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Written by Melanie   

Please consider this carefully. If you are giving a kitten to another family or person are you sure they actually want a kitten? Do you know what breed? Could they or someone in their family be allergic to cats?  Can they afford a cat? Is it coming up to Christmas where colourful shiny decorations could harm the kitten and the new owner will be pre-occupied with entertaining and shopping?

If you are giving the kitten to a child are they old enough and responsible enough to look after it? Small children can accidently harm and kill kittens by Hugging them to tight, making a bed in an esky and closing the lid at bed time leaving the kitten to suffocate etc etc. This is the sad reality of things that can occur with small children. We usually recommend that children be at least 5 years old before you even consider getting a kitten.

If you decide to go ahead with a kitten as a present you may like to give the potential new owner a voucher made up by you so that they can be involved in the entire process. If you really want a gift for the day why not buy some basics such as a bowl, collar, carry box or scratching pole and have the voucher attached to it or buy a book on kitten care and have the voucher inside.  Kids and adults alike love the opportunity to be involved in choosing the right breeder, finding the right kitten and although they may not get the kitten till quite sometime after their birthday/special occasion they can be involved in the entire exciting process of purchasing the kitten. This is half the fun.

If you are 100% sure of the breeder talk to them about getting a gift voucher for their cattery. Most breeders will be happy to do up a form of special voucher for the value of a kitten that you could give to the gift receiver. This way the gift receiver can also be involved in choosing a kitten and watching their kitten grow.

Here at SUCHI we offer a gift voucher option similar to this....





 Please note: We do offer a one month refund should the reciever of your voucher decide not to proceed with a kitten from us. Our $30 waiting list fee will be deducted from the refund. 



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