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Written by Melanie   

We are a small botique cattery and pride ourselves on our cute and affectionate cats and kittens. Our kittens are raised indoors as part of our family and they get plenty of cuddles. We try to space our litters out so that we can dedicate the necessary time and effort towards each litter. 

As mentioned on other parts of this site we are very particular about the types and brands of foods that our cats and kittens are fed. We feel that the diet of a cat can make a huge difference to their overall health and wellbeing. By the time our kittens are ready to leave they are eating a huge range of top quality vet recommended wet and dry foods as well as foods suitable for human consumption such as Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Roo. 

Our kittens are sold with customised items to suit the new owners needs and they also come with a FREE vet check, a discount voucher for vet services as well as a detailed folder of care information that covers everthing from Diet, Your kittens first night, Health and progress information. Any Suchi Burmese sold by us can then access our boarding services and cheap pet products. 

By the time our kittens are ready to leave us they have been vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and probably desexed. They have also been wormed regularly from the age of 2 weeks. 

Our Nursery:


This room now actually also has a QUEEN size bed for the cats and kittens to make use of. We change the toys around regularly and have plenty of climbing and scratching equipment so that the kittens have grown up using it. By the time they leave us the kittens are using all different types scratching poles  including rope/sisal and carpet etc.


We also have 6ft tall multi leveled cat cages which we can wheel out onto our back verandah so that our kittens and cats can enjoy the sun and fresh air. They contain Toys, Food, Water, Litter tray, Catatonia cat hammock beds and padded shelves with rungs and ladders inbetween.




We also like to give our cats and kittens a chance to play securely on the grass. This also gives them a change of scenery and a chance to relax in the sun.






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