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Written by Melanie   

As a Burmese breeder who is, like many other Burmese breeders inundated with kitten enquiries, I feel there needs to be a comment made re kitten buyer etiquette.†

Firstly all breeders want their kittens to go to loving homes, that is without question. We spend many many hours devoted to our kittens, staying up at times all night when they are in labour, making vet visits as required, weighing and monitoring the progress of each little bundle. Providing top quality food to give the queen and kittens the very best start and the list of what is required goes on and we do it because we love our cats and kittens. Then we get kitten enquiries which of course we need so as to find the appropriate homes for our babies. Some kitten buyers are absolutely lovely but then there are quite a few that make the whole deal somewhat a trial.

Here are a few things to consider if you are enquiring about a kitten:

*Make your enquiry at a suitable time. 11.00pm by phone in many households is not deemed a respectable hour for anything except family emergencies, nor is right on meal time. Perhaps if you are a night owl an sms or email is preferable. The breeder can attend to your enquiry at an hour suited to them.

*make sure you tell the breeder who you are not just a random unknown text

*not all breeders are retired, many, many go to work are canít be available all of the time.

* there are heaps of enquiries being made at the moment and yours is not the only one. If you have a specific request it could take longer for the right kitten to be available to you.

* we breeders do not have a supply of kittens ready to go on the shelf. Some litters are big others small. We have to wait and see what we get and raise before we can make promises to provide a kitten

* it is also a long time between being born and being ready to meet people. Sadly but realistically not all kittens born survive. Patience is needed.

* please do not promise your kids a kitten until you have confirmed with a breeder that they have one for you....not just that they have kittens born. It is not the breederís fault if you promise something that you canít provide and your kids are disappointed. Also it isnít good to post emojis conveying people crying and kittens shedding tears in disappointment that the breeder hasnít got a kitten for you. That is emotional blackmail and very unfair.†

* I also know of cases where kitten buyers have tried to offer more money than the breederís asking price to hasten their chance of a kitten and in the case of a waiting list, jump the queue. This is unethical and doesnít endear you to the breeder.†

* there are some very sad stories out there where people have lost an elderly much loved cat or a young cat has been tragically taken and the desire for another is huge, but who is to say one person is more deserving than another?

* when you do adopt your precious furry companion, if your name is down with other breeders please let them know you have found your kitty and wonít be needing one from them. It is extremely helpful re their forward planning and also courtesy. They will be happy for you!

* once you have your kitty, if you have any concerns please contact your kittenís breeder. They know their kittens and we all do things a little differently. We put a huge amount of love and care into raising our babies and can be of great help. I tell my kitten owners ďthere are no silly questions just silly people who donít ask!Ē We want the best for our babies.

So please kitten buyers, consider the breeders at this time too. We all want to be able to provide you with your forever furry companion but be patient. It is very difficult times for us all.


Breeders do have families and other commitments and phone calls at 7am on Sunday morning or 10pm on a Sunday night for example are not usually welcomed. I have had a lot of calls at very inappropriate times recently including 10pm on the Sunday night of a Long Weekend, 7am calls on a Sunday morning and after 9pm on weeknights. I don't even call my own family after 9pm unless it is an emergency and I would appreciate it greatly if customers would consider anything after 7pm - 'out of hours family time'. Most businesses aren't taking calls after hours every night of the week - neither should breeders.

Given most breeders are taking calls 7 days a week it would be greatly appreciated if people could time their call to be at a respectable hour.†

I encourage people to call the BREEDER THEY PURCHASED THE KITTEN/CAT FROM if they have a question, problem or an issue with a cat they have purchased from another breeder. If they need further help or advice I am more than happy to assist where possible during Business hours Monday - Friday and respectable weekend hours if required. The breeder of the kitten is going to know their lines and the genetics they are working with better than I will.†

I do expect to be on call 24 hours a day ONLY for people that have collected a kitten from me within the past 14 days or if there is an absolute emergency with a cat for a customer that has purchased a Suchi Burmese from me at a previous time. I am more than happy to help my new kittens customers with any problem or concern they have regardless of the time of day. I do certainly expect my new kitten customers to call me prior to seeking any after hours veterinary advice which could leave them considerably out of pocket unnecessarily.

Once you own a Suchi Burmese you are part of the Suchi Family. Suchi Family is my priority!†

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