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Written by Melanie   

My Great Great Great Great... Great Grandkitty. 


A walnut-brown female cat named Wong Mau is believed to have been the founding stock of the breed; Navy Psychiatrist Dr Joseph Thompson imported her into the U.S.A from Rangoon in 1930. With a few other breeders and geneticists, Dr Thompson began a controlled breeding program in attempt to investigate the genotype on Wong Mau and her offspring as rather poor coloured Siamese. Today of course Burmese are a breed in their own right, and are becoming increasingly popular on the show bench and as much loved companions.

This breed is in no sense of the word "oriental" in type. They should be sturdy and well conditioned with extremely hard muscular strength. The coat should be short, fine and satin-like in texture lying close to the body. The glossy coat is a distinctive feature of the Burmese and is indicative of good health. They have a rounded head; ears of medium size set well apart, wide cheekbones tapering to a short blunt muzzle wedge.

The eyes should be large and lustrous, the top line of the eyes showing a straight oriental slant towards the nose, the lower line being rounded. Eyes should be any shade of yellow with golden preferred. Due to the scarcity of the stock golden eye colour was lost during the early years of breeding. The Burmese are Boisterous without the nervous temperament some Siamese are noted for, some are extrovert and some retiring, but all are affectionate and beguiling. They have surprising weight for a medium sized body and, though they are sturdy, they are in no way clumsy or awkward.

Burmese are known as the "clowns of the cat world." They are very affectionate and enjoy company. Burmese have a number of dog like characteristics and are extremely playful their whole lives, often learning to play fetch and tag. Burmese are great with children and dogs. They are ideal as an indoor breed of cat and will usually stay more affectionate if they are kept indoors. If you allow your kitten outdoors, you will find that more than likely he will go wondering - they like to "visit." They will remain active their whole life and enjoy a game, make sure there are toys around for them to play with when you are not there, especially if you only buy one Burmese. They are a pet for people that spend a reasonable amount of time at home as they love attention and will make themselves right at home on the newspaper or book that you are reading-anything to get a pat and a cuddle!!! If you tend to go away for weekends regularly or spend longs hours at work you may want to consider getting two Burmese so they have company. It is also advisable to supply a scratching post to save your furniture. They will prefer to sleep in your bed rather than their own bed. I know you will enjoy your Burmese.


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