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Written by Melanie   

Exciting News... Lots happening here at Suchi HQ.   



Customers Please Note: We don't have any kittens available for sale right now. If you are interested in getting a kittten from a future litter please go to the FAQ tab and click on BUYING A SUCHI BURMESE from the drop down menu options to find out more. Alternatively click here: Waiting List Info Page to take you directly to that page.





11th December 2015 
With things picking up here with all the boarding cats arriving for their holiday here with me over the Christmas period I will make this the last post of the year. There is lots of news to share.... 
I have just accepted 2 Burmese Rescue cats from the same home.

Mya was born in Mid 2010. She is a desexed Brown Female and all up to date with her vaccinations.  She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle under the blankets. Oscar is a couple of years older (I think about 8)- he is a blue boy and he is a lovely boy that is also up to date with everything. They seem typical burmese in nature and I think they will complete any home that takes them in nicely.

I am hoping to keep them together as I do think they would adjust easier and be good company for one another. 
They have been in a home with children and have been much loved family pets. I would like to see them go to a home with older children over the age of 5 or adults only but they would be fine around younger children that are familiar with cats and know how to treat, handle and respect them.

All our rescues come with a selection of items to get the new owner started which can include Vet recommended Wet and Dry food, Collar, bowls, Toys, Carry box, scratching pole, Litter and Litter tray.  They are Fully vet checked, Vaccinated, Microchipped, wormed and we provide a 4 month Health guarantee in writing. 

We organise the Microchip chance of ownership for you and we are happy to assist with relevant settling in information most of which is provided in your document folder.

All relevant medical history and documentation will be provided in a folder so that you can supply it to any vet you wish to use. I have spoken with the vet clinic that has cared for these cats already so there is no problem getting access to any information required.

We offer boarding services for cats and kittens we have sold so  we would welcome them back to us for a holiday too. 


Last time I shared that Lolly had been desexed well she has recovered really well and she has become a foster mum to a lovely litter of kittens that we have recently welcomed into the world. The mother of the litter is with them also so these lucky babies have 2 mums. Lolly looks after and grooms the mum and helps her clean and look after the new arrivals. It is just heartwarming to see Lolly so accepting and enjoying her new role here in the house.


Finally, we are now planning for the BURMESE SHOW in March and there are going to be lots of new things happening which is very exciting. I hope to see lots of familiar faces there and will post more about it in Januray next year so you can put the date in your diary.

I thought I would take a brief moment to thank all the wonderful customers that I have worked with thoughout the year. Thanks for sharing your photos and awesome stories and for offering such wonderful homes to my babies. I am so glad that they have brought you so much joy and happiness. I also wanted to thank those that have supported us by purchasing their cat products through us. Your commintment to our small business is appreciated and allows us to continue to offer a complete service from kitten sales thorugh to products, boarding and consults. Also a big thank you to those that purchased a RESCUE Burmese in need. I am so glad there are wonderful and kindhearted people out there willing and able to take in these lovely cats and offer them wonderful homes. They bring so much joy and happiness to so many new owners so I am thankful for those that consider them.

I wish all you crazy cat lovers and all my wonderful customers a truly Merry Christmas and a happy and Safe new year.  

I look forward to bringing you more new, photos, updates and kittens in 2016.

Much love and Purrs 



23rd November 2015 

We have had a bit of a sad month here at Suchi HQ.... 

Firstly, we received news that one of our lovely clients that lives locally to us had their beautiful female burmese go missing and she was found about a week later and we suspect she had been hit by a car. She was only about 2 years old and had been a special part of their family so eveyone is very sad. Poor Amy was a stunning chocolate girl with a lovely temperament. It is just devastating for everyone and I am can only hope that by sharing their sad story it may help somone else understand the importance of containing your cat in a CAT SAFE enclosure or keeping the cat INDOORS!!!! I know I harp on about this but if it save once cats life I think it was worth it. 

Secondly our gorgeously affectionate Lolly (chocolate female) developed a pyometra (a puss filled uterus). She was pregnant but the infection would have resulted in a natural termination of her pregnancy and the decision was made to desex her. Lolly will now enjoy her retirement somewhat earlier than expect. It was very dissapointing to loose her as part of our breeding program and to be informed about the loss of her litter but I am thankful she survived and is back to her happy perky self.

In more positive news we found the most wonderful homes for all the resuce cats and they seemed to have setted in to thier new homes beautifully. We are thankful to the lovely people that are willing to consider an older burmese expecially the rehab cats that in the past have had significant behavioural problems. 

We also have some kittens on the way and II am really excited to see what is produced given that we did a couple of intererstate matings over the past month or so. I will post next month with some photos to sharand a reaslly special story to share with you all............ 


5th October 2015

Back again in with some Burmese in need of a home. We have 3 Gorgeous Batchelors looking for a loving family.

2 of the boys have been together since they were kittens and we would dearly love to see them go together. They were born in October 2012 and they have come from a sad divorce situation and neither partner is living in appropriate acccommodation to cater for the cats.

The boys will come Fully vet checked, Vaccinated, Microchipped, wormed and we will provide a 4 month Health guarantee. They will come with Vet recommended Wet and Dry food, Collars, bowls, Toys, Carry box, Litter and Litter tray. I have photos of the brothers for anyone that is interested. 

I also have a lovely brown boy that is in need of a home. He was bred by us and born in 2010 and is a friendly and affectionate boy. He is fine with children but probably best in a single cat home. He will also come with Vet recommended Wet and Dry food, Collars, bowls, Toys, Carry box, Litter and Litter tray. He will be Fully vet checked, Vaccinated, Microchipped, wormed and we will provide a 4 month Health guarantee.

Photos are available of all these cats on our Burmese Needing a Home Page 

If you are interested in offering these lovely boys a home please contact me via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

We did have some sad news a few weeks back regarding a lovely little Blue boy we sold in October last year. The council couldn't get hold of the owner and ended up calling me with news that he had been found on Old South Head Rd. Both the owner and I were heartbroken.  He was a very special little man and will be sadly missed. I hear these stories all to often and I can only continue to stress how important it is to KEEP YOUR BURMESE INDOORS!!!! and if you want to let your cat out build or offer a SAFE CAT PROOF ENCLOSURE like the KITTYWALK RANGE - Town and Country unit pictured below.


We have been working with a couple of wonderful interstate breeders  and we are very excited about what kittens will be produced over the coming months. We have sent a couple of girls off on naughty holidays...who would of thought I would turn out to be a CAT PIMP! Haaa haaa.

Well I had better run and get the cats and kittens fed and watered before I have to feed the human family.  Promise to be back again soon with additional updates. 


16th August 2015

So very slack in posting recently so I have lots of news to share....

Firstly, We have 2 beautiful burmese rescue girls looking for a home. These girls are Chocolate and Brown and we born in 2009 and 2010. There is more information on them under the Misc Menu  - 'Burmese needing a home' for anyone that is interested.

We have lots happeing here at the moment in the way of kittens and pregnancies. We have recently welcomed a new littter of Chocolate babies and we are expecting Blue, Blue Tortie, Cream Brown and Chocolate kittens to be born as a result of current pregnancies and recent matings.

I received some very sad news in the last couple of days from some lovely clients that had a beautiful Burmese they purchased many years ago from me. A husky broke into their yard and attacked their lovely cat Miu Miu. Unfortunately Miu Miu sustained bad injuries and had to be put to sleep as a result. It was obviously devastating to them and their children. I have encouraged them to report the dog as a dangerous dog. I feel that the owners of the dog need to take responsibility and muzzle the animal when it is out of their yard to prevent this from occuring again. 

In happier news I have finally been able to get a photo of the CATACULAR SATIVA modern scratching pole. This was a special order for a customer and I think it looks fabulous. I hope that her cats enjoy is as much as our cats do.


I have received some just simply adorable photos and updates recently from wonderful customers that have purchased kittens from us over the past few months. Dayna living in the NT sent a great photo of her cheeky Blue Burmese sitting in the bathroom sink and Emma sent the below photos of Skadi and Loki saying that they have settled in beautifully and are "winning over the household". Makes my day to receive these updates and just wonderful to know my babies have landed in such loving homes. We also had a lovely client travel all the way from Hong Kong to come and meet us and her two fur babies. She will be flying back to collect them next month and take them home to Hong Kong where they will be much loved and very spoilt.  

I also thought I would mention to all of those people patiently waiting on our waiting list to please ensure that I have a current email address and phone number. We have had 3 people miss out on kittens recently as I was unable to contact them. I didn't have a phone number for either of them and in one case their email address had also changed. 2 of them that have since been in contact were dissapointed to have missed out as they had both been waiting for quite sometime. If your details change please LET ME KNOW so that this doesn't happen to you.

Also for anyone that is in need of a good laugh the fabulous Kitty Flanagan is performing a limited number of shows as the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE this month. I can only imagine that the tickets will sell quickly and I can speak from experience that her shows make for a fantastic night out. Dates and Tickets can be found here: -  KITTY FLANAGAN.

Well I had better run for now as there is always lots to do around here but I will try not to leave it so long before I am back again with more news from Suchi HQ. 


19th June 2015   

Just a quick post today to share an awesome photo sent to my by a lovely client who spoilt her Burmese with this Awesome Catacular "Tyrian" pole. Olivia kindly sent me this awesome pic of her regal burmese owning it! :) I think this pole looks just brilliant and clearly the cats agree. How cool is that! Thanks so much for sharing, it is lovely to see our feline friends getting so spoilt. A special thanks to Olivia for sharing it on instagram and getting the word out there that functional cat furniture can look good and doesn't have to break the budget. 


9th May 2015  

It has been SOOOOOO long since I have posted. I beg your forgiveness. I know some of you are checking weekly but we have been crazy busy and my website / updates have been totally neglected.

I will start with some HUGE news... we have a lovely little Chocolate boy available for sale and ready to go if anyone is interested. I was toying with keeping him but I have decided for genetic reasons to bring in an outside stud and I can't have any more than that -  my husband will divorce me in a heartbeat and I need to keep the peace :) This lovely little guy is the son of our Blue boy and Ciella. He is super sweet natured. He has been vet checked, vaccinated and desexed and he is now ready to be loved by a new family. He will come with our usual 4 month health guarantee and free included pet insurance + some basics to get the new owners started.

We had a wonderful time at the Burmese Show in March.  Two of our lovely clients entered and brought along their beautiful cats and they both did very well indeed. Opal owned by the lovely Simone achieved 3 First places in each ring as well as BEST PURRSONALITY and 1st in Eye colour and shape. I was totally thrilled as was Simone. Opal took the show in her stride and was quite chilled out and relaxed despite the large crowds and all the excitement.

Calinda Kate (AKA Bella) Owned by the wonderful Josephine also received 3 x 1st places for BEST IN SECTION as well as 3 x 1st in the Top 5.

This lovely little girl was also pulled out as part of the top 5 BEST IN SHOW selection so we were  just thrilled that such a young girl would do so well on the show bench.

I am so thankful to clients that participate in the shows. It is an early start and a long day. Ensuring the cats and kittens are in show quality condition with clean eyes, groomed coats and clipped claws means that there is some preparation involved so full credit to these two lovely ladies for making my job easier on the day.

In more news... We are really excited to be working with the wonderful Prof. Lesley Lyons (University of Missouri - Columbia and previously at University of California - Davis) and Prof. Richard Malik (Sydney Uni). Professor Lesley Lyons is at the top of her field in profiling and maping feline DNA. I have heard her speak at a couple of seminars and it was fascinating. Prof. Richard Malik is also at the top of his field and is just a bottomless pit of knowledge in all things feline health related. I approached an Assoc professor at Sydney Uni in relation to some particularly interesting kittens we have been producing over the past 2 years - Minature Burmese and she put me in touch with Richard and it has all developed from there.

I don't believe it is correct to clasify these kittens as Dwarf Burmese as they are in proportion but just very small for their age. They also aren't the typical "Runt" as they are usually quite fat little kittens but their growth rate seems to plateu early on. Our very first case, a lovely Blue boy (See photos below) is owned by one of our staff members and he is now approaching 2 years old. He was one when the photos were taken and as you can see next to the Milk container he is very small for a 1 year old Male burmese.   

We have found a couple of other cases interstate so we are now working with other willing breeders as well. Obviously some breeders have chosen not to be involved which is a shame but hopefully we have enough to get what we need. 

The Cream boy was from a reasonable size litter and 2 of the kittens were affected. He is now owned by a wonderful family that have purchased 4 Burmese from us over the years. He is aprocahing 1 year old now and is one of the most beautiful looking Cream burmese cats I have come across.

The Brown boy was one of our more recent cases. There a photos of him as a little kitten with his siblings/litter mates and then a couple of photos of him taken around Easter (one with his Brother from the same litter and 1 on his own) He has grown into a devine looking cat. Very nice type, brilliant eye colour and coat. 

Given that these cases are from a handful of different mothers and 4 different (unreplated) fathers we are fascinated to learn more. We have been very busy over the past few months collecting data, getting DNA samples, doing blood tests and arranging X-rays and CT scans. I am excited to be part of this project and hope we can learn more about this beautiful breed, the blodlines and DNA behind them. I will certainly keep you updated here as we find out more.  




Well I think that is enough for one post so I will leave it at that for now and come back again with more news next time.


7th March 2015 

I have been so hectic and haven't had a chance to post for weeks but here I am... A box of tissues on hand as I have caught a bug that has forced me to lay low for the past 24 hours.

This past month has seen us take on 3 Beautiful rescue Burmese and place them all in new loving homes. I am so thrilled that they have settled in so well and adjusted so quickly. They all have lovely temperaments and the new owners are just thrilled to be offered the opportunity welcome these boys into their homes. I am so thankful to people that are interested and willing to take on older cats in need.

While we are on this topic we have had a really very sad case brought to our attention. A number of weeks back I sold a stunning little Blue girl to a lady who had patiently waited on our waiting list a Very, very long time. This lovely lady and her husband had 2 other cats (1 moggy and an older Burmese she purchased years ago from another breeder). Upon introducing the kitten to the home one of their existing cats developed some undesirable behaviour traits and was extreemly distressed by the kittens presence. Desipite her best efforts to try and accommodate the needs of all 3 cats she has been left with no choice but to return the kitten back to me. She is understandably very distressed and hasn't come to this decision lightly. Obviously we will now be placing this lovely little Blue girl in a NEW home. She is only 6 months old and is fully vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and I can give her full family history.

We have also welcomed another litter of kittens which is very exciting. I expect to update some of our waiting time accordingly as soon as we have confirmed the colours and sexes produced.

We entered a Cat show last weekend and were thrilled to have the BEST BURMESE IN SHOW and we placed 3rd over all in the top 8 Cats in Show. Given that the cat that did so well is only a kitten we are over the moon and excited to see how she developes over the coming months.

The Burmese Show is next weekend and it will be a very quiet show for us. I do have a couple of clients that have decided to enter the cats they have purchased from us so we are excited about that and look forward to seeing how the go.

Well that bring you all up to date and I will post again soon with more news down the track. 

26th JANUARY 2015

Well here we are in 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY.

We have a huge year ahead of us... so much has happened over the past few weeks that I don't know quite where to begin. We have welcomed our first litter of kittens for the year on the 1st of January which was just lovely! It looks like we have mainly boys and I was hoping for at least a few girls!!! We have confirmed another pregnancy and hopefully that will produce more girls for us but regardless of what we get it is a busy start to 2015.

We have also welcomed a lovely girl into our breeding program. This gorgeous lady came to us from a breeder who has decided to retire from the breeding world and had only recently purchased the girl for her own breeding program from a well known breeder and all breeds judge interstate. We are fortunate to be offered this girl and we look forward to seeing what she will produce for us. 

We loved having all the boarding cats come to stay over the Christmas and January school holiday period and the boarding cats seemed to enjoy out cat climbing walls that Nathan has been busy constructing. Here is a photo of TV personality/comedian Kitty Flanagan's cat Sargie enjoying the equipment whilst he was here for a holiday over the Christmas/NY period.


We are also looking forward to the 2015 BURMESE SHOW to be held at Forrestville Memorial Hall on the 15th of March. I think it will be a very quite show for us this year as I suspect our main show cats will be either pregnant or looking after kittens which unfortunately will mean they can't be entered but hopefully I can find a cat or two to put in for a bit of fun...we will see what happens I guess. Either way it is lovely to spend the day talking to other people with a passion for the Burmese Breed and it is fantastic way for people to meet breeders and see wondeful examples of the Burmese breed on disply. This year is a Torite specialist show and I just love my torties as they are so unique and no two are the same. I can't wait to see what some of the breeders enter. It will be a fun day and I hope to see you all there to support it! 

Looking forward to keeping you up to date throughout the year with all the happenings here at Suchi HQ.  






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