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Written by Melanie   

We carefully select the bloodlines we use to ensure health, the affectionate burmese PURRsonality and

stunning burmese good looks. 
ADORA MR RAPSCALLION  - Lilac - Born in June 2019 
This handsome and super smooch is a very exciting addition to our breeding program for 2020. His mum is Illusion and he has so much of her look and temperament. His dad is the very handsom Rickway Aramis and we are very fortunate to have this lovely boy.
We are expecting Scally to produce kittens for us in late 2020. 
SOLOR  - Brown 
TITLES: GD CH  (Grand Champion) 
Solly came to us from Queensland and is a stunning brown boy that is super affectinate. This lovely boy is such a gentleman with his lady visitors and has now produced some highly awared offspring. As of July 2010 Solor is a Champion a wonderful achievement for a boy that is not even 1 year old.

 Gigi - Chocolate female  - Born in Jan 2020
Gigi is best friends with Kallusion and I love her type and her genetics. Her dad is Tirian and we are hoping for some spectacular kittens from her down the track. This girl is super out going, full on endless mischief and naughtiness. She is so cuddly and affectionate and loves tearing around the house with Gigi. We are so thankful to have this lovely girl as part of our family and breeding program.  
Luna: Blue female -  Born in October 2019
Luna is a very special young lady. Luna is the Daughter of Heaven (Blue) and Aramis (Chocolate) and the last kitten produced by Heaven before her desexing to a well deserved retired life. Luna is best friends with Elsa. Luna is such a gentle and sweet naturted little girl but still mananges to get into things she shouldn't in typical burmese fashion. We are so excited to see what beautiful babies Luna produces for us later in 2020.  
 Adora Kallusion - Lilac Female - born Jan 2020 
Kallusion is the first girl that our lovely Chocolate Boy Kioka has produced and Kalli's mum is Illusion hence her name.
Kalli is best friends with Gigi and is a very special part of our family and future breeding program. This girl has a bold but gentle temprement, loves pats and cuddles and gets up to micschief with Gigi. We can't wait to see what kittens she may produce for us in the coming year or so.  
Adora Elsa Masquerade: Born October 2019 
Elsa is just the most gorgeous natured girl. She takes after her parents in temperament.  Elsa is frim Crystal (Lilac tortie) and and Tyrian (Blue boy) so it is so nice she is a combination of their colouring. 
Elsa posesses the typical Burmese temprement and has plenty of spunk and mischief. She has the gorgeous gold eye colour we are after and strong profile. 
We are excited to see what gorgeous babies she produces for us later in 2020 and into the future.
SUCHI SATIVA - (Sar - ti - va): (Lilac)
We bred Sati in 2010 and have welcomed this stunning little lilac girl into our breeding cat family. Sati is the daughter of Solly and Tilly and we have high hopes for this little darling. Sati has a gentle nature like both her parents and she is always on the go. Her favourite place to sleep is under our Entertainment unit in the Loungeroom where she can peer out on the world from her warm and secluded hidyhole! 
We expect Sati will produce her first litter of kittens for us in Mid 2011 and are looking forward to seeing what little bundles she produces. At this stage I would guess we can expect mainly Chocolate, Lilac, Blue and Brown kittens from her. Sativa has proven herself on the show bench already and was selected as part of the BEST IN SHOW at the 2011 Siamese and Short Hair Show. 
UPDATE: Sativa received BEST IN SHOW at the Burmese Show in 2012.   

Below photo taken in Feb 2013 @ 4 months of age. 
Ontoya is the daughter of Suchi Sativa and therefore the Grandaughter of Tilly (Aurora Rainbow Masquerade). This lovely girls father is from interstate and she comes from highly awarded lines.
Ontoya will hunt down your hand for a pat and is super keen to sit on you whenever you are seated. She has a super charged V8 motor and purrs like nobodys business. She is certainly a bundle of fun and very friendly...just what we expect from our Suchi Burmese Kittens. 


SUCHI JAMELA  - Blue Tortie - Born July 2014
This is one special little girl as she is the Daughter of my beloved Indica who died due to birthing complications. We kept Jamela as she is so much like her lovely mum in looks, colour and temperament. She has so much spunk and is one of the first to get up to mischief. She is such a tart and loves to lap up all the attention she can get.
We expect Jamela will produce her first litter in 2015 and we are so excited to see what beautiful creations she brings into this world. If they are 1/2 the cats she is we will have some very happy and lucky owners. 
SUCHI RAINBOW ILLUSION: Lilac Tortie Female. Born December 2015
These stunning little girl represent everything I am looking for in a breeding and show quality Burmese. She is Mischievous, Outgoing, Affectionate and has lovely type. 
SA GL DB GD CH Brookside Bronze Sheik
This lovely boy is owned by SALLY PRASS. We use this boy as an OUTCROSS to the girls that can't be put back to Solly due to a family connection.  
Sheik is a lovely natured boy with strong genes and desirable characteristics. He has fathered exceptional kittens over the years. We thank Sally for allowing us to use him.
Retired Studs and Queens:
SUCHI CRYSTAL MASQUERADE - Lilac Tortie - Born April 2014 - Retired in March 2020

This adorable Lilac tortie girl is likely to be the newest member of our breeding family. This little princess is the 1/2 sister to Ontoya and the Daughter of Sativa (therefore the granddaughter of Tilly {Aurora Rainbow Masquerade}). She is just like her mum and grandma and we couldn't resist adding to our breeding family! :) 
I chose her name to pay homage to her grandmother our foundation queen who was beautifully bred by Val Cashman. Tilly will forever have a special place in my heart and I figured that Crystal throws rainbow colours in the Sunlight and given she is a Tortie and the Grandaughter of Aurora Rainbow Masquerade I thought Crystal was appropriate. I held on to the Masquerade as a direct reflection of where this little girl has come from. I informed Val of this decision and she was thrilled with the news that Tilly has been responsible for so many beautiful cats and kittens and I think she was chuffed at the name as well! 
Crystal is super-dupa friendly and comes from a long line of insanely loud purring cats. I am sure she will produce some lovely kittens for us in the future.

TITLES: SV DB GD CH (Silver Double Grand Champion) 


This stunning Lilac Tortie came to us from Val Cashman in Brisbane. Tilly produced some highly awarded offspring including Sati a lovely lilac girl that is also part of our breeding family.
Tilly received BEST IN SHOW at the Burmese Show in 2010 and and Reserve Best in Show in 2011.   
KIMLAI MI BLU HEAVEN: BLUE FEMALE. 17.11.2012 - Retired in May 2020
Below photo taken in March 2013.
This adorable girl came to us from a breeder with many years experience and we are thankful for the opportunity to breed from such proven lines.
Heaven hangs out with Ontoya and Ciella and the three of them seem to have a constant purring competition, each trying to out "Purr" the other. Heaven is one to sit back and evaluate the situation before making a move. She seems to evaluate her lap options and once has her mind made up she wil make herself quite comfortable .
She is playful and outgoing and always one for a bit of kitten mischief. 


 Zinnia: (Chocolate)
Zinnia is a lovely chocolate girl that came to us from Val Cashman in Queensland. Zinnia is a quite but super smoochy girl. She is very laid back and happy to watch life go by providing there is someone to give her lots of pats and cuddles. She is a gentle sole and very tollerant of our toddler who insists she must be carried on a regular basis. 

SUCHI ILLUKA ZIANA: Chocolate Burmese born in December 2015 
Ziana reminds me so much of her mum and was kept to continue on the precious lines her mum was from. Ziana is the daughter of Aurora Zinnia who is also retired now.  This lovely girl produced a beautiful boy that is now part of our breeding program. 

Ciella is a peteite little girl with a huge PURRsonality. Ciella is the daughter of Zinnia and shares her mums affectionate and laid back temperament - She is a very gentle natured girl and friendly to anyone that visits. As expected she loves a pat and a cuddle. Ciella laps up attention at anytime and loves a bit of a game, typical of a Burmese.
Ciella is Best Friends with Onti and they are always together. 
Ciella is expecting babies in Mid 2014 and I am excited to see what she produces. 







Lolly is our little miracle. She was handraised from 1 day old due to issues with her mother that was unable to care for her at the time and who is now a much loved desexed pet. Lolly really struggled as most handraised kittens do and we wondered if she was going to survive without her mum to care for her but she had more will to live and determination than most little kittens I have come across.

She thrived and just developed the most loving and affectionate temperament. Lolly will tap your hand with her paw if you dare stop patting her as a reminder that she hasn't given you permision to stop and more patting is urgently required!....

She comes running when called and is quite the tart. She will go to anyone that enters our home, cat lover or otherwise.

Lolly has produced some stunning kittens for us and 1 of her kittens has even gone on to be a show and breeding cat for another registered breeder. 
Ebony Rose: (Brown)
Is now enjoying her retirement. 

Pistache: Brown Tortie  - This adorable girl now lives with Sam and Mark and is enjoying her retirment.
Minki: Blue Girl - Mink is now living with Maddy in North NSW and is totally spoit.
Maddie: Brown girl: Maddie is now living in North NSW with Mink and both girls are totally spoilt.
Prue: Champion Brown Tortie: This adorable girl has found a lovely home with Anika in QLD. We are so happy that they were able to go to an experienced Burmese home together.
ANIKA - (Chocolate): Grand Champion Chocolate female has now retired to live in a lovely home with Prue in QLD. We are so happy that they were able to go to an experienced Burmese home together.
Slinky: Chocolate Girl - Slink now lives a life of luxury with water views at Mosman.

Suchi Anika's Dream: (Brown)
Dreamer has been given to a breeding friend of ours. This friend ran into a few dramas with her own breeding cats and ended up desexing them due to birth and labour complications. Because Deamer was a decendant from her lines and has been a proven breeding girl for us we felt it would be nice for her to assist this other breeder with her breeding program.
SUCHI INDICA: (Blue Tortie)
Photos below taken at 1 and 1/2 years old:


 Below: Indi as a young kitten.
We bred Indi in 2010 and she sadly passed away due to birthing complications way to young. She produced some beautiful kittens for us and she will always have a special place in my heart.  I miss you beautiful girl and I am so glad we have your lovely daughter to continue your legacy. 

Caspian: Blue boy. Caspian now lives in Sydney and is enjoying retirement.
Blue Male Born in February 2014

I have also recently bought in a Blue boy as a potential future stud. His temprement is just amazing and the lines behind him are brilliant so I am hopeful he will produce some wonderful kittens for us and our clients in the future. 



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