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Written by Melanie   
April 2020
Today we remember our fallen and those men and women who fought and still fight to protect our country and way of life. It was nice to see our neighbours out at 6am with thier candles and flags to ensure the current isolation didn't stop us from remembering and honoring these heros and the sacrifce they and their families made. Lest we forget.
I promised that I would put some photos of kittens in this next post and these are some of the cheeky babies we have here at the moment... 
Our current kittens are all sold and the demand over the rescent weeks throught this isolation period has been unprecedented.  I understand that many people are keen to introduce a kitten given the time they are currently spending at home but I hope some thought and consideration goes into what happens when this isolation period is over and life returns to normal.  Burmese love company and some households that typicall spend a lot of time away from the home numerous days a week would be better of considering 2 kittens so that they continuiously have company and companionship. 
We have recently mated one of our lovely mummy cats and cant wait to see if it was successful. Gestation is only about 9 weeks so it shouldn't be long before we know if we will hear the pitter-patter of little paws in the next few months.
For those of our customers that are looking to travel once we restrictions are lifted please try to give us as much notice as possible if ou require our boarding services. We are already getting a few inquiries of people suffering cabin fever and itching to get away over the coming months. 
Well I have a lovely rescue cat about to head off to his new home so I will run for now but will be back again soon with more updates and photos. 
Give your cat a hug from me.  

March 2020

Oh my goodness time has clearly gotten away from me....

Between rescues, kittens, boarding cats, clients and children I have totally neglected my website updates. My website sadly gets put on the back burner on occasion as the other elements must take priority but here we are in COVID lockdown and suddenly I find myself with a spare 10 minutes up my sleeve to update and let you all know a small portion of all we have going on.

There is so much good news to share that I nearly don't know where to start... 

I will start out with a laugh and given the COVID situation we are dealing with it was wonderful to see our favourite comedian Kitty Flanagan on THE PROJECT the other night showing off her beautiful Chocolate Suchi Burmese Sarge while coping with the Lockdown situation.... Kitty also called for Burmese reinforcements by calling in Billie who was also bred by us and owned by Kitty's manager Glenn. 

It gave me such a buzz to see these gorgous cats again and even better when it comes with a good laugh. If you look closely you can see the gorgeous Sargie's little white nose.... I would recognise that nose anywher!  

 Click on THE PROJECT clip below to view the segment Video..

VIDEO LINK: The Project March 2020 

Here are some of the photos of Sargie and Billie from the segment..... 




Kitty also kindly shared a couple of other photos of Sarge leading a tough life at home... I don't know how he copes!


In more happy news The Burmese Cat society have been raising money for the numerous Burmese in Distress that we have been finding homes for. For those of you that follow us along on facebook you would have seen some of the cases we have received. 

Thankfully we have had some wonderful people come forward willing to adopt mature rescues and it has been so heart warming to see these cats so happy and settled in their new homes.

Here are some of the photos of some of the rescues in their new homes... 

 BEAN: Chocolate Burmese Female


Alice (Brown Female) and Lulu (Blue female)


We also have some lovely kittens on the ground and I will try to give you all your kitten fix in my next update.

Have to run and get through some other tasks now but in the meantime. Feel free to send up a Facebook friend Request to Melanie Martin (with a Burmese Fac I hope you all stay safe and don't forget to wash your hands.

From all of us here at Suchi HQ!  




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