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HOME - Main Page



- Studs and Queens

- My Ancestry: How the Burmese breed came to be.

- Possible Burmese Colours

 - Colour Differences. 

- Purrsonality - What detailed description of the Burmese nature.

- 09 Shows and Awards




Kittens and Litter Updates - Details of what cats are pregnant, being mated and new born litters. 

  How our kittens are raised. Pictures and descriptions of how and where we raise our kittens

   Visiting Us -  Open days and times for appointments to come and meet me and my furry family.

   Suchi Kittens of the past - plenty of pictures from kittens from earlier litters to give you an idea of colour and quality of Suchi kittens.

- Brown, Brown Torti, Chocolate, Chocolate tortie, Blue, Blue Tortie, Lilac, Lilac torti, Red and Mixed colours.


-  Buying a Suchi Burmese: info on the current status of our waiting list and what we are taking orders for.

- Kitten Costs and Packages 

- One Kitten or Two? 

- Battle of the Sexes: Boy or Girl Kitten?

- Desexing and Personality?: Does desexing my cat/kitten affect his/her personality

- Kittens for Breeding purposes

  - Burmese and Appartments. 

- Inside or Outside cat.

  - Kittens to interstate and O.S

  - Job + Burmese

- Lilly Poisioning 

- Pedigree v's Pure

- Allergies

  - Getting a kitten Under 10 Weeks

  - Costs of owning a cat. 

- Naughty Kitty

  - Warning - Pet Foods 


MY STORE: - Various categories of products we sell. 

- Cat Hammocks: An ever changing range of  Australia Made indoor and outdoor cat hammocks that your cat will just love.

- Other Hammock Alternatives.  - Cheaper Alternative indoor hammocks made in China.

   - Cat Hammock Stands.

- Scratching Poles and Towers - A huge range of Scratching and play furniture for your cat. 

   - Products (Only accessable once you have logged in)

  - Kitten Wet Food

- Adult Cat Wet Food 

   - Kitty Litter Clean-up 

  - Travel Mat

   - Dog Products

MY FRIENDS: A list of other websites that you may find useful.  

-  Happy Suchi Burmese Owners: Some of our happy customers share their experiences.

     - Burmese Forum 


MISC - A range of fun and useful additions

   - Missing Burmese Friends 

  - Cats needing a home: Individual profiles on older cats and Retiring ex breeding cats in need of a home.

   - Special Adoptions - Long Distance Adoptions

     - Burmese Forum 

- Sydney Blinds and Screens Offer - Keep your kitten safe.

- My Screen Savers: - Screen Savers for your computer.

- Competition Info: - Terms and Conditions.

- Funnies: MONTHLY funny cat captions and pictures to brighten your day and give you a good belly laugh. 

CONTACT ME: Email information.




SITE MAP: This map-  to show you what articles are where. 

TIPS FOR BUYING A KITTEN: What to watch out for and what to ask a breeder when considering buying a kitten.

WHY BREEDERS CHARGE WHAT THEY DO: Details some of the costs that a breeder will face in raising and breeding cats.

GIVING A KITTEN AS A GIFT: Some things to think about before giving a kitten as a gift. 

OTHER BREEDERS: A list of other breeders that may be able to offer you a kitten before we can.  


USER MENU: Hidden until you are logged in:   

* These articles are hidden until the User has logged in. Once logged in the USER MENU will appear.

  Many of these articles are relevant to Suchi Owners ONLY so consequently we have hidden them so that they

can only be accessed by Suchi Owners with Login details.

       SUCHI CLUB  

       NOTICE BOARD - Get up-to-date info on when we are going away. Future pricing changes to services and the status of availability for boarding over peak periods.

COMPETITIONS FOR SUCHI OWNERS - Great give a ways and prizes to be won.

MORE...NAUGHTY KITTY: Further information on how to train your new kitten.

        MORE Q & A: Looking at further issues realating to whiskers, behaviour, health, cat flu etc  

SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR: - Dealing with horny desexed cats.



HEALTH- Skin/Coat/Fur - Hair loss

HEALTH- Ticks, Fleas and Worms 


BOARDING: Info on our Exclusive Boarding and Holiday care services.

- Boarding Documentation

- What to bring.

- Pick up/Drop Off times

- Happy Boarding Cats 

        BURMESE, PREGNANCY and KIDS: General info on what precautions need to be taken during pregnancy               and with a new born and how children and burmese can be the best of friends. 


        DIET INFORMATION: General Diet info for every cat at every life stage.  

FOOD & COSTS:  Does feeding your cat good quality really cost much more?


        DANGER: TOXINS  



- TAKING YOUR KITTEN HOME - Preparing for your new kitten.


LETTER TO SUCHI OWNERS - Thank you and we need your ongoing support.


Suchi is a registered breeder with the New South Wales Cat Fanciers' Association Incorporated. Lic No 125232.

All information, photographs and graphics on this site are copyrighted 2004 by Catatonia. 

No warranty is proved for any omission, inaccuracy or otherwise of any of the data, information or opinions included in this site whatsoever.  


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