos available soon and enquiries are welcome  from the 3rd of March.


24th February 2014

Time for another quick update to announce the arrival of some fantastic New Products available and on display in our Shop.

Catatonia Climber:


These fantastic Climbers look great in the Modern home and also provides your active Burmese with a Combo Bed, perch and Scratching surface. The REAL Carpet shelving will save your furniture and the High shelves will offer your Burmese a platform to Survey his/her kindom from!  

They are on special for Suchi Clients for February and March for $325.00 (incl GST Excl Delivery). Available in a Flat pack Version for our interstate clients or the assembled version as pictured. Also Available in Stained or Timber finish.

We now also stock the FLIP  - A nice simple way to hide your Litter tray contents.... 

 The Flip Litter Box gets its name from its double hinged, magnetic lid which effortlessly opens with a finger and gratifyingly shuts with a snap. It was designed to provide easy access for scooping and cleaning, while offering three privacy positions to accommodate every cats preference. The top mounted lid results in a full height, seamless, liquid tight base. It neatly houses the recycled paperboard liner and its contents for a tidy litter solution. 



We are still waiting to confirm the colour and sex combinations of our latest arrivals. It looks like Chocolate and/or Lilac are likely. We should know more within the next week or so.

We can also confirm we have litters baking at the moment and hope to add to our Suchi family in the coming weeks. Very exciting indeed and we expect to produce a range of colour and sex combinations including, Brown, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Cream and tortie colours all possible.

Well I had better get in and clean some litter trays out so I will sign off for now but promise to be back with more news soon. 


13 February 2014  

It is past time for another update and I know many of you hang out for our updates. You are not going to be disappointed....this post is partucularly exciting!

Firstly and most importantly... our NEW SHOP is OFFICIALLY OPEN!  

We have EVERYTHING your cat could possibly need here at very competitive pricing.   We have a huge selection of Beds, Carry boxes, Treatments, Grooming products, Collars, Toys, Bowls, litter trays and Scratching furniture to choose from. We hope that this facility will be a convenience to our clients and believe it will offer considerable savings.


This Shop is accessible via our Stunning NEW Cat safe courtyard that is currently underway. This facility will include an activity climbing wall, Sun drenched decks, grass and plenty of perches and activities to keep our boarding and resident cats entertained.

The courtyard is also going to access our NEW kitten room so that potential Suchi Owners can visit our on-site shop and see the kittens play in our light and bright new facilities. I will post photos of our Courtyard and kitten room soon.

In more good news the lovely chocolate boy in need of a home is now living in Noosa... Jeaolus Much? He seemed to settle in very quickly and looks to be leading a life of luxury. We are thankful that there are loving homes out there for these cats in need.

We also have a couple of girls off on Romantic Getaways with handsome boys that have been handpicked. We hope that their naughty holidays prove fruitful... Tutt Tutt! :) 

Well I have to run and feed the hungy clan but will be back with more photos and additional news soon.


3rd January 2014 

 A super quick post for a cat in need...

Due to a family relocation there is a desexed Chocolate Burmese Male, nearly 7 years old, in desperate need of a home.

This boy was bred by a Registered Burmese breeder based on the Northern beaches. He would suit a home with experienced cat owners that are available to give this boy the love and attention he deserves. Ideally the new home would have no young children.

He has been wormed, Flea treated, Microchipped and all vaccinations up to date.

He will come with some basics to get the new owner started including Litter and Litter tray, Bowl, Toy, food, Carry box and scratching pole. He will also come with a health guarantee and relevant paperwork.

Additional information is available - feel free to email me.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1st January 2014 - WELCOME to 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

We have a huge year planned and are looking forward to working with some wonderful breeders and stunning cats thoughout the year.

With a litter due very soon and a confirmed pregnancy I am hoping we will send some kittens to wonderful home that have been patiently waiting for their furr babies.

Unfortunately the Burmese show in March is going to be particularly quiet for us this year as it appears our show girls will either have kittens at the time or they will be pregnant which will mean they aren't in show condition..a bit of a shame but it is just the way it is. We have a couple of customers keen to enter cats they have purchased from us which is nice and I may enter a kitten or something just for a bit of fun if I can organise something...we will see.

I will be back to post some photos soon and look forward to keeping you all updated throughout the next year. 

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