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Written by Melanie   

Unfortunately we rarely sell kittens for breeding purposes. We adore our babies and want the best for them and consequently we like to find wonderful pet homes for them where they can be spoilt and live a life of luxury. 

As there are a number of breeders out there that I don't believe house or treat their breeding stock appropriately we decided that selling to breeders was not something that we wanted to focus on. We have also found a lot of breeders to be dishonest and make enquiries about buying our kittens indicating they want them as a pet rather than for breeding purposes.

I also receive a lot of enquiries about selling cats for breeing purposes,  an exapmle of one that I received in October 2012 is below:

Dear Melanie,
I was thinking about getting a female and male Burmese to breed. I'm getting an electric fence for my back yard to keep the cats in. I have a domestic & Ragdoll desexed. Would the Tom fight with my other cats. Would the Tom spray in the house?

Name Withheld

We expect people to have done their reasearch and have a considerable idea of what they are getting into prior to contacting us and this page here is certainly worth a read:    To breed or not to breed 

I don't believe that an electric fence is a suitable way to house and enclose cats (we are dealing with a Lion or another form of big cat) and anyone that needs to ask if a Tom would spray in the house clearly hasn't done their research. Please think and really consider this decision. It is not one to be made lightly.

Most of our breeding girls are under restrictions from the blood lines they came from heavily restricting me in selling both Stud and Queen breeding stock.

If you have done your research, read this page ( To breed or not to breed) in full and thought about what is says AND you are still wanting to enquire about a kitten for breeding purposes please supply the following information.


1. Your Registered Cattery name/Prefix.

2. Your residential address

3. What Cat Fancy you are registered with and Registration number. 

4. How long you have been a registered breeder.

5. If you have existing breeding stock who you have purchased those animals from. 

6. A list of breeders (Names and Prefixes) you are currently working with if any. 

7. What facilities you have and how you intend to house the cat/s you purchase from us. 



In the event you have been approved as a purchaser of a breeding Suchi Burmese please note::

1. We do expect Breeders to sign a Breeding Kitten Purchase Contract.
2. Price on Application to APPROVED REGISTERED buyers only.
3. Our kittens are all Microchipped, Wormed, Vaccinated and have been vet checked. If required we can offer test results for FIV, FelV, FIP etc
4. As Part of our Sales Contract (mentioned in point 2) that ALL customers must sign,  you agree that you will care for the cat for its entire life. The kitten is NOT to be onsold. If you can't care for the cat for ANY reason it is to be returned to us - No questions asked and No exceptions. 
5. If one of our kittens is sold to you as a BREEDING cat and you signed a BREEDING CAT CONTRACT you must abide by all guidelines within the contract.
6. Our queens are to be offered an indoor home. Access to an outdoor cat run is also fine but it is not to be a permanent or long term situation. Our cats are not to roam free. We will NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES sell our queens to people that intend to confine them in a cattery or cage continiously. 
7. Any male cat sold as a stud is to be offered a Large area (no less than 7 foot high, 4 ft wide and 4 ft long) and must contain a multi leveled climbing gym, litter tray, food and water. Where possible an outdoor cat run with grass/garden access attached to the cage is desirable. 
8. If you have purchased a breeding cat for breeding purposes any offspring produced directlly from our lines are to be sold as neuter/spay only.  With our written permission you can keep a female produced from our lines. No kittens produced directly from a cat we have sold you are to be sold to other breeders.
9. Any male cats sold for breeding purposes are for your use ONLY. They are not available for Stud service. We may agree to a mating for a breeder we know and/or work with. You must put any mating requests for other breeders IN WRITING via email and wait for a response IN WRITING before proceeding. Studs are not to be leased to another person/breeder and they are not to be sold or rehomed entire.
10. Any females cats sold for breeding purposes are for your use only. They are not to be leased to another person/breeder and they are not to be sold or rehomed entire.
11. Any cats sold for breeding purposes are to be bred with REGISTERED PURE BURMESE only. The breeder must be registered and raise their cats indoors. Cats will be sold to only one owner. 
12. We retain the right to take back a cat and any offspring should any owner/breeder break our purchase contract. No compensation will be offered in this situation.
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