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Written by Melanie   

I can't think of one example where a customer that has purchased 2 or more kittens off me has had behavioural issues with one or both cats. As I have mentioned many times on this site Burmese are a particularly affectionate breed and they need company! On the odd occasion that a cat does develope naughty, distructive and/or agressive play behaviour it is 9.9 times out of 10 a cat from a single cat household and usually you will find that the owners spend extended periods away from home (work, school etc) and the cat or kitten is probably board and seeking attention. If you are considering getting two cats/kittens you don't even necessarily have to get two burmese. You may choose to get one Burmese and another breed. Obviously there are many, many advantages to getting two kittens togther from the same breeder and there are a few disadvantages in getting two kittens at different times from different places but if done correctly the disadvantages will have little to no long term effect.

 In all honesty if you can afford it and have the room  - Two cats really is a better option than one on its own!


At the bottom of this page: Read part of an email sent to me from one of our customers who purchased one male cat from us and then came back for a second male cat about a year later. They describe what so many of our customers experience with 2 burmese.

Q: We are thinking about expanding our family by adding a Burmese. Should we get one cat or two???
A: This is a very personal situation and my answer varies from person to person depending on their individual circumstances, budget, size of family and time spent at home.
If you work long hours or are away from home for a number of hours most days of the week I would strongly suggest you consider getting two kittens or a puppy and a kitten especially if you are buying a Burmese or another breed of cat that requires lots of attention and is naturally very affectionate.
Burmese are so people orientated and love companionship that if left alone for long periods they can occasionally develop some naughty little behavior traits. Obviously if there are two kittens to keep each other company this is much less likely to happen 
You may choose to get one Burmese and one cat of another breed or Two Burmese. Either way both cats will still require lots of pats and cuddles but thats the whole point of owning a beautiful Burmese – you are getting dog in a cats body.
If you are home most of the time one Burmese/cat should be fine on its own. You may still like to consider getting two kittens in the event that your circumstances change in the future. It is always easier to introduce two young cats than it is to introduce a new kitten to an adult cat that is used to being on its own.
Q: We just love our 4 month old kitten we bought from you. He is so affectionate and sweet that we are thinking about getting another one. When should we introduce another one and should we get a boy or a girl?
A: Get another kitten as soon as possible. The younger your existing cat is the easier it will adjust to having another cat around and it is nice for them to grow up together and be playful kittens together. Don’t rush out and buy the first Burmese available. Take time to get one from a reputable breeder a couple of months is not going to make much difference. Remember you are likely to have this kitten for 14+ years so a bit of a wait is probably worth it.
If your existing cat was a mature (over 9 months old) male I would probably suggest you get a female. Males are usually more territorial and will usually adjust to having a younger “woman” around a little easier that having another boy around to contend with.
If you had an existing older female you could go either way. Females don’t tend to be as territorial as the males.
If you have a younger cat/kitten (Under 9 months) you can usually go either way but I usually recommend you get the opposite to what you already have. This way you get to experience the personality of both sexes. It also reduces the chance of territoral issues arrising (usually between an exisitng male cat being introduced to a younger male kitten). I often find that the female cats bond with the human males living the home and the male cats bond with their female human “slaves” so if you have a cat of each sex nobody is left out! And...it is always nice to keep things even.
Dear Melanie,


Junior is growing up so fast.  He and Axle are inseparable (junior needs far less alone time than axle – which suits Cass just fine!) – they play, fight, groom and sleep with each other constantly.  Please be aware that Junior has far exceeded any hopes we had for another perfect cat, I really don’t know how you do it!  His personality is unbelievable and he doesn’t even have a cuddle threshold – which means Cassandra can cuddle and nurse him pretty much when ever and for how ever long she wishes, junior turns into a complete ragdoll.  Most importantly - Axle is far happier (seems to baby junior a bit, which gives him purpose), doesn’t get lonely when left at home (being always cuddled up in his bed with junior when we get home), enjoys far more exercise (junior is after him constantly) thus sleeps better and no longer enjoys tormenting Cassandra in his spare time.  


Jason and Cassandra (Jan 09)
Hi Melanie,

Just thought I'd give you an update on how things are going. Bailey and Bella are best of friends. They sleep and play together and even clean each other. We followed the web site guide to the tee.

Bailey was not happy at first but by the 3rd day he was fine.

Getting a 2nd cat has been great for Bailey. We have noticed he is calmer, more patient and happier. We believe this is because he now has a play mate to keep him company while Bron and I are at work. Bella also appears very content and settled in immediately to her new home.
We are very happy on how things have gone. We wish we had got a second cat sooner. I think people who own 1 burmese, who work during the day and keep their cat indoors should really consider getting a 2nd. I think bailey has even lost weight from playing chasing games around the house with bella! 

I have attached some photos for you. Enjoy!


Rob n Bron
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