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Written by Melanie   
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dear Customers, Covid has presented a number of 1st's  here for us at Suchi HQ. Since March 2020 we have seen an unprecedented amount of  people joining our waiting list. It will therefore be extremely difficult to guess the waiting times as we are now in unchartered territory. 
As of the 15th of July we have closed our waiting list to all NEW customers as we feel that we just can no longer cater for the demand in a reasonable amount of time and until the our waiting list is significanly reduced our waiting list will remain closed. 
We will continue to honour the order of our waiting list and will be in touch with clients already on our waiting list  as soon as we can confirm we have a kitten to offer you based on what clients are down for. 
If you are a previous client people contact me directly via email or phone.  
We appreciate your patience and understanding.
*** Please understand that these times are simply a guesstimate as it is hard to predict how many kittens will be produced in our up coming litters and what colour and sex combiniations will arrive. 
The first Column is obviously the COLOUR AND SEX combinations we produce. 

The 2nd Column indicates who we are currently offering kittens to based on the month/year that they joined our waiting list.

The 3rd column indicates the APROXIMATE WAITING TIME base on who we are offering kittens to and when they joined our waiting list. 
The 4th column shows when this was LAST UPDATED. I usually try to update this waiting list every month or two. 

Helping people that

Color/Sex joined our waiting list in... Aprox waiting time  Updated


Red  May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020

Cream  May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020

Brown  May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020

Blue Apr 2020   8 - 10 mths        Dec 2020

Chocolate May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020

Lilac May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020



Blue     14 - 16 mths        Dec 2020

Blue Tortie May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020

Brown Apr 2020   8 - 10 mths        Dec 2020

Brown Tortie Apr 2020   8 - 10 mths        Dec 2020

Chocolate May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020

Chocolate Tortie Apr 2020   6 - 8 mths        Oct 2020

Lilac May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020

Lilac Tortie May 2020   7 - 9 mths        Dec 2020


Red/Cream (Special Order Only) 5 - 7 mths        Dec 2020

Here at Suchi Burmese and Catatonia we offer a number of services that other breeders don't offer (Such as EXCLUSIVE boarding services, health guarantees, vet discount vouchers, cheap pet products and much more. Please email us for further information). Consequently our kittens are in high demand and unfortunately there is a waiting list for all colour/sex combinations.
We have kittens all year round and usually our waiting list does move relatively quickly so depending on what colour/sex combo you are after will depend on when I am likely to be able to help you. (We are unlikely to be producing Red and Cream females in the near future so if you are specifically interested in this option you may like to contact the Burmese Association or some of the other breeders listed under the Resources menu).
If you are interested in a kitten in any of the above mentioned colours and you are happy to wait I can put you on our waiting list and get in touch with you when I am able to offer you the colour and sex combination you are after. 

Obviously most people that contact me are wanting a kitten as soon as possible - If you are also keen to get a kitten from us I would strongly suggest you give me as many colour and sex combinations as possible options for your new furry family member. The more specific you are with colours the longer the wait is likely to be.
If you wish to put your name down on our waiting list for a kitten from any of our future litters we do have a $30 (Non refundable) waiting list fee. Please email me with the below listed information and once the waiting list fee has been received we will be happy to put you on our waiting list.
1) a contact name.
2) Phone number and address. (Why?: We request this information so that once you have met your kitten and decide to proceed we can register the Microchip for the kitten in your name/at your address and set up your Pet Insurance. The more points of contact you provide the better e.g. work, home, mobile number, PO Box address etc etc)
3) Do you own your home? If not have you confirmed with the Landlord/Strata/Owner that you are allowed to own a cat? 
4) Have you owned a Burmese before? If not, what made you choose this breed to be your next family member? 
5) Please tell us a little bit about your Family, home and lifestyle. Specifically, how many children live in the home and their ages and if there are other pets in the home? (Why?: We request this information so that we can hopefully match you with the right cat from the right bloodlines to suit your family, lifestyle and needs. Burmese generally just love company and it is important to get a kitten that will fit in with your schedule and have the right temprement to adjust to how you and your family live.
6) Your DOB (person must be 18 years or over)  (Why?: We request this information as the Pet Insurance registration is a legal document and requires the registered owner to be over the age of 18 years old. The application form requires the owners DOB.)
7) The colour and sex combinations of interest to you. 

8) The package and additional products of interest to you (Why?: We like to ensure that we have all the items of interest to you in stock for you to view and collect when you pick up your kitten. Custom made products such as Hammock stands and Scratching poles can take up to 2 or 3 weeks to orgnise and have ready. Please read the 'Custom Orders' Tab under the 'MY STORE' Menu).
9) If you are interested in a Pet Kitten only, A desexed show kitten (see 4a) or a show quality breeding kitten (see 6a&6b).
9a) We are unable to guarantee the success of any kitten on the show bench. We obviuosly want kittens of a very high standard representing us at shows and will do our best to offer you a kitten that we would be proud to see on the show bench but we are unable to guarantee awards or points. A show quality kitten may mean you wait longer for your kitten and additional fees are likely to apply.
9b)  If you are interested in a show quality kitten for breeding purposes you will likely have an extensive wait till we feel that we can offer you a kitten of exceptional type and personality that would be suitable as a breeding cat. You need to be a REGISTERED Breeder - NO EXCEPTIONS. Please provide:
-Your Name,
-How long you have been a REGISTERED breeder for.
-Registration number,
-Which association you are registered with,
-Pedigree papers of your existing breeding cats if any and who you purchased them from.
-Info on your facilities and how you operate/intend to opperate


We will not discuss specific kittens, colour and sex combinations produced, dates of birth or allow any visitors until....

a) The kittens colour and sex combinations have been confirmed and the individual client has reached the top of our waiting list and is therefore being offered a specifc kitten.

b) the kittens have been vet checked, vaccinated and are READY FOR VISITORS at roughly 8 weeks of age.

Please understand that I will contact ANY potential new owner once I can confirm the above. We respectfully ask that people be patient. We have a waiting list and if you don't feel you can be patient and wait for our kittens to be ready and the required vet checks to occur we suggest you look at other advertising sites and purchase your kitten through another breeder. 

As per our VISTING US PAGE - We allow customers 2 FREE visits which is usually the initial meeting appointment which we allocate 20 minutes for and then Collection which we allocate 1 hours and 15 minutes for to esnure we cover all relevant topics and answer any quiestions our new kitten owners have.  The initial meeting appointment is for people that have made their way to the top of our waiting list choose to  to meet any kitten that I can potentially offer them and determine if they wish to go ahead with the purchase of that kitten. The Collection visit is then usually to come and pick up, complete the necessary paperwork for the kitten and any package items that have been selected. If you choose to come at various points to visit us or your chosen kitten above and beyond these these two allocated visits we are happy to arrange dates and times with you and there is a $15 fee per 20 minute appointment.

1. Our kittens are usually ready for their new homes by 12 weeks of age. We hold the kittens for Free untill 12 weeks old and after that charge a small fee per day thereafter to cover the cost of food, litter, cleaning, staff wages etc. If additional treatments such as Vaccination, Flea and Worming are due during this time these will be administerd and the cost added to your invoice accordingly. 

2. Our kittens are sold with a 4 month HEALTH GUARENTEE and we do expect buyers to sign a Kitten Purchase Contract.
3. Depending on what package you choose (Please click on FAQ: BUYING A SUCHI BURMESE: KITTEN COSTS AND PACKAGES - to see the packages available) will depend on the items your kitten comes with BUT all kittens are sold with some food that the kitten is familiar with.
4. Our kittens are all Microchipped, Wormed, Vaccinated and have been vet checked. If required we can offer test results for FIV, FelV etc and additional costs will apply. 
5. As Part of our Sales Contract (mentioned in point 2) that ALL customers must sign,  you agree that you will care for the cat for its entire life. The kitten is NOT to be onsold. If you can't care for the cat for ANY reason it is to be returned to us - No questions asked and No exceptions. 
6. Most of our kittens are sold either desexed or with a desexing voucher included. All kittens are to be desexed by the age of 7 months unless the kitten was sold to you as a BREEDING cat and you signed a BREEDING CAT CONTRACT.
7. Our kittens/cats are sold to people willing to offer them a loving, indoor home. They are not to be confined to cages unless under vet instruction which should only be for short periods for healing from a surgery or injury.
8. If you have purchased a breeding cat for breeding purposes any offspring produced directly from our lines are to be sold as neuter/spay only.  With our written permission (in writing) you can keep a female produced from our lines. No kittens produced directly from a cat we have sold you are to be sold to other breeders. 
9. Any male cats sold for breeding purposes are for your use ONLY. They are not available for Stud service and are not to be leased, on-sold or gifted to anyone else. We may agree to a mating for a breeder we know and/or work with. You must put any mating requests for other breeders IN WRITING via email and wait for a response IN WRITING before proceeding. Studs are not to be rehomed entire. Once you have finished with him, he is to be offered back to us first and if don't wish to use him ourselves he is to be desexed.
10. Any cats sold for breeding purposes are for your use only. They are not to be leased to another person/breeder and they are not to be sold or rehomed entire. Any queen sold is for you use only and not to be leased, onsold or gifted to any breeder. Once you have finished with her, she is to be offered back to us first and if don't wish to use her ourselves she is to be desexed.
11. Any cats sold for breeding purposes are to be bred with REGISTERED PURE BURMESE only. The breeder must be registered and raise their cats indoors. Cats will be sold to only one owner and must be desexed before going to any other owner other than us. 
12. We retain the right to take back a cat should any owner/breeder break our purchase contract. 
Q: What if I can't collect my kitten when it is ready to go?
We are happy to hold onto the kitten till you return from your holiday, finish your renovations or whatever reason would delay you from collecting your kitten when it is ready. We charge a small daily boaring fee of $11/day for kittens that stay past 12 weeks old and are ready to leave at 12 weeks or earlier. This fee covers the cost of the food, litter and upkeep of the kitten till you are ready to collect him/her. Please note that if your kitten is due flea/worming treatments, vaccinations etc during this time we will organise to have this administered to ensure all your records are up to date. Certificates for the vaccinations administered during this time will provided and costs of relevant treatments will be invoice accordingly. 
Q: How long is the waiting list?
I have done my best to list aprox waiting time in the above chart BUT.... PLEASE NOTE:  It is a little hard for me to estimate a specific time as there are so many varying factors.

Firstly how many kittens are produced in our coming litters in the first place.
Secondly: The sexes and colours of the kittens produced..... Some of the people on our waiting list are specifically after a particular sex and colour combination. 
Unfortunately I am unable to predict what our pregnant mothers are carrying and how many people on our waiting list this will cater for.

Obviously most people that contact me are wanting a kitten as soon as possible - If you are also keen to get a kitten from us I would strongly suggest you give me as many colour and sex combinations as possible options for your new furry family member. The more specific you are with colours the longer the wait is.
If you are happy to wait and are interested in putting your name down for a kitten from any of our future litters please let me know and I will discuss this with you further.  
Q: When I am offered a kitten can I view the litter and choose my kitten? 

We honour the order of our waiting list. If we produce 6 chocolate male kittens in one litter the person highest on our waiting list for a chocolate male will have first choice of all 6 kittens. The next person on our waiting list that has a chocolate male down as an option will have a choice of 5 and so on. This means obviously that one person will not have a choice. Although this has never occurred for us, if the person offered the last kitten decided they didn't want that particular kitten then we would move through our waiting list till we find someone interested. This would probably mean that the person that didn't want the last kitten would have first choice of any chocolate male kittens produced in the next litter. So if you really want a choice then this may be an option you could choose**

In saying that we do have some people on our waiting list that are after a kitten from a particular mating or are interested for a particular time of year such as Christmas, School holidays, after a renovation is complete, birthdays etc etc etc  so depending on where these people are placed on the waiting list it may also affect what choice people have.

There may also only be one chocolate male in a litter which would also mean that we just contact the person highest on our waiting list interested in a chocolate male as an option meaning that there is no choice as there is only one to offer.

* Please be aware that all our kittens are handled the same and being from the same parents we do have a large number of people that have trouble choosing a kitten if they have a choice. Sometimes they ask me to choose for them or they toss a coin. Personally I strongly believe that 'Where' and 'How' a kitten is raised will have much more effect on his or her personality. If they have had the time and effort put into them when they are little and have been handled regularly they are bound to be very affectionate and love your company which is what the Burmese breed is all about. 

If a kitten is raised in a cattery down the back of the property how much time is the breeder going to have spent with them? Are they the type of breeder that is just going to go in feed and change the litter tray once a day? Are the kittens going to be used to "House" noises such as the TV, the Radio, the door bell, people talking and walking past and every cats worst nightmare - THE VACUUM?

I always have a bit of a giggle when people come and choose one chocolate male out of a litter that has 3 other chocolate male kittens purely because the kitten they have chosen is the most affectionate or the most playful or the quite one..... Kittens are like people they aren't playful all the time and they certainly aren't quite all the time. Chances are that the kitten that is the most playful during your visit may be the "quiet one" an hour later when someone else is visiting as he/she has worn himself out but by then another kitten will probably have taken over the "Playful" role. In general...If all the kittens in the litter are well socialized, happy to be held, healthy and playful (read the Tips for buying a kitten for further suggestions) no matter what kitten you get you will probably have a gorgeous kitten - as I said above ... WHERE & HOW A KITTEN IS RAISED IS GOING TO MAKE THE LONG TERM DIFFERENCE!

Q: Do I have to put down a deposit to go on the waiting list for a Suchi Burmese kitten?/ If I go on the waiting list do I have to buy a kitten?
Obviously we like to keep our waiting list up-to-date and if there are "tyre kickers" on there it can be a little misleading so we have a $30 (non-refundable) waiting list fee. By doing this we are trying to refine our waiting list to people that are serious about purchasing a SUCHI BURMESE and reduce the tyre kickers. We spend considerable time contacting people when we are able to offer them a kitten and it can make it a little hard if people aren't serious, don't reply to my emails, repeatedly change their mind or don't know what they are after - It becomes a waste of my time and theirs. 
If you wish to go on our waiting list please email us the following:
3. ALL POSSIBLE COLOUR & SEX COMBINATIONS OF INTEREST. (You can change/refine this later if you wish)
Once I have the above information I will send you though an invoice with my account details on it (so you can arrange an internet banking direct deposit) and I will inform you that you have been placed on our waiting list once the funds have cleared. 
When the time comes that we can offer you a kitten based on the colour and sex combinations supplied we will send you an email informing you of such. If we don't receive a reply within 24 hours we will either email you again or try calling you. If we can't get hold of you we will assume the timing isn't right for you and will send you an email confirming we have tried to make contact. We will then give you a window in which to confirm you wish to remain on our waiting list. If we do not receive a reply to that email we will remove your details from our waiting list. If you are going away or won't be able to access your emails at any time it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inform us of this via email. 
We let potential new owners view the kittens once the kittens have been vet checked and vaccinated. If the vet is happy with their health and progress we then arrange for people to come and meet their new kitten when the kitten is aprox 8 - 10 weeks old.

Suchi is a registered breeder with the New South Wales Cat Fanciers' Association Incorporated. Lic No 125232.

All information, photographs and graphics on this site are copyrighted 2004 by Catatonia. No warranty is proved for any ommission, inaccuracy or otherwise of any of the data, information or opinions included in this site whatsoever. Independant professional advice is advised, paticularly with concern to medical matters. 


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