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Written by Suchi   

The following description of the Burmese Breed was found on this website: http://www.cfainc.org/breeds/profiles/burmese.html and is one of the better descriptions that I have come across...

As kittens, Burmese are quite lively. They often seem clumsy when they attempt feats beyond their capabilities and land on their rears with solid little thumps. They will be playful well into adulthood. As Burmese grow, their high intelligence emerges and their own individual personalities start to unfold. They mature into charming, resolute executives who move in and take over a household, running it efficiently with those big eyes and a velvet paw. If encouraged, many Burmese converse with their humans, using soft, sweet voices (they are neither loud nor raucous). They are good with children, will tolerate the family dog, and if introduced to it at an early age as something pleasant, most will enjoy traveling in a car. 

Burmese are extremely people-oriented; their personalities are almost dog-like in a tendency to shadow their owners and in a desire to give and receive affection. Many Burmese have delighted their “humans” by learning to retrieve. They love warm laps and caressing hands and enjoy cuddling up in bed either under the covers or on top of their favorite persons. They delight in helping to manage the house. Some of their favorite chores are assisting with paper work or reading (by sitting on top of the material), or going into cupboards (to demonstrate where things ought to be). Typically, Burmese are always with people. The females tend to request center stage and take an active role in ruling the household. The males prefer to supervise from the lap position, are more laid back and less opinionated. If emotionally slighted by their owner’s obtuseness, Burmese may sulk, but, fortunately, not for long. 

Burmese often convert the most anti-cat person into a Burmese enthusiast. Be forewarned! They can be addictive, and like potato chips, you may find you cannot have just one. Many people find the complete Burmese experience is to have one of each sex or perhaps two (or more) colors. 


Personally I strongly believe that 'Where' and 'How' a kitten is raised will have much more effect on his or her personality than any other factor. If they have had the time and effort put into them when they are little and have been handled regularly they are bound to be very affectionate and love your company as they grow which is what the Burmese breed is all about.

If a litter of kittens are raised in a cattery down the back of the property how much time is the breeder going to have spent with them? Are they the type of breeder that is just going to go in feed and change the litter tray once a day? Are the kittens going to be used to "House" noises such as the TV, the Radio, the door bell, people talking and walking past and every cats worst nightmare - THE VACUUM!
If you think the Burmese Breed is right for you and your family take your time in finding the right breeder to buy your kitten from.



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