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Written by Melanie   

Exciting News... Lots happening here at Suchi HQ.  


30th September 2010 

Well it has been a crazy week indeed! Our school holiday boarding cats are keeping us busy and they are all having a blast! I love watching them explore their temporary holiday home when they first arrive.

We had to rush Zinnia off to the vets for an Emergency C-Section earlier this week. She is fine and she has 3 healthy little boys. She is a wonderful first time mum and is doing a great job with her little boys. I am looking forward to watching them grow.

Our older litter will be ready to leave us before we know it! I can't belive how time flies. They are just growing in leaps and bounds and and so full of energy. I will be so sad to see them go.

We are hoping to confirm a pregnancy in the coming couple of weeks which is exciting.

I will try to get some photos up of our newest additions soon.


14th September 2010  

Some more shots I just had to share with you all... 

Our Mum Tilly with a gorgeous little lilac girl. 


Above: A darling little Lilac Girl.



L: A chocolate boy, Lilac Girl and a Cream boy

C: Lilac Girl

R:  A chocolate boy, Lilac Girl and a Cream boy.


12th September 2010 

Time for another baby photo fix for all you enthusiasts.

These little bundles are just on 4 weeks old and they are devine. We produced a range of colours in the litter including 2 stunning cream boys, a gorgeous little Red boy, a very cheeky chocolate boy, a beautiful brown and doll faced lilac girl all out of the same litter...


There still blue eyes will start to change in the next couple of weeks and should be showing the typical burmese gold tones by the time the kittens are between 6 - 8 weeks.

Will post some more photos in the coming weeks.

7th September 2010 

There seems to be a little bit of confusion out there regarding our waiting list. YES we do have a large number of people on our waiting list and UNLESS you are open to ANY of the 10 possible colour and sex combinations I am NOT going to be able to offer you a kitten in the near future. THE MORE SPECIFIC YOU ARE WITH YOUR OPTIONS THE LONGER THE WAIT!!! If you want a kitten now please try some of the breeders on our "Other Breeders" page.

I HONOR MY WAITING LIST - I don't let people jump ahead for ANY REASON. Cash Bribes are NOT ACCEPTED! 

Current Colour Sex Status:

Brown Boy - Offering now to people that went on my waiting list in March 2010  -  6 - 8 month wait

Brown Girl - Offering now to people that went on my waiting list in Late 2009  - 11 - 14 month wait 

Chocolate Girl -  Offering now to people that went on my waiting list in Late 2009 - 10 - 14 months wait

Red Boy - Offering now to people that went on my waiting list in July 2010 -  3 - 5 month wait  

Cream Boy -  Offering now to people that went on my waiting list in June 2010 -  3 - 5 month wait  

If you are down for another colour I am happy to give you a current estimated wait time - Please contact us via email. 


On a brighter note here are a couple of pictures of Oscar owned by the Taylor Family. This little blue boy will be going to his new home in the next couple of weeks.  


4th September 2010

Another successful show today and I am exhausted tonight! Further info on todays show has been posted on the "Shows and Awards" page under the "ABOUT ME" menu. 

We can now confirm that Zinnia is expecting her first litter of babies in the coming month after being mated to Solor. We are really looking forward to seeing her babies when they arrive and expect some real stunners to be produced. I assume they will mainly be chocolate and brown based on the colouring of the parents.

Grabbed this photo of a couple of boarding cats (Leo and Gizzy) that have been with us for the past couple of weeks LOVING our fish tank... Cheeky Rat bags...  - lucky they are just adorable boys!!! 


Yes our boarding cats live a tough life as you can see.

And finally a funny to leave you with... How did a cat take first prize at the bird show? He just jumped up to the cage, reached in, and took it.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY for tomorrow to all those wonderful dads out there. Hope you have a wonderful day.

11th August 2010   

We had a successful day at the Central Coast Show on the weekend with our chocolate girl Zinnia receiving ALL 1st places in all 3 rings as well as a BOB (Best of Breed) and a top 5 place... very exciting. Solor also did quite well receiving a 1st,  2nd and a 3rd. We are hoping to attend another show in the near future and will see how things go there. 

We have another girl that appears to be pregnant so there will be plenty of fun and games going on around here over the next couple of months. 


5th August 2010   

Well Pistache has settled in to her new home amazingly well. I was so impressed with the Keeling's facilities... multiple cat scraching poles and multi -leveled play gyms (with hammocks), a fantastic carpeted window shelf so the cats can have a view while lounging in the sun up stairs. An AMAZING out door cat run with a cat flap going from their loungeroom out into the run so the cats can come and go as they please. The cat run has an awesom cat house, a couple of trees to scratch on and climb as well as pots with kitty grass in them and as if all that wasn't enough a super cool carpeted pole going up the stairway with a shelf up the top. I saw one of the cats use it running up the untire pole and then having a role around on the shelf once she reached the top because she thought she was sooo clever. The entire setup was just AWESOME!!! The Keelings also purchase and feed top quality food to the cats.

If I believed in reincarnation I would want to come back and live with them... I really wish every cat lived in a home like this.  

Here is a photo of one of our little babies. Finding your feet when you are this small is a huge challange... adorbs!



We are expecting another litter of babies in the not to distant future and we also hope to confirm a pregnancy too. Very exciting times ahead.

We are attending the Central Coast cat show this weekend. I don't expect that it will be a huge show for us as we only have 2 cats entered (Solly and Zinnia) as most of our girls our out of action for show having either recently had kittens, currently do have kittens at the moment or are pregnant. We are hoping to have more show quality kittens and cats for the shows in early 2011.


30th July 2010 

Our babies have now all settled well linto their new homes and it sounds like the new owners are finding their new additions quite the time waisters! :)

Today is Pistache goes to her new home with the Keeling's. I am so sad to see her go but know that she will be so spoilt at her new home and they will be able to offer her a much better life and more attention there than I could here with all the other cats and kittens to look after. I take comfort knowing that she is not far away and that she will be back for visits when the Keeling's go away on holidays.

We are driving her over to her new home in just a few hours and delivering an ENORMOUS multi leveled scratching pole with hammocks at the same time for Pistache, Mocha and Mia (the two chocolate tortie burmese that the Keelings purchase from us last year) to use.

We are looking forward to the arrival of some more kittens in the coming weeks and expect to get another colourful litter babies including Brown, Chocolate, Lilac and Tortie.

Will post some photos up once they arrive. 


8th July 2010 


Our babies are growing so fast! They are now climbing everything and getting into anything they shouldn't be getting into. Haaa haaa... Who needs a Gym membership when you have a litter of kittens to chase around and rescue!  

Here is a more recent photo of a gorgeous little red boy from a litter of kittens that will be ready to go in about 2 or 3 weeks.



28th June 2010  

One of our beautiful mums has given birth to a beautiful litter of BOYS! Congratulations gorgeous girl! I will post some photos of the new arrivals soon. They are fat little buddah babies .... soooo cute! 

Took these photos of a little blue tortie girl we have in our litter born in May and couldn't resist putting them up. She is such a sweet little thing!



26th June 2010 

We were happy with our results at the show despite one of our girls deciding to display her pregnant belly only a couple of days prior to the show! Heee heee. Pregnant cats don't do particularly well on the show bench! :) When I entered her I had decided her mating was unsuccessful and thought she was looking in great condition for the show. Then last Wednesday I saw her tell-all belly... it had popped! She still managed to receive three 1st places but considering the lack of competition in her category we won't brag too much about that! We also received a number of Challenge/1st Place awards with other cats which is very exciting.

The above pregnancy also means that our beautiful Brown Boy, Solor, is now a working Stud! Congratulations buddy you are officially a dad now!  

We have recently mated one of our girls and hope to confirm her pregnancy soon so I will keep you posted on that once I have more information. 


16th June 2010 

Bedlam! Just crazy times round here so I am sorry for the delay in this post.

Some VERY EXCITING NEWS..... Our FUNKY CAT PRODUCTS have arrived in Australia and we are hoping for delivery within the next couple of days. GET IN NOW if you are interested in either the small or large condos so you don't miss out!!! There are limited numbers available and THEY WILL SELL OUT!

Pistache has produced a lovely big litter to celebrate her retirement. This is her final litter and the Keeling family can't wait for her to move in with them when her kittens are old enough. Pistache is doing a wonderful job of looking after her bundles and we have started contacting potential new owners over the past few days. Some of the colours are a little hard to confirm at this stage but we should know more soon. At this stage it looks like we have some lovely red and/or cream boys as well as a couple of tortie girls, a brown boy and either a chocolate or a lilac boy so we certainly have a nice range of colours.

Our 4 tortie girls from the previous litter have now left us and are all settling in very well to their new homes.

We are hoping to confirm a pregnancy in the next week or so which is exciting and we are mating another girl at the moment so there will be plenty more bundles coming in the next 3 months. 

We are attending the Federal Cat show on Sunday at Windsor and are hoping our adult cats will be on their best behaviour. We would love to see them do well but the competition will be tough as there are some amazing cats around this year. Will try to get another post in after the show to let you know how we go. 


17th May 2010 

Ok, Ok, Ok... I know it is time for your kitten fix so here are some photos of our current babies... These tortie girls would melt the hardest of hearts! I must say the one thing I LOVE about Tortie kittens is their individuality!!! When I take a tortie girl to a show I can point her out from across the room but if I take one of my solid girls I often need to check out all the cats in that section up close before I know which girl is mine. 4 or 5 chocolate girls in a row can get a little confusing... These gorgeous babies are typically unique... Just beautiful.

It is nice to have 3 of the possible 4 tortie female colours in the one litter so that you can see the differences.  


Above: Front - Blue Tortie. Back - Brown Tortie

Above: Lilac Tortie


Above: Brown Tortie



Above: Blue Tortie 

14th May 2010

As usual we have been really busy here at Such HQ. We have two litters here at the moment and although they are slightly different ages they manage to keep us run off our feet. With a number of tortie girls in our newest litter we are about to help people that have been on our waiting list for only a couple of months which is really exciting for them. We have started contacting potential new owners and hope to have the new home locked in by the end of next week.

We are looking forward to the arrival of Pistache's VERY VERY Last litter! Once her babies are ready to go Pistache has a wonderful home with a customer that owns 2 of our kittens. Pistache will be right at home with 2 older kittens to mother... even if they aren't here babies!  

Well it must be past my bed time so I am going to sign off for now but will get some photos up of our babies soon. 

24th April 2010

Unfortunately we didn't find a home for our poor rescue moggie kitten, Bert, so we have had to hand him over in the hope he has a better chance of finding a home in a more public facility before his time runs out.

On a happier note we have some FUNKY SUPER MODERN cat furniture coming soon and we can't wait for the shipment to arrive. Some of the range we are expecting can be seen under the "MY STORE" menu on the "Funky Stuff Coming Soon" page. We are hoping to add more products to this page in the coming weeks and months so keep your eyes peeled!

Our newest litter of beautiful burmie babies are just devine. We have a lovely range of colours including tortie girls, chocolate and brown. Here are some photos of them.... 





11th April 2010

YAY - ERNIE HAS FOUND A HOME!!!: He went to a lovely elderly lady yesterday. Ernie's new owner is Deaf and needs some company and I think that Ernie will be a wonderful companion for her. She fell in love with Ernie's soft coat and was happy to maintain a long haired cat. We were so happy to hear that Ernie is going to be an indoor cat and we are more than a little jealous that he will be living on the beach front down at Manly! We are so happy for both Ernie and his new owner and we hope they have many years of happiness together.

Bert is feeling a little unloved and would dearly love an owner all of his own. His coat is shorter and will be less maintainence.

To give people a further idea as to costs involved and what Bert's new owner will receive I have put together the following:

The new owner will be given a USERNAME and PASSWORD for our website that gives our customers access to a whole NEW menu called the "USER MENU" that can't be seen by the general public. This menu covers everything from Behaviour to Health to Care to Diet and everything in between. 

Bert is already Microchipped, Wormed, 1 x Vaccinated, Flea treated, Vet checked and will be desexed. He will come with a Health Guarantee, a discount voucher for a booster vaccination and a FREE vet check. The new owner will have access to our cheap EXCLUSIVE boarding services (accessible to SUCHI customers ONLY) and access to our cheap onsite pet shop. Bert will come with some FREE vet recommend food to get the new owners started!

We are happy to offer the new owner access to the packages that we offer all our Burmese customers. 
In addition to this to give you an idea of what value for money the new owner is receiving:
Vaccination (including consultation):   $85 (The breeder must do at least 1 vaccination and then 2 more boosters needed a month apart and then yearly)
Microchipping:  $50
Desexing kitten: $130 - Male (more for a female)
Flea Treatment ($10 per dose) - aprox $50 to breeder per kitten
Worming treatment: ($13 aprox per dose) - cost $50+ per kitten - (done fortnightly till 12 weeks, then monthly till 6 months then every 3 months


TOTAL:  $365.00 (for a male kitten) - Just in the vet costs.


We are only asking $250 for Bert so please consider if you can offer him a home. We really are trying to look after his best interests and the best interests of his VERY LUCKY NEW OWNER.

MORE SUCHI NEWS: We have welcomed some beautiful babies into our home and are so excited about this gorgeous little litter. We are hoping to help people that went on our waiting list in late 2009 with a kitten from this litter. At this stage it looks as though there are a number of tortie girls that are just devine.




30th March 2010  

Ok ok ok... everyone is driving me nutty asking about my news..... :) you are all eager beavers arn't you! :) Well there is a lot to tell.....

Our beautiful Pistache will be going to Samantha and Mark and we couldn't ask for a better home for her. Samantha and Mark already own 2 our our kittens and have decided to complete their furry family by offering Pistache the best retirement home IN THE WORLD. :)  Pistache is such a mum and going to a home with 2 kittens for her to mother is just a dream come true for us. She has such an affectionate nature and having Samantha and Mark as parents and Mocha and Mia (2 chocolate tortie burmese) as her adopted babies is just PURRfect. A big thanks to Sam and Mark for taking our beautiful girl on. It is so nice to know that she is going to a local home with previous Burmese experience and that she can maybe even come for a holiday when Samantha and Mark  decide they need to escape the Burmese Madness at home themselves. :)

We have had a lot of responses regarding homes for Bert and Ernie and although we are still keen to find a home that will take both boys together we can confirm that if that doesn't eventuate they both will have homes seperately which is wonderful. 

Our new indoor/outdoor cat area is coming along nicely and we can't wait untill it is complete. We are looking forward to the arrival of some fantastic furniture and a wonderful cat house in the next few weeks. I will try to get some photos up within the coming month or two so you can all see what has been going on.

Our older babies (born Januray 2010) will be sadly leaving us soon but the new homes they are all going to are wonderful. They have passed their vet checks with flying colours which is fantastic and they are meeting all their developmental requirements as expected.

Easter is fast approaching and we have lots of lovely boarding cats coming for a holiday over the next couple of weeks. I love seeing how much our babies have grown and checking out how they have developed and changed since leaving us.

I will fill you all in on the NEW KITTEN news next time I post and I will hopefully be able to confirm that we have something LOCKED IN for Bert and Ernie.

I hope you all have a very Happy and Safe Easter break.


23rd March 2010  

It has been a while since I have put up an update so I thought I had better get my act into gear.

Our older burmie babies are an active bunch that are nearly ready to leave us... ALREADY! I don't know where the time goes! I have been waisting my days away playing with them and watching them. 

This is one of the mischevious little bundles relaxing on the arm of the couch! It is a tough life. 


Our younger babies are coming along nicely too. They are just starting to walk around and I have just noticed in the last couple of days they are starting to sample solid food. Very exciting! At this stage they end up usually planting their entire face (and often their front paws too) into the bowl of food resulting in some funky looking moustaches and often even some John Howard style eyebrows... Hee heee. Often they end up with food up their nose and they sneeze and splutter trying to get it out - Quite funny to watch. 

We are looking forward to bringing you some more exciting news soon but as time is running out now I will leave you in suspense and fill you in next time.


12th March 2010 

I thought it was time for another update for all your eager beavers that check up on what goes on here regularly. 

The renowned and very beautiful Orphan Annie (Domestic Tortie Rescue) has settled in so well into her new home with Guy, Nola and the kids. She is certianly one spoilt little kitten which is just lovely to see after her rough start... 

I was sent this following update:

"I think she's done really well; she's been eating and drinking easily, loves being held, and even cries for us when we leave the room. We've set her up in my study, making sure all the nasty wires and sharp objects are safely out of sight, and she seems to be very happy there. 

Right now she's fast asleep on her pink blanket, inside the condo post we bought from you (which she 
seems to like more than her bed). We've left her a hot water bottle in the bed, but I think she's found her own"

Guy and Nola also kindly emailed me some gorgeous photos of the little Miss and I thought I would share them with you all....



Bert and Ernie (our two ginger and white rescue brothers) are still looking for permanent, loving home and we are really hoping that a wonderful home is found soon. The boys will be Microchipped, Wormed, Vaccinated, vet checked and desexed in the next few weeks and we will offer the new owners access to our HUGE range of discounted pet products as well as access to our EXCLUSIVE boarding services. The new owners will also receive a FREE vet check for the kittens within 2 weeks of taking the boys home. Will will consider finding separate homes for the boys if someone is interested in owning just one of them but preference will be given to anyone willing to take them both together. I will post some updated photos of the boys soon...

Our Burmese babies are coming along really well too. We just adore our gorgeous babies and despite the mess and mischief they certainly are a heap of fun. The kittens are looking quite promising and I am impressed with some of the charasteristics that are showing through already. Here is a photo of a couple of our current babies......


I was told a bit of a sad story recently that I can't get out of my head.... My girlfirend that found Orphan Annie outside the doctors surgery has a relative who owns a Moggie cat that currently has a litter of Moggie kittens. My friend recommended that she have her cat desexed but the owner didn't really see the need as she believes she has found homes for the kittens (which is great) but what about the next litter that will probably come in about 3 or 4 months? And what about the litter after that? and after that? It is not expensive to get your cats desexed and it is certainly cheaper than raising litter after litter of kittens.... In my opion this is SOOOO irresponsible especially considering the thousands of cats and kittens being put to sleep every day in our pounds. It is just so sad. I know I harp on about this and I am sorry to all of you that are responsible and have done the right thing but I just hope that in ranting on about the importance of desexing I make a difference to even just one person. Just one undesexed female could be responsible for bringing in excess of 160 kittens into the world and that is just a small portion of what an undesexed Male cat would be responsible for.

Well that is a wrap from me for now but I will be back again soon with more news, photos and litter updates! Give your cat a big hug from me.

25th February 2010

Well we are back at it... again.... When it rains it poors! WE NEED YOUR HELP.... AGAIN!

I have here in my care 2 stunning little kittens that were found at Redfern Train station. These gorgeous little kittens cruely dumped. HOW???  WHO COULD SO SUCH A HORRID THING?

I have named them Bert and Ernie and they are just adorable. I would guess Bert and Ernie are about 2 - 3 weeks old and they are healthy, beautiful, medium-long haired little boys that will have a lot of love to give. 

Thankfully one of our beautiful girls has taken these boys on as if they were her own. She is being such a wonderful foster mum, licking them and letting them suckle. What a sweetheart. She will train them and look after them now till they are ready for a new home. 

Again I will take this opportunity to stress how IMPORTANT IT IS TO DESEX YOUR PETS! MALE AND FEMALE. Please don't neglect to do this. There are already too many beautiful little kittens in this world being put down everyday. 

These little boys are looking for a home and will be ready to go in about 6 or 7 weeks time. We would dearly love to keep them together so if you know anyone that may be interested please contact us. They will be Microchipped, Wormed, Vaccinated, vet checked and desexed and we will offer the new owners access to our HUGE range of discounted pet products as well as access to our boarding services and they will also receive a FREE vet check for the kittens within 2 weeks of taking the boys home.

Please ask ALL your friends, neighbours, work mates and family if they can offer these STUNNING little boys a loving permanent home.



22nd February 2010

Well it is all fun and games here at Suchi HQ. Our older litter is about to leave us and currently having their final vet checks. Our younger litter (Jan 2010) are just starting to get up to mischief so the timing of everything here couldn't be better. Here is a photo of a couple of the truly evil little ones... really they are! .....They just look innocent but it is all a ploy! Tust me......


We will be contacting potential new owenrs of this litter within the coming weeks if we haven't already. We will also have more news soon about future additions to the Suchi Family....

7th February 2010 

Our oldest litter is coming along nicely and I expect will be ready to go to their new homes in about 3 weeks which is so exciting for their new owners.

As you can see from the photos below the babies love hanging out in their hammocks and often are all in their together snoozing!  The babies are now working towards meeting their going home goals and all seems to be on track at this stage.


The most beautiful soft colouring of a cream boy in our older litter. This little man will be ready for a new home in about 3 weeks. 



Below: A stunning little brown torite girl. The spitting image of her mum.


 Below: Kittens from our rainbow older litter hanging out in the hammock.

Our new additions are also doing so well. They are cute little bundles of fluff still but it won't be long before their silky coates are evident. We are expecting these babies to go to people who went on our waiting list in August and September 2009.

Not so Orphan Annie is also going in leaps and bounds. She is just full of beans and has an appetite like few I have seen. She certainly isn't fussy with her food and is heading off to the vet within the next week or so for a checkup and for her microchip and vaccination. Her new family is looking forward to taking her home when she is ready.

We can now confirm Prudence is pregnant and is expecting her first litter in the coming weeks. We are very excited to see what colours her babies will be but we are expecting a bit of a rainbow litter including torties, browns, reds, creams and chocolates. 

Hope to have another update and more photos soon..... 


1st February 2010 


Orphan Annie has lost her Orphan title! She has found a wonderful adoptive family that live locally. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Nola, Guy and their two beautiful children Joshua and Maya yesterday and they fell in love with Orphan Annie and confirmed this morning that they wanted to offer her a permanent loving home and I couldn't be happier! 

I have had goose bumps of excitment all morning and even have had the odd tear well up (yes I am a big softie). I will be sad to see the little one move on in a couple of weeks when she is ready but the home she is going to is just wonderful and I know she will be so spoilt there! Yay!!!!

Watching Little Annie with her new family yesterday was just beautiful.  She was quite relaxed and loved the attention sitting happily in thier laps being patted. It would melt even the hardest of hearts.

I really hope that through Orphan Annie's story people understand how imperative it is to DESEX YOUR PETS. Dogs and Cats, Male and Female! Our pounds are overrun with unwanted animals. Please don't neglect this! It is SOOOOO important! 

I just wanted to say a very special THANK YOU to all of you that have been asking around to help Annie have a home. I have received numerous text messages and emails from people who have been trying to assist us. Your help has been so appreciated and it was because of this that we found a home for this little girl. Special thanks to Donna for telling her Sister-in-law Nola about Orphan Annie who is now little Annie's new mum.


30th January 2010 

Never a dull moment round these parts....

Since my last post we have welcomed some new little bundles of joy! So sweet too! Here is a little sneak peak at them....


We are still desperatly keen to find a loving home for Orphan Annie! If we don't find a home for her soon (within the next week or so) she will unfortunately have to be passed on to the local pound. After all my hard work to save her I would be heart broken to see this happen but don't feel that I have the room or the time to put into another permanent resident. The boarding cats and kittens plus our permanent residents keep me busy enough so please help us find a home and if you know of anyone interested please have them call me. She will be offered access to the same facilities and services our Burmese Babies are sold with including access to our EXCLUSIVE boarding services, health guarantees, vet vouchers, products etc etc etc. Please help us get Orphan Annie loose her Orphan title.

Our oldest litter will be soon heading off to the vet for their microchips and vaccinations and the potential new owners are all very excited to get these furry little mischiefs home in few short weeks... don't worry the time will fly!!! They are all litter trained and loving their food. They have been eating a lovely selection of red meet from our local butcher who lives a couple of doors up and kindly does meet drop offs on his way home for us. The minced and diced meat mixed in with a selection of vet recommended wet foods (Iams, Royal Canin and Science Diet), cheese and eggs seems to be going down a treat! They often growl as they eat as they are scared that they will miss out! Trying to keep other litter mates away from THEIR food is a very serious thing! Sooo funny to watch! 

Will have more news soon so keep checking back!


22nd January 2010

Our oldest litter have all started going to their new homes so things will be a little quiter here this coming week I imagine but I don't expect that to last long at all. Our younger babies will be running around in no time and getting into everything no doubt.  We expect they will be ready to go in late February. Here are some photos taken today of them....


We will have another update within the next few days.

17th January 2010 

Busy, Busy, Busy! Love it! Orphan Annie is just a little doll and progressing so well. I am so happy with her health and development. She runs up to me now keen for a bit of one on one cuddle time! OOhhhhh Bless!

Our Burmese babies are all doing well and getting up to all kinds of Mischief. I expect out older litter will leave us this week. It will be sad to see them go but they all have such wonderful homes and I know they will be very loved and well looked after. Our beautiful mums have done a wonderful job with all their mini me kittens and I am sure they will both enjoy a break and a holiday from little terrors! :)

Our baby litter is also coming along nicely but not up to too much mischief yet as they are only little and just starting to be mobile! 

We are happy to confirm that Prudence (a brown tortie) is expecting a beautiful bundl of kittens in the not too distant future which is soooooo exciting. This will be her first litter and we are looking forward to seeing what she produces. 

Hope to have more photos up soon so keep your eyes posted.


12th January 2010

I thought I would share a story about a little kitten that has come into my care. I have named her Annie (both after the infamous Orphan Annie and after Anika my (chocolate) girl that has taken this little stray under her wing (or should I say Paw) to the extent that she is letting her suckle and feed off her and is cleaning and now becoming quite protective of the little darling.

Orphan Annie was found by my close friend Amy in a garden out the front of a doctors surgery. An animal lover and pet owner herself, Amy was quite concerned about this little girl and rang me for my advice on her. We discussed tactics for trying to get the mother of the kitten to return but as the kitten had been meowing constantly for quite some time it was clear that the mother was long gone or the kitten has been cruelly dumped. At an educated guess I would suggest that the kitten was about 3 weeks old. The kitten was clearly starving and was trying to suckle fingers and anything that came close to its mouth. She was underweight, badly dehydrated and riddled in fleas and worms and presented with a minor eye infection. 

This little kitten is one of thousands of kittens that is the result of IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS. It infuriates me that people don't DESEX the pets - Male and Female - and then don't take responsibility for the offspring that results. There are already hundreds and hundreds of unwanted Moggie kittens in pet shelters and pounds around the country. If you or someone you know owns an UN-DESEXED/ENTIRE cat (or dog) please desex it or encourage the owners to do so immediately. Leave breeding to the registered breeders that hopefully find good, loving and permanent homes for the kittens they breed. 

On arrival here I gave Orphan Annie (a tortie female) sub-cutanious fluids to help her hydration and syringe fed her with a specialised baby animal milk formula before putting her with Anika and monitoring her to ensure that Anika would take the kitten on. Orphan Annie was bathed, wormed and flea treated. I treated her minor eye condition and gave her a course of antibiotic. I have continued to give her a daily bath which she now really enjoys and she is gaining weight and has developed a very healthy appetite. Orphan Annie has an amazing spirit, is healthy and developing into a very affectionate kitten and we will be looking for a loving PERMANENT and responsible home for her over the next few weeks. She will be desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.
If you or anyone you know is interested in offering this gorgeous little girl a permanent INDOOR home please email us for further information.
Below is a photo of Orphan Annie a few days after she came into our care....


6th January 2010

I couldn't resist putting these shots up of our latest litter and our 7 month old son with this gorgeous litter of babies. Thought you softies out there may enjoy these too....

Above: There is a nice mix of burmese colours in this litter including Chocolate, Lilac, Cream, Brown and Brown Tortie Burmese. 


Ethan just loves the kittens and spends hours watching them intently.  



4th January 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope you and your Families all had a wonderful Christmas and have had a happy start to 2010. 

What a BUSY Christmas season we have had!!! We have welcomed a beautiful big litter of babies from one of our experienced mums. There is a nice range of colour and sex combinations in the litter and we expect to help people that went on our waiting list prior to September 2009 with a kitten/s from this litter.

We grabbed these two pictures of our 7 month old son with a little blue Tortie (Female) kitten (6 weeks old) at Christmas and couldn't resist putting it up! Way too cute I think! 



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