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Written by Melanie   


Exciting News... Lots happening here at Suchi HQ.   




DECEMBER 2017   

All the Christmas boarding cats have started to arrive so I will be making this my Last post for 2017.

Things are coming together nicely for the Burmese Show in March 2018 and I am looking forward to meeting other Buremse Cat lovers and Owners at the show. It will be so nice to see all the lovely cats on display.  

We have recently welcomed some lovely babies but they are too young to confirm some of the colours produced just at this stage.  

We have also done another mating in the hope we will welcome some more babies in the new year.

I would like to wish all our current Suchi Owners, Future Suchi owners and our Readers a safe and very Merry Chrstmas and a wonderful Holiday season. I look forward to posting more again soon.


12th October 2017    

We have had lots of wonderful feedback from lovely customer. I love receiving the updates and progress reports. I really enjoy seeing how much our kittens become part of the family. I even got this sms earlier this month from a customer that purchased 2 kittens from me a year or so back....


I also received a lovely photo of another customers 8 year old daughter in bed asleep with one of their two 1 year old SUCHI burmese asleep snuggled up under her arm. It is so lovely to see the bond between child and pet but there is also some MAJOR considerations that need to be factored in when deciding to introduce a kitten to a home with young children. I have recently done an important update on Children and Burmese on our website here:  Children and Burmese.   If you are thinking about adding a Burmese to your home and you have children under the age of 5 or 6 that HAVEN'T lived with a pet before PLEASE read the information on that page. Yes,  some of the stories are confronting and upsetting and I don't share the information lightly. I share it because I think it is important for parents to consider their options and understand all risks even with well behaved children with good intentions. As breeders we love the kittens we produce and we just want what is best for all parties invovled and sometimes that can mean taking a step back and waiting for the right time.


4th October 2017   

We are very excited to announce that we are now stockists of Maison Beds.  These Luxurious beds are PURRfect for every cat and look great too. They are designed and made in Australia, they are machine washable and come in a range of colours and fabrics. We have a huge number in stock in a range of colours and sizes to suit 1, 2 and 3 cat homes. For more info and photos click here: Maison Beds.  

It has been a busy holiday period and it has been wonderful to see some of our boarding regulars again including Mitzi, Piper and Scout, Jasper, Sarge, Millie and Max all come back for a holiday retreat visit. Nice catching up with the owners/customers as well. We feel very privileged to have such a wonderful Suchi Family. 

For those Suchi Burmese Owners that are interested in boarding over the January 2018 and Easter 2018 periods I would suggest you let me know soon - January has limited availability and we have multiple bookings in place for Easter already and I expect it will book out by Early January at the latest. 

24th September 2017  

Well it never takes long once I post the rescues but thanks everyone for the interest. Our Lovely Cream Rescue boy has a loving home excited to welcome him into their family. It is so lovely to know there are so many wonderful people out there willing to offer them homes up for an animal in need. There will no doubt be more rescues in the weeks and months to come so if you are interested in a rescue/rehome cat please let me know so that I can keep you on our contact list. 

23rd September 2017 

Lots of news to share so I will get straight to it...

We have a lovely rescue boy here in need of a super loving home - he is my breeding so I have full access to his history and bloodlines. He would suit a Large home where someone is around most days of the week to be his slave. If the new home offered a cat run or a kittywalk enclosure that would be ideal. He is only 5 years old and has plenty of love to give.


If you or anyone you know would be interested in offering this boy a home please call me to discuss further.

We are now in school holiday mode with lots of boarding cats coming and going. It is so lovely to have the babies we have sold over the years come back for a holiday here with us. 

We also have lots happening on the kitten front as well which is so exciting and it has been lovely to meet and talk with the new families getting kittens from us. For anyone intersted in joining our waiting list please note that the more specific you are with the colour and sex combinations of interest to you the longer the wait is likely to be.  WE are offering kittens to some people now that only joined our waiting list in August because they were happy to take kittens of ANY Colour/Sex combination.

Last month I spoke about the preparation that is already underway for the 50th Burmese Cat Show.... There will be more deatils to come over the coming months but IT WILL BE HE HUGE!!! We have secured the St Ives Community Hall (at St Ives Shopping Village) for the event on SUNDAY IN MID MARCH NEXT YEAR (2018).   We are hoping to have some very special features and presentations including honouring some of our very long term breeders as well as some history items on display. We are very excited about the judges likley to be judging on the day. With the majority of them being Current or Retired Burmese Breeders themselves. We are expecting breeders to come from interstate and likley even overseas for this special event and we love to see lots of visitors and general public come to support so please keep checking for further updates and details. We hope to see you there!!! 


30th August 2017  

Wanted to have a little brag and to share some exciting news with you all. We are thrilled to announce that SUCHI ILLUSIVE SAMANTHA has been awarded the NSW CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION BEST ENTIRE FEMALE CAT of 2016. Given the wonderful cats on the show bench thorughout last year and all the beautiful breeds on display we are so thrilled with this wonderful result. A massive thanks to Sue for going to all the effort to attend the shows with SUCHI ILLUSIVE SAMANTHA and have her in such good condition. Sammy is such a lovely cat and I am just over the moon that Sue has had so much fun showing her. We couldn't be more proud. 

For those of you that follow us on Facebook we have recently posted a photo of a delightful little Chocolate Burmese female that we may just have to keep... She has some lovely characteristics despite being so very young and after finding out that her grandfather has passed away we would like to contine that line on.

We are also busily preparing for the 2018 Burmese Show. Once again it is likely to be held on a Sunday in Mid March and again we are hoping to keep it in the North Shore/Northern Beaches area. I will post more on that once details have been confirmed. We are also hoping to have some exciting news re judging appointments over the coming weeks and we would love to see all of you Sydney locals come out and support the show. It will be a great day out and a fantistic opportunity to meet wonderful breeders and se the Best of the Best Cats and Kittens on Display. I will post more on that over the coming months. 


12th August 2017 

Beyond time I posted another update and there is so much to share...

Firstly I will give you all a huge kitten fix..... These babies are just adorable and mischievous like you have never seen... 



I particulary chose these photos to show people again the difference between Red and Cream burmese which we talk more about here on our Colour Differences   -  page. There is also a short YouTube video of A red and Cream kitten on our YouTube links page which can be found under the 'Kittens and Visiting' Us tab. But in the 2 photographs above the kitten on thre Far Left is a Red and the kitten second from the left is a Cream. You with note that the two Red kittens in these photos have a more noticable Red Blaze on their forheads compared to the cream boy.

These babies are so special and 2 of these darlings are off to a loving home in Singapore. So nice that they can go on that adventure together when they are old enough to do so.

Coming into spring I particularly wanted to remind all our cat and kitten owners that Flea and Tick provention is viatal during the Spring and summer months particularly. While I am a stong advocate of cats being confined and not being allowed to roam the country side and risk being poisoned, stolen, hit by a car, abused/mistreaded by nasty natured humans, attacked by a possom or dog or have them hunt our beautiful wildlife.  Resonsible cat owners that do allow there cats to access outdoor cat enclosures (such as the modular/collapsible Kittywalk enclosures) need to be aware and at least check for nasty bitey critters daily.  Even completely indoor cats can still occasionally be affected by these nasty creatures so give me a call or talk to your vet about the best options to protect your Suchi Burmese this summer. 

This is also a good time to remind people about the dangers of Lilies to cats. If you are a cat owner or if you ever give flowers to a cat owner please either remove the Lilies from the boquet or keep the flowers in a room where the cat does not go. For more information please check out the Lily poisioning tab under the FAQ menu!   

Also just a reminder to anyone looking to join our waiting list.... If you are flexible with colour and sex combinations of interest to you it is likely that I can help you very quickly. If you are very specific about the colour and sex of the kitten/s you wish to get then the waiting times on our website here  Suchi Burmese Waiting List  will apply. If you are interested in 2 kittens or specific colour and sex combintions and from the same litter please note that the waiting time will usually be longer.


8th June 2017 

Well I have done it again, June already and I havent posted since March! Total Shocker!

We have some lovely babies  on the ground that are thriving and I have so enjoyed phoning the potential new owners and listening to the excitment in their voices at the news they will soon be bringing home a kitten from us.

Another mating has recently occured and I am expecting nearly all the colours of the Burmese Rainbow as a result which is so exciting. 

On another note: I would like to kindly request that people contacting breeders with general enquiries about kitten availability consider the timing of their call. Breeders do have families and other commitments and phone calls at 7am on Sunday morning or 10pm on a Sunday night for example are not typically welcomed. Given most breeders are taking calls 7 days a week it would be greatly appreciated if people could time their call to be at a respectable hour. 

I do expect to be on call 24 hours a day ONLY for people that have collected a kitten from me within the past 14 or so days or if there is an absolute emergency with a cat for a customer that has purchased a Suchi Burmese from me in the past.

I encourage people to call the BREEDER THEY PURCHASED THE CAT FROM if they have a question, problem or an issue with a cat they have purchased from another breeder. If they need further help or advice I am more than happy to assist where possible during Business hours and respectable weekend hours if required. I have posted more on this here:  Breeder Contact Etiquette   

I will try to get some photos up of some babies very soon. 


20th March 2017

I can't believe we are in March and this is my first update for the year. I do apologise. It has been such a hectic time with the January School Holidays and then with some kittens going home and prep for the Burmese Show I have totally neglected my blog updates. 

We had the Burmese Show yesterday and it was a massive success. Thanks to all of the visitors that attended. It was so lovely to catch up with both existing Suchi Burmese owners as well as Future Suchi Burmese Owners that are on our waiting list already. 

It was also lovely to see our cats doing so well at yesterdays show and I am particularly thrilled with how calm all the cats were given the stressful environment.  Cat show are about as stressful as things can get for a cat and to have all the Suchi cats on their best behaviour and be so accommodating of all the handling and contact required on the show bench is just brilliant. 

We have a lovely Tortie Girl available for sale and I am happy to send photos to anyone interested. She has had 2 vaccinations and has been vet checked, Microchipped and will be desexed this week. She will come with our standard 4 month health guarantee and included pet insurance. 

I will be returning soon with some photos and more updates and will hopefuly be able to post more regulalry over the coming weeks and months.

Until next time.. Give your felines a smooch from me.   

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