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Written by Melanie   

What is the difference between a Pedigree and Pure Burmese?

A pedigree cat or kitten means that it has been bred by a registered breeder AND the kitten has been registered with the NSW CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) or other relevant association depending on State and Country. Once registered, the kitten then has a document showing the family tree of that particular cat or kitten with the parents, grand parents, great grandparents etc inculding the award/titles and colours of all these cats. This document will also have the name of the kitten on it, the colour and date of birth of the kitten, the breeders details etc.

A pure bred cat means that both parents and all ancestry of the kitten or cat are that specific breed. Unfortunately many backyard breeders will sell "Pure bred" kittens that ARE NOT pure bred and often the kitten will develope markings, colourings and other signs that will indicate that the cat is not pure.

Should I buy a Pedigree Burmese or just a Pure Burmese?

This depends somewhat on if you are wanting to breed or show the kitten. If so then you will HAVE TO BUY a Pedigree Kitten with the origional Registered pedigree papers. You will need to inform the breeder of your intentions as early as possible as it may effect how the breeder registers the kitten and the registration will need to be swaped into your name as the new owner. Some breeders will register all their kittens as Neuters or Spays to stop other potential breeders purchasing a kitten at 'pet price' and breeding with the kitten without permission. If the kitten is registered as Neuter or Spay any kittens produced from this cat can't be registered as the mother/father should have been desexed. 

If you are only wanting a family pet then the pedigree papers are probably not necessary. The breeder may be able to give you a copy of the mothers pedigree and the fathers pedigree just to show you the line and awards if you are at all interested.

Make sure that your purchase a kitten from a registered and reputable breeder just to make sure that the kitten is indeed what you are after and you and not paying top dollar for a cross breed.

Many breeders will not register all kittens from every litter. It is expensive to register the kittens and as most buyers and just wanting a family pet there is no need for the pedigree papers but if you wish to have the pedigree papers for your kitten that is your right. You will need to inform the breeder that you want the papers at the time of picking up your kitten. (Kittens can't be registered after 6 months). Be aware that some breeders may charge a little extra for this.







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