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Written by Melanie   

We have a HUGE range of scratching poles and play gyms available to our Suchi Burmese customers. Starting from about $20 for a basic pole on a stand right through to more expensive multi leveled scratching tower play gyms.


Note: Any play gyms beginning with an "R" code usually come flat packed and you assemble yourself.

The "R" code poles come in Blue, Red or Grey (excl single pole w/base). These are usually in stock but if you want a specific design and colour combination we require a 10 business days notice before pick up in the event we need to order it for you. Please note the fabrics on these are a soft plush fake fur material NOT carpet.

Any scratching furniture without an "R" Code are custom ordered and are CARPET and/or Rope/Sisal. They require 2 weeks notice to be ordered and delivered. You can have a bit more say with the colour of the carpet but as standard they come in cream and grey tones. If you would prefer darker colours or specific shades please let us know but we can't guarantee anything as it does depend on availability.

Further more... The majority of the scratching furniture we sell can be recovered in carpet for a very small fee if purchased from us. Please keep your receipt for proof of purchase. 

For assistance and further information please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Here Now:  A 2 minute youtube video discussing some of your options and important things to consider when purchasing a scratching pole...check out  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz9tUVUyZOQ



The Motel


Q: Should I get a synthetic or a more expensive carpet pole?

A: The advantage of a carpet pole rather than the cheaper fluffy synthetic options is that the cats can scratch the carpet where as the synthetic fabric won't be something they will scratch. Usually the synthetic poles will have rope poles that the cats will scratch on.

Any carpet pole purchase through us can be recovered with carpet once the cat has made good use of it saving you the cost of paying for a whole new pole or tower and if you wish to place a custom order we can make just about any design you like. Some customers choose a design that incorporates rope and carpet so that the cats get the best of both worlds.

If your cat is trained from a young age the carpet poles will also save the carpet and furniture in your house as the cats will know that the poles and towers are for them to scratch on and not your new leather couch or fresh carpeted stairs.


Scratching Poles $20 - $50


Standard Sisal - Aprox 50cm 

Standard Square and Round. Aprox 50cm  (Included in package 5)

Kitty Condos. Aprox 50cm Scratch Tower. Aprox 40cm 

(Included in Package 6)  (Included in Package 6)


Twin Tower. Aprox 51cm (Included in Package 6)

 Scatching Poles $51 - $100


Temple. Aprox 50cm  (Included in package 6)


Summit Sisal. Aprox 57cm Kitter Tower. Aprox 50cm 

(Included in Package 6) (Included in Package 6) 


Umbrella. Aprox 60cm 

Hill Top. Aprox 105cm tall Lazy Susan. Aprox 60cm 

(incl in Package 7)  (Included in package 6)

Kitty Playring. Aprox 680w x 500d x 400h  

(Included in Package 7) 


3 Tier Pad. Aprox 100cm Chalet. Aprox 72cm

(Inlcuded in Package 7) (Included in package 7) 


Scratching Poles $101 - $150

Motel. Aprox 40cm Mushroom. Aprox 76cm 

(Included in package 7) (Included in package 7) 


3 Tier House. Aprox 140cm Tall Boy. Aprox 100cm 

(Included in Package 7) (Included in package 7)

3 Tier House Delux. Aprox 600w x 500d x 1200h 

(Included in Package 8) 


Scratching Poles $150+


The Apartment (Aprox 100cm)  - From $280 and the Apartment w/ high pole. Aprox 140cm (From $340)  - Above has Custom Addition of Rope Pole ($380)



 4 tier Deluxe Palace with Box, Tunnel - From $320 Optional Rope legs and Dangly toy.


The Seesaw - 

Two toned Real carped on sturdy timber frame.

Aprox Dimensions : 1130 Tall x 1200 Long x 400 Deep 



3 tier hammock stand with 2 hammocks. (optional Rope legs additional)



3 tier cat hammock scratch tower with 2 hammock beds and play tunnel. (optional Rope legs)

4 tier hammock stand with Appartment and your choice of square and rectangle hammocks. (Optional Rope legs extra)

The ultimate in luxury for your feline friend/s.  This pole is designed with the appartment having access to each shelf and the option of 3 hammocks to give your feline/s plenty of choices. This can come with a circular bed on top self as an additional option (along the lines of the bed that can be seen on the 3 tier hammock stand above). Can be customed to fit square or rectangle hammocks as required.


We have a new and very exciting MODERN range of Cat scratching poles. The Ultra Modern poles have recessed replaceable Carpet mats on Each shelf and the units can be sold as a flat pack or as an assembled tower. They are Custom made to suit the needs of the client and the very spoilt cat that gets to use these awesome new poles. They come in a Range of colours including Black, White and Timber finishes. 




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