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Written by Melanie   

There are some very important things to think about before you buy a kitten...

Some things to consider before buying a kitten: 

We do try and save our customers money on their pet supplies and most essental items are available thorugh our on site shop. We recommend you DON'T purchase products such as litte, litter tray and food until we have had a chance to show you the brands we use so that the kitten can have items they are fmailiar with. This will make their transitiion easier and hopefully in the case of the litter and tray mean that less accidents are likley due to familiarity. The only things we ask clients to purchase PRIOR to bringing a kitten home is some Chicken wings and some Diced and minced Meat (suitable for human consumption). These can all be stored in zip log bags in the freezer and taken out to thaw as needed. We go through cost effective supplies and basic needs when you come and work out what items suit your need, home, lifestyle and budget.

If you are likely to require a scratching pole from us we will need at least 7 days notice. Most poles are custom made so if you have design modifications and specific carpet colour requests please just let us know at the time of ordering.  


1. Is your home set up for the breed you are considering? In my case we recommend Burmese as an indoor Breed. They are obviously an active and inquisitive breed and some adjustments and modifications to your home may be required.  Do you need to look at purchasing Fly screens to allow the fresh air in but stop the cat escaping out a window?  If your home has doors that are open throughout the warmer months are you prepared to have some Screens installed or offer the cat a safe area indoors or a secure outdoor enclosure to ensure the safety of your cat? If you are in a rental property are you allowed to own pets and make these required modifications? Are you able to hide or secure all the cords in your home? Little kittens sometimes enjoy chewing on Charging cables and wires which can cause significant injury. Are you also able to lock away any chemicals or harmful substances that the kitten could eat or drink? Are you happy to put all your precious breakables away. Glass vases, and china trinkets will likely get knocked and broken if left out.  

2. Is Pet Insurance something you are interested in and can budget for. We include Pet insurance with PETPLAN with all our kittens. It is up to you if you wish to continue the policy we set up or if you wish to set up your own policy through another institution or broker. If you already have an existing health insurance policy you may wish to enquire if they do a discount for pet insurance for exisiting clients.

3. If you have children under the age of 5 or 6 we ask you read the information here:  Children and Burmese. 

4. Are you able to arrange/afford care for your animal when you go away on holiday. Most in home pet care services and boarding facilities would charge about $20 - $25 per day for 1 cat. We do offer boarding services here for cats and kittens we have sold so if you live in the Sydney Metro/Central coast area you may wish to board your cat here with us. The costs are on our website in the USERMENU, accessible once you login. Regardless, it would be safe to say that 1 weeks boarding would be aprox $120+ Peak periods, Public Holidays will likley cost area depsding on the facility or service.

5. Can you afford a kitten:  There is lots of more detailed information on this here:  Costs of owning a cat. 
But in shrot some of the costs involved are discussed below as well... 
There are considerable costs that come with Pet Ownership aside from the purchase cost of the actual animal. 

a) Providing good quality pet food is important and I would think that most pet owners would agree that they would spend at least $30 - $60 a month on Meat, Dry Food, Chicken necks and wings, treats and other food supplies. 

b) A cost of $10 - $20 a month for a bag of Bulk buy litter would be realistic.

c)  Supplies such as beds, toys, Carry boxes, scratching poles bowls are obvioulsy significant in the first year particularly. Most items will last you a number of  years but scratching poles will need to be replaced or recovered at least every 3 - 5 years depending on size and usage. Beds also don't last forever so factoring in some funds in your budget towards these supplies is essential.

d)  Obviously unexpected injuries and health issues can occur even with complety indoor cats which are at less risk than cats that are allowed outdoors.  If your kitten jumps and injures a leg or becomes unwell for some reason the costs can be considerable. If your cat ever requires hospitalisation or special care it would be highly likley that you would be looking at $1000+. Surgery, drips and specialist vet hospitals would increase those cost considerably. You may like to consider pet insurance.

e) Costs of vaccinations and Flea /worming treatments, are considerable and anywhere between 10 - $25 a month depending on the treatment you use and how often it is required and your vet consult fees.   

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