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Written by Melanie   
Burmese are a short haired breed but like most cats still shed and still have the other elements to them that cause allergies. They are probably one of the better breeds for allergies though especially if comparing to long haired breeds.

Believe it or not I actually am quite allergic to cats. I recently seemed to have some surprising success which I will explain later.... but until that occurred my doctor continually asked me to get rid of my cats (which is not likely to happen any time soon) as he was sick of writing me prescriptions for eye drops and anti histamines that I was using at least every second day.

I usually get extremely itchy eyes and occasionally get itchy skin and runny nose and I sneeze more than any one I know. :) I did actually find that my permanent cats didn't seem to affect me as much but when boarding cats came and if a had a number of new kittens around and especially if my immune system was low/I was over tired, I suffered from often quite bad reactions.

When I purchased my first cat I lived on antihistamines for about 2 weeks and constantly threatened myself to take her back...finally my body seemed adjust/give up to a certain extent. Then I got my second cat and went through the same deal again and so it went on.... Now as I mentioned my permanent cats really didn't bother me to much but my husbands family have two burmese from the same parents as one of my burmese that I couldn't go near without at least sneezing - burmese and other breeds that I am not around all the time often do affect me.

There are a number of things that can help people with allergies. Firstly if you feed the cat a really good diet you will find they don't shed much fur at all but it isn't necessarily the shedding that people are allergic to there can be a number of factors that cause people to have an allergic reaction. There are a also number of products on the pet market such as allergy sprays that you can use.  Obviously these aren't really permanent solutions for the on going sufferer. Some people will just build up an immunity after a short period but other like me clearly don't.

In late June this year I actually went to a specialist allergy clinic. To be totally honest I was very skeptical especially after the first treatment but I had spoken with a couple of other people who highly recommend the place and one of them in particular was probably more skeptical that I was. I fugured it may at least be worth a try. I grew up in a family of Medico's so am not one for hocus pocus treatments and weird and wonderful cures and although this was a little more left field that I was used to I was happy to give it a go.

Anyway I walked out after my initial treatment and had a giggle thinking it was really a bit of a money grabbing hocus pocus hoax but as it didn't cost me an arm and a leg I reluctantly decided to go back for the second consult which actually treated me for everything CAT.  After taking a MINIMUM of 3 anti histamines a week for as long as I can remember I can honestly say that I have taken 2 since my treatment back in June (so 3 full months now) and it was on two consecutive days that were extremely windy about 3 weeks back now I guess so I don't know if it was something in the air or cats that I was reacting to...who knows!

I wouldn't say that I am completely cured but I have been absolutely staggered at the improvement and am dumbfounded that what they did could have helped me so dramatically. It just seemed too easy (no needles, no pain and about 20 minutes of time) I could go back for 1 last treatment that would finish things off treatment wise which I need to do and I probably won't have any reaction at all. 

Anyway in total I have probably spent about $200 - $250 max (most of which I claimed back on my health insurance) at this place and if this success continues long term I will be a very happy person indeed and think that looking back I probably would have spent double that to have the success I have had. If you would like further info please let me know as I will be happy to pass on the details of the clinic I used.
FURTHER UPDATE: Well it has been basically a year since I wrote the above article and I can honestly say I am a different person! I don't really understand how the treatment works and if I hadn't experienced the results myself I wouldn't believe it possible....I am clearly a very skeptical person! :) I don't even know where a packet of antihistamines is in my house at the moment and haven't taken one for months. In fact I think that I have only ever taken the two mentioned above but maybe one or two others at most! I have had a couple of very mild reactions here and there but nothing close to what I was experiencing on a regular basis so at this stage I would consider this to be some of the best money I have ever spent! 

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